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“When I saw Qin Shu and Shen Yaohui shopping together, I guessed that Tingyu must have decided to let her go…”

Fu Tingyu thought that he must have let his momentary happiness befuddle him. How could he have forgotten she once told him that kissing him only made her feel disgusted?

Was she willing to put up with that kind of disgust just so she could meet Shen Yaohui?

“I trusted you this once, and this is how you deceive me?” The man’s eyes were icy cold.

After getting rid of Shen Yaohui, Qin Shu passed by the entrance of a pet shop and discovered a pair of dark green eyes staring at her from a cage. A cat with dark green eyes and a pitch-black body. Its fur was as dark as ink, but it reflected dazzling light under the sun.

Qin Shu took a few steps before turning around to glance at the cat. She saw that it was still staring at her.

She turned around curiously and walked back. Crouching before the cage, she scrutinized the cat.

The cat’s physique was not much different from most other cats. It had shiny paws and was likely tactilely satisfactory.

It just kept staring at her, which was a little strange.

At this moment, the shop owner walked out. When he saw her interest in the black cat, he told her, “This cat has scratched a few customers and I’ve had to compensate them a fair amount. You should consider other cats if you’re intending to buy one. I don’t have any money left to pay if it scratches you.”

In Qin Shu’s past life, she liked docile animals. However, now she only adored cats that scratched people.

Qin Shu spoke to the shop owner, “How much does it cost? I want this one.”

The shop owner waved his hands. “No, it’s not for sale. I don’t have money to compensate you if it scratches you.”

He only agreed to proceed with the sale of the cat after Qin Shu promised him that she would not ask for compensation.

After she made her payment, Qin Shu left with the cage, cat food, a litter box, and other necessities.

When Qin Shu returned to Bright Garden, the atmosphere was stifling and gloomy. It felt like an omen for an approaching storm.

A situation like this only occurred when Fu Tingyu was enraged.

Qin Shu’s hand tightened around the cage. Her palms were cold and clammy. She had a bad feeling that Fu Tingyu’s anger had something to do with her.

They were still fine last night—what exactly went wrong?

Qin Shu hesitated for a moment when she reached the bedroom door. She then reached out and pushed it open. A coldness that penetrated her bones greeted her, as well as an intangible sense of oppression.

The thick curtains had completely blocked out the sunshine from outside the window, drenching the room in heavy darkness.

The man’s tall and slender finger was standing right there in a black suit he always wore. His entire body exuded a sense of ruthlessness and darkness—he was like a beast secluded in the night watching his prey and waiting for the right time to strike.

Qin Shu could not help her heartbeat from quickening. She had guessed correctly after all—his anger did have something to do with her.

Did he find out about her unintentional meeting with Shen Yaohui? Or did someone tell him about it?

She forcibly suppressed the fear in her heart, strode to the couch, and placed her various shopping bags on its surface.

Qin Shu had just stood up again when she felt enveloped by Fu Tingyu’s unique aura. She could clearly feel the man’s muscular chest against her back. It felt so distinct that her back involuntarily stiffened.

In the bedroom, the atmosphere was very heavy and made it difficult to breathe. The temperature seemed to alternate between burning hot and freezing cold.

Fu Tingyu pressed himself down on her and at the same time, grabbed the girl’s slender hand with his large one. When his fingers contacted her palms, they were clammy and drenched with perspiration.

Bringing his lips close to her ear, he said coldly, “Feeling guilty?”

Her clammy palms were due to fear, not guilt.

Qin Shu hurriedly shook her head. “I don’t feel guilty. I went out to buy a pet, and then I coincidentally bumped into Shen Yaohui. We…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the man’s low and deep voice cut her off.

“To see him, you were willing to do something as disgusting as kiss me. Isn’t that right?” The man’s lips curled mockingly.

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