Chapter 1 - Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife

Chapter 1 Remember me

“Mommy, get up quickly. My sister and I are going to miss the school bus.”

Tian Bao shook the sleepy Tian Mi. Tian Mi had just been immersed in a beautiful dream, but she woke up in shock. She got up and put on her clothes and hurried out with her two babies in her arms.

“Mommy, my sister and I haven’t packed our lunches yet.”

Tian Mi ran back to the house to get the lunch and ran back to the school bus that was about to leave.

“Master driver, thank you!”

Tian Mi took a deep breath and got off the school bus. Every day, she was so tired from running around. Fortunately, she was always safe from danger.

Tian Mi was the lobby manager of the Royal Court Hotel. Her daily job was to stand in the lobby and greet the guests with a smile.

“Sister Mi, Sister Mi, look over there, Gu Panpan!” Little Jia whispered to Tian Mi excitedly.

“What is Gu Panpan doing?”

“She’s a popular graphic model now. There were five magazines on her cover in the last issue. It’s rumored that she’s dating the president of Yuekai Group.”

Tian Mi looked into the distance and saw that the woman was wearing a tight one-piece dress. Her curvaceous figure could be seen at a glance. Although she was wearing sunglasses, it was difficult to conceal her charming appearance. Passing guests all cast their gazes over.

Tian Mi withdrew her gaze and continued to look at the reservation list on the computer. Ling Yitian’s name came into view and he would be staying at the Imperial Court Hotel in three days.

He’s back?

Tian Mi felt a headache. She met the person she didn’t want to see the most just a month ago. Shouldn’t she consider continuing to change careers?

“Check in.” A man’s voice came from above his head.

Tian Mi originally wanted to call Xiao Jia to check in, but she looked up and handed over a black card for the 28th floor.

Tian Mi immediately put on a smile and looked at the people who had come.

It was a man wearing sunglasses. Under the sunglasses, he had a well-defined face and a tall and straight figure that was at least 185 years old. He wore a straight suit that was clearly custom-made. The cufflinks on the cuffs of his shirt were inlaid with diamonds. A man dressed like this would definitely have an extraordinary status.

The Royal Court Hotel is for VIP guests to swipe their faces and check in. The black card information is swiped into the computer. The camera above the front desk captures the face. The computer displays the name You Xuanyao, the identity of the CEO of Yuekai Group, the VIP level, private room 2808. In addition, the remarks need to be accompanied by the lobby manager or above.

“Mr. You, this way, please.” Tian Mi handed the black card back to You Xuanyao with both hands. Such a distinguished guest, Tian Mi, the lobby manager, must personally step in.

Tian Mi stepped on three-inch high heels to guide You Xuanyao to the private elevator. The private elevator was not normally open and could only be used when VIP guests arrived.

Just as Tian Mi was about to close the elevator door, she saw a sneaky man at the door with a bulging bag on his back. Based on her many years of experience, this man must be a paparazzi, who specialized in catching up on small stars and business giants.

“Mr. You, go up first. I’ll be right there.” Tian Mi gave You Xuanyao a respectful glance at the same time. The implication was that you should enjoy the beauty. I will help you deal with those unnecessary troubles.

“No need.” Just as Tian Mi was about to leave the elevator, You Xuanyao grabbed her back. The elevator slowly closed the door.

The exclusive elevator was carpeted, European-style carved wall, with a glass background behind it. The lights in the elevator were light yellow, ambiguous and gentle.

You Xuanyao did not let go of her hand and maintained an awkward posture of stalemate with Tian Mi.

Tian Mi was shocked. Originally, she wanted to break free, but she was worried that she would offend such a distinguished guest. She was afraid that she would lose her job. In a dilemma, the elevator reached the 28th floor.

You Xuanyao had no intention of letting go and pulled Tian Mi into 2808.

Just as he entered the room, You Xuanyao sat on the sofa in the living room, took off his sunglasses and looked straight at Tian Mi who was standing at the door.

“Do you still remember me?”