Chapter 6 - Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife

Chapter 6 You’re married?

The one who got off the car was actually Ling Yitian. Didn’t that mean that the genius had moved in? Tian Mi had already reported that she was resting, but she had actually run into him again after dodging back and forth.

Tian Mi lowered her head and walked towards the lobby, deliberately avoiding it was better than embarrassing her meeting.

“Tian Mi, stop!” What happened today? The second man told her to stop. Who are you, Tian Mi? Why are you yelling at me?

However, Tian Mi still stopped in her tracks.

“Why did you hide when you saw me? Where have you been for so many years? Didn’t you agree to wait for me to come back?” Ling Yitian grabbed Tian Mi’s arm and forced her to face him.

“There’s no reason.” Tian Mi said coldly.

Ling Yitian’s teeth itched with hatred, and his hand couldn’t help but increase its strength, causing Tian Mi’s arm to ache.

Tian Mi endured the pain and used all her strength to push Ling Yitian away. She took two steps back and bumped into someone.

Tian Mi turned around and saw that it was You Xuanyao.

Tian Mi intimately climbed onto You Xuanyao ‘s arm and pinched her throat, “Yao, you’ve kept me waiting for a long time.”

You Xuanyao raised his head to look at the man in front of him. Who else could this be if it wasn’t the Crown Prince of the Ling family building, Ling Yitian? She lowered her head and looked at Tian Mi. She remembered the letter on the ring and understood.

A black Spyker stopped in front of everyone. You Xuanyao didn’t say anything and allowed Tian Mi to cling to him. The two of them walked towards the car. You Xuanyao opened the back door of the car and covered the roof with his hand, signaling Tian Mi to sit in. He also sat in the car from the other side.

Before Ling Yitian could react, Spyker left.

“Thank you,” Tian Mi whispered, her heart feeling weak, and she couldn’t help but glance at You Yao.

You Xuanyao ‘s face was tense and he didn’t say a word. This woman was so bold. Not only did she completely forget him, she even dared to use him as a shield.

Thinking about how You Xuanyao had dominated the business world for so many years, no one dared to make a mistake in front of him like this.

“Master driver, please pull over. I’ll just get off here.” Seeing that You Yao did not respond, Tian Mi’s expression turned ugly and she wanted to quickly escape from this low-pressure carriage.

The driver’s master didn’t seem to have heard it at all and continued to drive without looking back.

“Are you in such a hurry to leave?” You Yao said, his voice cold and cold.

Tian Mi sucked in a breath of cold air and regretted her impulse. Seeing You Xuanyao was like grabbing a life-saving straw. She came up to her without thinking. Could it be that she had forgotten that this morning, this man had torn her uniform, intending to underestimate her?

‘”Mr. You, thank you so much for helping me out today. Great kindness is not unforgettable. In the future, if there is anything that I, Tian Mi, can do, I will definitely repay you. I won’t bother you today. Just find a random place to put me down.”

A smile appeared on Tian Mi’s face. Those who knew the times were the best. She did not dare to act against the wind. Instead, she said a few words of softness. Such a high-ranking person who had so many opportunities every day would definitely forget all about her in a few days.

“Hmph!” You Xuanyao sneered. “Has this woman read too many martial arts novels? Then play with her.” What if I let you promise me? ”

Tian Mi didn’t expect You Xuanyao to use such an old-fashioned move, so she didn’t know how to answer for a moment.

Fortunately, the phone saved Tian Mi’s life and rang at the right time.

“Teacher Li, what happened?” Seeing that it was Teacher Li from the kindergarten, Tian Mi picked it up without thinking.

“It’s me, little girl. I came to pick up Dabao’er and Tian Tian. The kindergarten teacher said that she didn’t recognize me and didn’t want me to pick her up. Hurry up and tell the teacher.” So it was Lin Zhitao who went to the kindergarten to pick up the baby for her.

‘”Teacher Li, right, right. She is Tian Bao and Tian Tian’s godmother. I can give it to her. Teacher Li has caused you trouble. Thank you so much. Please take care of her in the future.”

Tian Mi hung up the phone after a compliment, only to find that You Xuanyao was looking at her playfully.

“You’re married?”

“Yes,” Tian Mi said without thinking, “I already have two treasures.”