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The old lady scrutinized Qin Shu, realizing that she had washed up and was much more respectful than before. The scar near her eye was the only thing affecting her facial appearance.

However, she was too skinny—it would not be easy for someone her stature to give birth.

The most important point, however, was that she did not even appreciate her darling grandson. Keeping her here would only cause resentment to build up and eventually invite disaster.

“I’ve heard about what happened with you. I’m very clear about Yu’s temperament as well. You had a boyfriend that you loved, and it was Yu who forced the two of you to break up and to get a marriage certificate with him.” The old lady sighed when she said, “Yu is not fated to be with you. Hence, as his grandmother, I’m making this decision. You can divorce Fu Tingyu and regain your freedom.”

The old lady had been in the Fu family for three generations. She had encountered all kinds of situations and was very blunt when she spoke. Be it her choice of words or tone, there was the majestic air of a matriarch to it, and it was clear that she was a highly educated individual.

Qin Shu’s heart inexplicably grew frantic at the old lady’s sudden request for her to divorce Fu Tingyu.

She did not revive to get a divorce from Fu Tingyu.

Shu Qin spoke anxiously, “Grandmother, I…”

“I will not divorce her.” A cold voice rang out in the living room, interrupting Qin Shu before she could finish her sentence.

Every single gaze in the living room landed on the tall and slender figure standing at the door.

When the housekeeper and servants saw that Mr. Fu had returned, they all sighed in relief. It was fortunate that he had managed to rush back in time, otherwise, the consequences would have been dire.

Fu Tingyu’s strode over to Qin Shu with his long legs and stood shoulder to shoulder with her.

Qin Shu tilted her head to gaze at the man who had abruptly returned. She recalled him rushing out due to some pressing issues. “Yu, why did you come back so suddenly?”

Fu Tingyu lowered his gaze. The corners of his lips curled mockingly. “Did you not want me to return so quickly? You just can’t wait to get a divorce, can you?”

Qin Shu grabbed the man’s hand. She quickly explained herself, saying, “No, that’s not true.”

The old lady spoke, “Yu, let your grandmother decide this matter. Get a divorce.”

Fu Tingyu’s dark eyes fixated on the old lady sitting on the couch. His tone remained firm as he replied, “Grandmother, she is my wife now. This status is not just temporary, she will remain my wife in the future. I’ve already decided on this person as my wife. Grandmother, if you truly care for me, you should stop interfering in my marriage.”

Once Fu Tingyu finished speaking, he lowered his head to glance at Qin Shu. He then gave a low chuckle, his voice arrogant and domineering. “I have my eyes on her and no one else. I enjoy doting on her like this as well, and I want to continue doing this until nobody can put up with it.”

When Fu Tingyan heard this statement, he momentarily forgot to move his fingers that were controlling his game. He only returned to his senses after his game character was directly eliminated by the enemy. At that, he decided to fling his phone away and stop playing.

“Tingyu, it is perfectly okay to be devoted, but shouldn’t you at least pick someone better to be devoted to?” he couldn’t help but mentally grumble. “Qin Shu is a married woman, yet she is still in love with another man. Can she be considered a good woman?”

Qin Shu was stunned because of those two statements from Fu Tingyu that made her heart skip a beat as well.

The old lady was helpless around Fu Tingyu’s stubborn temper too. She sighed, saying, “Yu, listen to me. A tough melon doesn’t taste sweet. So, why would you choose to make things difficult for both of you?”

“Grandmother, she’s my wife now. Whether the melon tastes sweet or not, I’m happy to do this.” When Fu Tingyu said these words, his large hand gripped Qin Shu’s tightly as though he wanted to absorb her palm into his own palm, so that she could never, ever escape from him.

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