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“Have you heard the news? The rich and powerful Jiang family has just found their eldest daughter, An Yu, who has been missing for 14 years!”

“An Yu? Who is An Yu?”

“Things are going to get interesting. The Jiang family has three children in high school. The second daughter, Jiang Wan, is known as the school beauty and their fourth son, Jiang Ze Yu, is the renowned school bully. I’ve never heard of this ‘An Yu’… Maybe she is just a nobody.”

“A nobody? Probably trying to snake her way into the inner circle of the capital’s elite. Tsk tsk, that will be difficult.”

“Don’t say such things. That’s like a toad wanting to turn into a princess. It’s no easy feat for an ugly duckling to turn into a swan. You could learn a thing or two from her. Hahahaha!”

Accompanied by snickers, the person spoken of, Jiang Yu, was walking down the road.

She was not in a good mood. When she woke up this morning, she found herself stuck as the supporting female character of a book, basically cannon fodder for the story. She had been sewing wedding clothes for Jiang Wan, the other female supporting role. Jiang Yu does not even live past two chapters of this book. How could she be in a good mood?

She was so annoyed that she could hit someone.

“You… Are you An Yu?”

A man and woman’s voice rang out at the same time. Two groups of people looked towards each other and the female group shrank away.

The girl at the head of the group said, “Sorry to interrupt. Please, go ahead…”

At the wave of her hand, the group dispersed.

This was no small matter. No matter how bold they were, they wouldn’t dare snatch someone from the school bully’s grasp.

The girls on Jiang Yu’s right quickly ran away. She looked at the three boys to her left.

They stood around casually, their shirts of their school uniform tucked away loosely into the waistband of their pants. They had dyed hair. The only thing missing from their getup was the words ‘I am a delinquent’ stamped across their faces.

The three boys were good looking though, especially the one standing in the middle. He had outstanding facial features and a head of blazing red hair. Standing in a crowd, he would catch anyone’s eye.

This hair color would not suit an ordinary person but he managed to pull it off thanks to his exquisite face. Instead of looking washed out, he looked passionate and flamboyant.

Jiang Yu knew who this person was.

He was the son of a rich family, the famous school bully, ranked last in the grade, and also her future brother in this story, Jiang Ze Yu.

She calmly said, “I am.”

Just as she was thinking about looking for trouble, someone had come right up to her. This was a good opportunity for her to get some punches in.

As Jiang Yu sized up Hiang Ze Yu, he was doing the same to her.

The girl in front of him had hair that fell to her chest. She had thick bangs, making her look dull and old-fashioned. However, she had a small, pale face.

Her looks did not meet his expectations.

The longer Jiang Ze Yu looked at her, the deeper he furrowed his brows. He opened his mouth and said in a tone of disdain, “You, with your ugly looks, you’re my sister? Which dump did my elder brother pick you out of?”

The boy on his left was silent. He thought in his head, ‘Big Brother Yu, didn’t you just want to see what your biological sister looked like? Why did you have to insult her the moment you saw her? That doesn’t seem like a good move to me…’

Afraid of being beaten up, he kept his mouth shut.

Jiang Yu pursed her lips. She looked like she wanted to beat him to a pulp.

Nobody said that she couldn’t beat up her big brother.

“I’m talking to you, did you hear me?”

“Yes, I heard you,” Jiang Yu said slowly. “Why? Do you want to fight?”

This stuck up, rich kid should be taught a lesson.

Jiang Yu frowned subconsciously, “I don’t hit women.”

“Oh, but I hit men.”

Her voice was hoarse and low, like a teenager who was going through puberty and was being grabbed at the throat by someone. There was a note of arrogance in her words, which made her even more annoying.

“Heh, you?”

Jiang Ze Yu took one look at her skinny arms and legs and said in disdain. “I can beat ten of you, you’re just a small stick…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jiang Yu yawned and suddenly disappeared from his view!

What the hell?

Jiang Yu was stunned. Was he seeing a ghost?

“Brother Yu, did your sister just disappear?” The boy next to him asked, bewildered.

Jiang Ze Yu shouted, “Shut up! Don’t you think I can see that? You think I don’t know?”

Before he could finish his thought, a heavy blow landed on him from behind.

Caught off guard, Jiang Ze Yu could not dodge the attack and fell to the ground.

A pair of white canvas shoes appeared in front of his eyes.

Jiang Yu looked up and met Jiang Yu’s cold eyes.

“I hit men.”

“Especially blind men.” She said slowly.

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