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Everything happened so fast that no one had time to react.

Jiang Yu pulled back her hand and gestured to Lu Yu Huan. “You’re no match for me. You should not test me anymore.”

She said it lightly but Lu Yu Huan sensed a hint of warning from her tone.

Her body trembled. She was truly perplexed. This Jiang Yu had easily thrown the biggest bully in the school over her shoulders?

Jiang Ze Yu laid on the ground, still a little confused as to what had just happened.

Jiang Yu had just used him to show off to these girls. That was why she had been happy to see him?

He was just a pawn in her little game.

Song Bi clicked his tongue nervously. He didn’t dare look back.

Yesterday, he was kicked by his sister. Today, he got thrown by her.

It sure was a cruel world to live in.

“I understand.” Lu Yu Huan said with a stony expression. After seeing the school bully end up in such a miserable state, she didn’t know if the school bully could even stand up to her.

“You don’t believe me?” Jiang Yu muttered under her breath, as though deep in her own thoughts. “You’re right, that was a little too easy…”

She lowered her head and looked at the ground towards Jiang Ze Yu, trying to determine which part she would have to hurt to make it more convincing.

Lu Yu Huan’s expression changed. “I believe you, I believe you. I completely believe you. We will not come for you again. I promise!”

This has to be a joke. If Young Master Yu were to be hurt again, would he blame them for it?

Although Young Master Yu did not hit women, his lackeys certainly have no qualms about it.

Lu Yu Huan led the group of girls away quickly, as if someone was chasing after them.

After that was settled, Jiang Yu looked at the time. She had been delayed by a few minutes. She hoped the canteen still had meat.

She clasped her hands together and walked past Jiang Ze Yu, continuing to walk towards the canteen. Jiang Ze Yu, feeling ignored, shouted out angrily, “Song Bi! What are you looking at?! Hurry up and help me!”

Song Bi hurried over and helped Jiang Ze Yu up on his feet. He looked in the direction which Jiang Yu had just gone and asked in a low voice, “Brother Yu, are we still going to the canteen?”

“Yes! Why wouldn’t we?! Don’t you want to eat?”‘Jiang Ze Yu slapped him across the head. “Let’s hurry up and leave!”

Song Bi cursed in his heart.

He wanted to ask, ‘Brother Yu, don’t you usually eat outside the school? Since when have you been going to the canteen?’

Upon arriving at the canteen, Jiang Yu entered the queue in front of the counter to order her food. Spotting a sign at the window of the counter, saying per person was only allowed one drumstick, she wrinkled her nose.

How was she supposed to be full on only one drumstick?

Jiang Yu’s reaction was noticed by Jiang Ze Yu who stood at the back of the line. After ordering his food, he left without waiting for Song Bi and the others.

Song Bi looked around the canteen in confusion before spotting Jiang Ze Yu.

He was sitting opposite of Jiang Yu.

Song Bi’s head was full of questions.

His little sister had kicked him and thrown him across the room and yet Brother Yu was not angry at her? In fact, he was trying to get close to her?

What was happening?

What was this sudden show of affection for his little sister?

He carried his tray over to Jiang Ze Yu and sat down. The boys behind him also sat down one by one. Just as one of the boys was about to sit next to Jiang Yu, Jiang Ze Yu raised his eyes and glared at him.

“You can’t sit there. Get out of my sight!”

“Brother Yu, there are no other seats.”

“Then you can sit at the next table.” Jiang Ze Yu scoffed. “Men and women shouldn’t sit so close. Don’t be so stupid.”

The boys: “???”

Then what would happen when boys and girls have to sit together in a group during class? Should they be thrown into pig cages and drowned in the river like back in the old days when men and women were found to be intimate out of wedlock?

He did not dare disobey Jiang Ze Yu though. He quietly sat down at the next table with another boy.

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