Chapter 5 - Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 5.1: Life Accompanying Weapon Spirit

Qing Bei did not obey her words but to step out from behind her and said in a calm voice. “I was the one who ate the Polar Fire Core. Whether you want to kill me or cut my flesh out, I will submit myself to the Lord. Qing Yu has nothing to do with this matter at all.”

Beside him, Qing Yu furrowed up her brows. “You’ve gone mad.”

She had spent so much effort before she managed to heal this sickly cripple and in the end, he was actually doing this in return?

“You have already done enough for me and I cannot continue to burden you anymore.”

“What burden? You are seeking your own death now!” With that puny sized body of his, it wouldn’t be enough to withstand even a single palm from those people.

Seeing her with her brows knitted up together with her face filled with displeasure, Qing Bei suddenly curled up the corners of his lips. He was a youth blessed with exquisite features and he seldom showed much fluctuation in the way of his emotions. The smile that came out so suddenly like the melting of a mountainous glacier caused Qing Yu to be startled.

“Qing Yu. You’re always saying that you’re not my sister but you have always shielded me from all kinds of danger every single time. Why?” Qing Bei’s eyes lowered slightly, hiding the emotions showing in them. “Even if that’s true, what does it matter at all? The only person who treats me well and protects me is only you.”

Just how sensitive the youth had been feeling all this time. He might have discovered that fact from the moment he had come out from that fire!

But he did not want to shatter everything they shared. Even if it was not real, it was warm and comforting to him…..

Qing Yu was seemingly still in shock and had not reacted when the youth who did not even reach her height suddenly pulled her to a corner and said: “This time, let me protect you.”

Since the trouble had started because of him, he should be the one stepping forward to resolve it.

The thin figure seemed to have grown taller by quite a bit suddenly, filled with the bravery of one who did not care anymore, and the quiet air around his person grew chilling.

This kid. It seems he had been hiding his light under a bushel. She had been blind.

Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow and did not feel that worried anymore but just leaned back in the corner casually, seemingly unaware of the dangerous atmosphere in the air that could be ignited by a single spark.

“Haha~ You’re finally willing to let that kid go out to take charge. I don’t know why you’re always shielding him all the time…..” A lazy sounding voice that was slightly coarse like having just awoken from a deep sleep suddenly sounded in her mind.

“You’ve woken up?” That fella had slept for more than two months already. But with this time’s awakening, from a young puerile toddler he had turned into a well built youth, with both his voice and body size changed by more than a bit.

“Yawn….. I’ve awoken. What is happening here? Is it going to be a fight? Do you need help?” Finally having adapted to the situation and gotten a clear look of the circumstances before his eyes, he was suddenly feeling rather excited for no reason, which also led Qing Yu’s emotions to alter as well.

She immediately turned to give him an uninterested look. “Don’t stir up more trouble for me. Since you’ve woken up, stay in there and just continue with your cultivation. I do not want to have a useless piece of trash as my Weapon Spirit.”

“Useless Weapon Spirit? ? Are you talking about me? !”

“Do you think that there is another piece of trash? If not for the fact that you have been dragging me down, I wouldn’t have to be stuck in such an awkward place in my cultivation journey! Who knew what manner of things had become covetous towards you when you came over here with me that swallowed half of your soul? If not for the fact that the blood contract exists between us, I really would have liked to abandon you…..”

“Stop stop stop. Don’t say anything more. I’ve realized my error. I’ll go cultivate right this instant. But damn it, you are my Mistress, and for your entire life, no….. For every life you will live, you can only have me as your Weapon Spirit alone, so, not matter how much you despise me, you must still tolerate me!”

That voice seemed to have been quite badly stung. After the roaring explosion of angry words, not a single peep came out anymore. He must have gone to cultivate himself seriously.

Chapter 5.2: Life Accompanying Weapon Spirit

Qing Yu’s lips curled up, but a ripple rose up in her heart.

This fella who had stayed inside her body since she was born, and after she died, he had actually followed her into this strange world. To her, that might be the one and only existence that she could never severe.

But it was clear he could have left her, to go find a more powerful host.

“Mistress, we are already inseparable, and it is impossible for me to go find a new Master. Hence, you are no longer just my Master, but you’re also the faith that I hold dear. You are the one who gave me life, allowing me to turn from a ice cold weapon spirit into this form of flesh and blood. If I leave you, I will merely be a useless piece of metal that is absolutely worthless.”

After a Weapon Spirit remains long enough with people, they will actually start to develop human emotions. But why was it the one thing that hurt people the most, were humans that were supposed to share blood ties…..

Qing Yu clicked the corner of her mouth, fueled by the cold irony.

“Ha, a little brat who doesn’t know death is upon him.” Bai Zi Yan looked down from his higher vantage point at the laughable scene before his eyes, his gaze contemptuous. “Lian Ji, kill off that little brat and hand over the other one to me.”

To have dared to do something so audacious, she must suffer utmost torment, and to suffer a fate worse than death.

“Yes!” The woman who had acted so coquettishly earlier had suddenly turned into a cold blooded killer, one without emotion, and her face filled with malevolence.

As just a lowly servant, and she already held powers that were not to be underestimated. This entire group of people were truly not to be trifled with.

Qing Yu swept her gaze over the two opponents in front of her. Seeing that Little Bei did not possess the slight bit of combat experience, he would fall into disadvantage very quickly in battle, or even made to become a hostage used to hold as ransom.

Regardless whether it was in her past life or this, Qing Yu was always one who kept an extremely low profile. Clearly possessing sufficient power to show the world her arrogance with impunity, but she absolutely abhorred inviting trouble. When she was able to peacefully resolve a problem, she never liked things to come to blows.

Hence, at the moment that Qing Bei received a palm from the opponent and was about to have a sword driven through his chest, Qing Yu gave a sigh. As everyone stood there tongue tied with their eyes staring, Qing Bei floated in to neutralize the powerful killing strike. Not only did she neutralize the strike, but even the famed thousand year old sword in Lian Ji’s hand forged with magical iron had a crack appear upon its surface.

Lian Ji stood there stunned for a long while, the area at the web between her thumb and finger numb, sending a clear message to her. This youth possessed great power.

Her weapon had already gained spirit consciousness and compared to before, regardless of her attack power or defense, they had both been greatly boosted. Even her body had strengthened to become impregnable and many power opponents had succumbed under her blade. But this youth had actually injured her…..

It could be seen that he was to be feared.

The violet eyes behind the curtain flashed briefly, a strange glint that was rarely seen.

The enchanting red clothed Bai Zhi Yan was also astounded.

Lian Ji was an assassin among his subordinates who specialized in assassination and she possessed unnatural gift. She had challenged people who were levels stronger than her before and had never failed, but she had actually been defeated by such a pretty looking youth who looked so completely harmless here today.

Just….. where was he from?

Bai Zhi Yan wasn’t really surprised when he thought back to the time a few years ago when this kid had stolen the Polar Fire Core…..

That….. That’s not right!

The Polar Fire Core had always been grown inside the Lord’s courtyard. In that place the Lord stayed in, besides the few trusted aides of his, any outsiders had absolutely no chance of coming out once they went in. Not to mention the countless kinds of traps and snares in there, but anyone who went within a hundred meters of the Lord in there would not be able to remain unscathed!