Chapter 2 - Beloved Little Treasure

In the master bedroom of the Hao Mansion, Qiu Li Luo transformed into and alluring woman. Her long white hair spanned on the bed, her violet eyes beckoned Hao Yan Que to come onto the bed and her lips were apple red.

‘Luo Li Qiu,’ Hao Yan Que called.

‘Your Mandarin is rusty,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

Hao Yan Que effortlessly ripped Qiu Li Luo’s dress, and exposed her black lingerie.

Qiu Li Luo pulled the bedsheet over her half naked body.

‘Hao Yan Que, my dress,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

Hao Yan Que crawled under the bedsheet and he laid on top of Qiu Li Luo.

‘Xiao Luo, what did you call me?’ Hao Yan Que asked.

Qiu Li Luo swallowed her saliva.

‘Hao… husband,’ Qiu Li Luo called.

‘Xiao Luo, I want to hear you call me again,’ Hao Yan Que said.

‘Husband, husband,’ Qiu Li Luo called.

‘Um, your husband will reward you a kiss,’ Hao Yan Que said.

Hao Yan Que captured Qiu Li Luo’s apple red lips.

‘Xiao Luo, I want you,’ Hao Yan Que said in a husky voice.

‘Wait,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Why?’ Hao Yan Que asked.

Qiu Li Luo caressed Hao Yan Que’s chest.

‘I want to discuss something with you,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘We’ll talk later,’ Hao Yan Que said.

‘Wait,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Qiu Li Luo!’ Hao Yan Que called. ‘It’s rude to interrupt your husband when he’s in the middle of seducing you.’

Qiu Li Luo didn’t dare say to Hao Yan Que that it was rude not to let his wife talk.

‘It won’t take long,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Xiao Luo, you have five minutes,’ Hao Yan Que said.

‘I love the little girl I saved,’ Qiu Li Luo said. ‘I think she’ll be the perfect wife for Xiao Che.’

‘I agree,’ Han Yan Que said.

‘I sense she’s Xiao Che’s soul mate,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Xiao Luo, when are you going to pay attention to your husband?’ Han Yan Que asked.

Qiu Li Luo kissed Han Yan Que’s lips.

‘Xiao Che and Xiao Ming are our sons,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

Han Yan Que scoffed.

‘Xiao Che inherited my genes and Xiao Ming inherited your genes,’ Qiu Li Luo said. ‘If that year you didn’t save me then I wouldn’t have met you. I don’t want Xiao Che to live a cold solitary life. Can you understand that I want Xiao Che to have love in his life?’

‘Xiao Luo, how can I not understand if you’re talking in my ear?’ Hao Yan Que asked.

‘I’m being serious,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

‘Xiao Luo, you’re not allowed to cry,’ Hao Yan Que said.

Qiu Li Luo blinked her teary violet eyes.

Hao Yan Que kissed Qiu Li Luo’s lips until she couldn’t breathe.

‘Xiao Luo, don’t think about the painful past anymore,’ Hao Yan Que said. ‘I’m yours and you’re mine. Let me worry about Xiao Che. Don’t cry.’

Qiu Li Luo nodded her head.

Hao Yan Que licked Qiu Li Luo’s tears, and his hands caressed her soft body… it was a fiery night.