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Fu Tingyu and Qin Shu stiffened and looked at the door at the same time.

The youth standing at the door had a slender figure. At the age of seventeen, his neat and handsome face still looked childish.

He was staring wide-eyed at the two individuals in the bedroom.

Fu Tingyu was the first to react. He stood up, grabbed the blazer beside him, and walked to the door. Since he was half a head taller than Fu Tingyan, he very easily grabbed the back of Fu Tingyan’s collar with one hand and pulled him outside before shutting the door behind them.

“Tingyu, why are you still with the same woman? What’s so good about her?” Fu Tingyan was not fond of Qin Shu. He thought she was extremely blind—why else would she fall for a scumbag instead of settling down with his big brother?

Fu Tingyan had just spoken those words when Fu Tingyu’s gaze turned icy. “She’s my wife and also your sister-in-law. If I hear you say anything like that again, I’ll force you to go abroad.”

Fu Tingyan shrank back. “I’m your biological brother after all. You’re too ruthless. Just continue to protect her as you wish,” he said.

Fu Tingyu buttoned his blazer with his slender fingers. His response came naturally. “She’s my wife. Of course, I have to protect her.”

A short time later, at Gu mansion.

“Weren’t you warned not to engage in strenuous exercise? Do you wish to be disabled?”

Stretching from the shoulder blade to the spine was a wound about 15 centimeters in length. It was so deep that the bones and flesh could be seen. The area that had initially been healing was bleeding profusely again because of a tear.

Gu Yan’s heart ached tremendously while staring at the wound.

Fu Tingyu did not make a sound. It was as though this wound was not on his body.

Gu Yan glanced at Fu Tingyan. “Hey, look at you. Things have already reached this stage. Are you satisfied yet?”

Fu Tingyan was speechless, as he had not done anything.

The sight of the wound made his heart ache for his big brother as well. This was all because of Qin Shu, that wicked woman. If not for her, why would his brother fend off a knife attack and almost lose his life in the process?

The most important thing was that the wicked woman did not know about this matter.

Fu Tingyan thought that Tingyu listens to whatever Grandmother tells him to do. If she asks him to get a divorce, he’s sure Tingyu would agree.

Gu Yan waited for the moment after Fu Tingyan’s departure to speak worriedly. “I spoke about your condition with the specialist Mr. Yang. As there has been no medical precedence like that, I will continue to conduct research.”

Fu Tingyu buttoned his blazer with his slender fingers, and with a calm and composed expression, he replied, “Sure.”

Gu Yan watched the man he had grown up with and could not help asking, “Is she worth it?”

Fu Tingyu curled his lips. “Of course,” he replied.

After leaving Gu mansion, Fu Tingyu headed to his company.

After Fu Tingyu’s departure, Qin Shu remained in a daze for some time before she recalled the cat she had just bought.

She prepared the cat’s litter box and spent half the day studying the black cat in the cage.

Ever since she bought the cat, it had been sleeping with its tail between its legs, looking extremely docile.

After some contemplation, Qin Shu opened the cage and examined the black cat’s reaction. However, all it did was open its eyes momentarily before shutting them and going back to sleep again.

What was the use of a cat that only knew how to sleep?

Qin Shu decided to take it out of its cage. At this moment, the cat suddenly opened its eyes and greeted her face with its paw.

As this happened so abruptly, Qin Shu could not dodge in time. The cat ended up scratching her face, leaving three claw scratch marks on her cheek.

“Ah!” Qin Shu clutched her face, feeling her palm grow damp. She must be bleeding from the scratches.

On top of that, the cat had scratched exactly where the scar on her face was. She could feel it throbbing with burning pain.

She shifted her gaze to where the black cat was in the cage and discovered that it was sleeping with its eyes shut again, acting as though it had not just injured her.

“The audacity of you to scratch your owner too. This week… No, one week is too short. I won’t let you get a taste of fish for one entire month.” Qin Shu stopped paying attention to the black cat. She turned around to treat the wound on her face.

The black cat finally reacted. It opened its eyes, those dark green orbs gazing at Qin Shu. It meowed, seemingly protesting.

“Do you realize your mistake now? It’s too late for that.” Qin Shu retrieved the first-aid kit from the cabinet and opened it.

“Thud thud…”

Knocks could be heard from the door.

Right after those knocks, Ning Meng pushed open the door and said, “Madam, the Old Madam is here. She wants you to go downstairs to see her.”

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