Chapter 4 - Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife

Chapter 4 Brother, you go ahead

“Mr. You, are you there?” Tian Mi tidied up her uniform at the door and knocked on 2808’s door.

There was no reaction. Tian Mi knocked twice, but she still didn’t react.

Probably not, Tian Mi let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t that she didn’t come, but that she came for nothing.

Just as Tian Mi was about to turn around and leave, the door opened.

“You want to run again?” You Xuanyao’s voice came from behind.

Tian Mi turned around and was about to speak, but her words stopped at the edge of her mouth.

The man in front of him was half naked, half upper body, half lower body wrapped in a bath towel, his hair still dripping with water droplets. His face was flushed red, and his charming eyes were staring straight at Tian Mi.

Apparently, You Xuanyao was taking a bath just now. Could it be that she was taking a bath specifically to wait for her? Tian Mi had a bad premonition in her head.

‘”Mr. You, what did I do wrong yesterday? Please understand, I’m just a clerk who works part-time. Mr. You, please don’t let me lose my job.” Tian Mi lowered her head and did not dare to look at that charming face.

When Tian Mi raised her head again, there was actually a wall of meat in front of her, and there were droplets of water hanging on it. Tian Mi raised her head, and her head was only above You Xuanyao ‘s chin. At such a close distance, only by raising her head could she see the lower half of his face.

Tian Mi hurriedly retreated, but she was surrounded by You Xuanyao and tightly wrapped in her arms.

“Do you really not remember me?” You Xuanyao’s eyes became somewhat lonely, and his voice was deep and magnetic.

Tian Mi was dazed for a moment. Who had treated her so gently before? However, Tian Mi immediately regained consciousness. This man had forcefully kissed her yesterday and almost indecently assaulted her. Afterwards, he had even brought a complaint against her, causing her to be scolded by her superior. She could not be infatuated by men.

“Mr. You, I really don’t remember where we met. Did you recognize the wrong person?” Tian Mi didn’t want to take the blame.

You Xuanyao loosened his grip in shock, but still didn’t let go.

Did he really recognize the wrong person? Why did she have no memory at all?

Suddenly, You Xuanyao loosened Tian Mi’s grip and tore open Tian Mi’s uniform with his big hand. The buttons on his shirt fell in response.

Tian Mi’s forechest was undoubtedly exposed. Although Tian Mi’s figure was thin, she still had enough materials. The little white rabbit under the pink bra was about to appear.

You Xuanyao calmly looked over. He would never forget the red color on his chest. It was her. There was no mistake. There could not be such a coincidence in the world. She looked the same and had a birthmark on her chest.

‘”Mr. You, don’t go too far.” Tian Mi quickly pulled on her clothes and covered her exposed chest. She took two steps back, tears flashing in her eyes.

You Xuanyao also felt that his behavior was a little abnormal, and his heart was filled with apology. However, he never knew how to apologize, nor did he ever apologize to anyone.

At this time, the elevator door slowly opened and a big boy wearing a T-shirt and jeans walked out of the elevator.

“Brother? What happened?”

“Why are you here?” When You Xuanyao saw that someone was coming, he hurriedly hugged Tian Mi into his arms, as if he was afraid that her spring scenery would leak out and let others see it.

The boy stammered as he turned around and entered the elevator. “Brother, you’re busy first. I’ll be leaving if there’s nothing else. The car booked last month has arrived. I want to show you. Wait for me to go for a ride first, you’ll be busy first.”

Before Tian Mi could regain her senses, she was carried by You Xuanyao and walked into the room.

“Put me down!”

Tian Mi struggled to get off You Xuanyao’s body and fell to the floor. Although the floor was carpeted, her knees hurt from the fall. Tian Mi sat on the ground and rubbed her knees.

You Xuanyao hurriedly knelt beside Tian Mi, pulled away Tian Mi’s hand that was rubbing her knees, and carefully examined her red knees.

When You Xuanyao was bathing, he heard the commotion outside the door. He didn’t have time to wipe the water droplets off his body. He hurriedly ran to open the door. Now, there were still water droplets dripping from his short hair and landing on Tian Mi’s neck. It was itchy.

“Does it hurt?”

Just as Tian Mi was about to lift her hand to wipe the water droplets off her neck, a man’s voice suddenly came from above her head.

Tian Mi raised her head and looked at this handsome, tall, golden, and wealthy man. She couldn’t help but ask in her heart, did she really not know this person?