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Fiery red lips, long legs in a black dress.

On the stage, Su Yan danced nimbly and gracefully, capturing the eyes of countless young men.

Under the psychedelic lights, her golden high heels reflected rays of rainbow hue. She displayed the charm of a woman to its fullest!

Immersed in the pounding music, Su Yan’s expression was confident, her aura was powerful, and her temperament was charming. It was as if her entire body was emitting light.

Su Yan and Tang Yitong had a tacit understanding of each other. The two of them, one black and one white, interweaved. They were drunk, and were grooving to the music, hyping the atmosphere of the entire place up!

“Kacha, Kacha!”

Suddenly, there was an abrupt burst of camera flashes. A paparazzi squeezed in the crowd and crazily pressed the shutter.

Tang Yitong frowned and quickly descended from the stage. It was not good for her to be caught here.

As an A-list actress, she was very sensitive to the paparazzi.

“Sigh…” Su Yan sighed in her heart.

Everyone in the world envied celebrities. How could they know a celebrity’s woes? It was not easy for them to act indulgently under the eyes of the paparazzi.

Losing her interest, Su Yan danced to another segment alone and slowly stepped off the stage.

“Sister Su Yan, from now on, you are the only queen in my heart!”

“Sister, do you need a handbag? I can be yours for free for the rest of my life.”

“I’m in love. I just recorded Sister Yan’s dance video. I’ll use it for my screensaver in the future.”

Su Yan walked through the crowd with countless pursuers.

When she stepped out of the crowd, Su Yan stopped. Wei Zhou’s expressionless face came into view.

When Wei Zhou appeared, his entire body was emitting a black aura. The atmosphere instantly turned cold!

“Come out, let’s talk alone!”

Wei Zhou said and turned around to walk out.

Tang Yitong came over and asked curiously, “Little Yan Yan, what’s the situation? Why is he here?”

“You should accompany me. This way, we can avoid suspicion.”

Holding Tang Yitong’s hand, Su Yan said.

Tang Yitong was stunned and quickly withdrew her hand. She shook her head furiously. “I don’t think I should go. For such matters… You guys should talk alone. I’ll go and check up on Zhenhui.”

Before she finished her sentence, Tang Yitong ran off and fled.

Su Yan shouted, “You’re too disloyal!”

Tang Yitong did not even turn her head back and walked even faster.

Su Yan was speechless. Tang Yitong had been cursing Wei Zhou by her ear every day. Why did she immediately cower when she saw Wei Zhou.

Under the neon lights, Wei Zhou puffed out his chest and held his head high. He looked at Su Yan expressionlessly as she walked over. The surroundings were freezing cold.

Su Yan stopped two meters away and looked at Wei Zhou.

“Hi, President Wei, what’s the matter?” Su Yan’s red lips curled up.

She had just finished dancing and was drenched in sweat. Although her hair was a little messy, it added to her languor.

He had witnessed Su Yan’s performance on the stage the entire time.

As he looked at Su Yan, Wei Zhou’s imposing aura gradually weakened. For some reason, he did not feel good when he saw Su Yan dancing just now.

Su Yan was dressed in a black dress. She held her hands behind her back elegantly. In the darkness of the night, she looked extremely alluring.

Wei Zhou’s eyes trembled slightly. This was the first time he realized that Su Yan was really very beautiful.

In the corner, Tang Yitong hid behind the bushes and peeked. She was holding an empty beer bottle with both hands. She was afraid that Su Yan would be bullied and was prepared to go out and save her any time.

After three years of marriage, Wei Zhou had never looked Su Yan in the eye. Today, when he saw her, it was as if they had just met.

In the past, Su Yan had always been obedient to him and took good care of him. No matter where he went, her gaze would always follow him. But today, he did not see a single trace of himself in Su Yan’s eyes.

“President Wei, if you are not going to speak, then I will be going back.”

Su Yan spoke. Wei Zhou’s gaze was making her uncomfortable.

Finally, Wei Zhou spoke, “Although we are divorced, there are some things that I have to say. For the time being, please do not get too close to other men. It is not nice to be treated as if you are cuckolded. After all, we’ve been married for three years. My request isn’t too much, right?”

The corners of Su Yan’s mouth twitched. Wei Zhou’s words were rubbing salt into her wound.

“President Wei, I can do it, but I can’t stop my pursuers from doing the same. Just like how no one could stop me from loving you for three years! Instead of thinking about being cuckolded, why don’t you think about how to eliminate the negative image of the Wei Family? If news of how the Wei Family treats their daughter-in-law gets out, how will you find your true love in the future?”

Before she finished her sentence, Su Yan turned around and walked towards Blue Dream Bay.

Looking at her back, Wei Zhou’s face was as dark as coal as he suppressed the anger in his heart.

If he remembered correctly, this was the first time Su Yan had disobeyed him!

Suddenly, Su Yan stopped and said with her back facing Wei Zhou, “Wei Zhou, please don’t bother me again in the future. Just like you said, we’re already divorced and should be strangers. You’re afraid of being cuckolded, but I’m also afraid of being misunderstood!”

This time, Su Yan did not stay any longer and disappeared.

The corners of Wei Zhou’s eyes twitched. He wished he could slap himself!

What was he thinking? Did he come here to be humiliated in the middle of the night? Wouldn’t it be nice to use the time to read more documents?

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