Chapter 9 - Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 9.1: The Kingdom on the Water, Water Edge

“I had originally thought that he married those women merely because he wanted to build and consolidate more power after weighing the pros and cons, and as long as he still has me in his heart, I can choose to ignore it all.”

“But, how could he….. fall in love with another woman….. How could he allow that woman to give birth to his children…..”

“I hate him, and I hate that woman, and I absolutely detest those two bastards!”

That was the first time in his twenty over years that he saw such terrifying viciousness on the gentle and benevolent face of his mother. He had never thought that the day would come that he would see his mother become an aggrieved woman who secluded herself in her chambers.

He had always thought that that was something that would happen only in the Imperial Palace.

The gentle and kindly Duchess in his mind, his mother who always had a smile on her face had turned to become someone he felt he did not know.

He could not accept it, and was unwilling to accept that to be the truth.

Collecting his thoughts back together, he looked at the young girl before him whose face was filled with worry for him. His heart warmed up, and his large hand lightly caressed the young girl’s face. “Little NIng, Big Brother really wish that you will never ever change.”

To never become blinded by the struggles for power, and to never need to change for any man to become a person that was not her at all.

Thinking about that, Yan Xi Cheng then remembered that his intelligent and beautiful younger sister was engaged to the Crown Prince. “Little Ning, have you and the Crown Prince recently met up at all?”

“Him? Nope.” Yan Ning Luo’s lips stiffened, her face looking like she could not be bothered about that.

This couple who carried the bond of marriage between them did not seem to be showing any awareness of their engagement to each other.

They were both direct disciples in the inner circle within the Faint Mist Sect but the Crown Prince Xuanyuan Che was accepted two years earlier and was Yan Ning Luo’s senior.

When they were back among the sect, their heads were always lowered when they encountered each other. With that being the case, Yan Ning Luo did not have any feelings towards this fiance of hers and Xuanyuan Che was also always cold and distant towards her, treating her very much like he would a stranger.

The two people were tied together by the Imperial Family the moment they were born and they just could not see eye to eye with each other.

Yan Xi Cheng was also feeling rather puzzled. Although this younger sister of hers was proud and aloof, but she was usually still quite well liked by people.

A girl with such a countenance and gifted like her, not to mention here in the Green Wave Kingdom, it was considered rare to see even throughout the entire lands. But the Crown Prince did not seem the least bit interested in her at all.

It must be known, that in the whole Green Wave Kingdom, there was almost no man who would not come to like Little Ning.

Could it be….. the Crown Prince likes men?

Yan Xi Cheng’s eyes bulged wide, shocked by the very thought that came into his mind before quickly pushing that strange thought away.

Seeing his sister sitting there with her chin casually cradled in her hand, her beautiful eyes half narrowed as she looked outside the window, Yan Xi Cheng could not help but to sigh. “Little Ning, what are you thinking? You really do not like His Highness the Crown Prince?”

“Why would I like him? I do not even know him.” Yan Ning Luo looked at him lazily, her expression seeming to say “you’re really very strange.”

“Both of you are in the same sect, and direct fellow disciples as well. How could you possibly not know him?”

“Doesn’t Big Brother know how strict and stringent the Faint Mist Sect is with their segregation of levels? For someone like me who has been accepted into the sect merely three years ago, and just barely be considered to possess some gift, would have no chance of associating with core disciples like the Crown Prince who had been part of the sect for seven eight years.”

“…..” Yan Xi Cheng did not say anything.

Little Sister you’ve become naughty. That is obviously just an excuse. Your potential wouldn’t be considered to be all that bad. Which other female are there with great potential like you?

Even if you don’t want to see the Crown Prince, you shouldn’t come up with such a shoddy excuse right?

You’re making Big Brother think you are an idiot you know?

Yan Xi Cheng was really worrying his heart to bits for this younger sister of his who was not interested in anything else but cultivation.

Chapter 9.2: The Kingdom on the Water, Water Edge

“His Highness the Crown Prince is a dragon among men. No matter whether it’s in terms of looks or knowledge, and also that deep and profound cultivation of his, he’s more than worthy to be a match for you. Even Big Brother is sadly not as great as him. Little Ning, why do you just not like him?”

Yan Xi Cheng continued to persuade like an old grandmother: “You are set to become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort and you have at most two years before you will have to go reside in the Imperial Eastern Palace. With the relationship between you two in such a bad state, you will surely be left in neglect by the Crown Prince.”

Yan Ning Luo burst out laughing. “Who cares for the position of Imperial Consort?”

“Little Ning!” Yan Xi Cheng stared with his eyes wide. “You can’t just blurt out such words so carelessly. If someone with ill intentions heard them, you will be in trouble.”

“I know I know, Big Brother is such a nag.” Yan Ning Luo arced her lips up, giving him a sweet and obedient look, like she had really heard everything that he had said.

It was only then than Yan Xi Cheng finally let up.

The peerless beauty that could bring down a city then turned her head to look far into the distance, her beautiful lips turned up in a faint arc, looking exceptionally ravishing.

That’s right, who cared about the position of Imperial Consort! ?

Her whole heart had already been lost to that person. Only he was able to make her heart thump wildly and only him.

Different from the Green Wave Kingdom’s high plateaus and wide plains, the Water Edge Kingdom was located at the north of the lands, surrounded by water, a true city in the sea.

Due to its geography, the people of the Water Edge Kingdom had fair skin, like people imbued with the qualities of water, exquisitely beautiful.

In terms of beauty, it was definitely the Ninth Princess Yue Xin Yan who was most outstanding, having inherited the Empress’ beautiful pair of sapphire blue eyes, her every movement spiritually entrancing.

When speaking of the most beautiful among people, only the Green Wave Kingdom’s Eternal Peace Duke Manor’s Yan Ning Luo and the Water Edge’s Yue Xin Yan stood out exceptionally, their fame as a great beauty spread throughout the lands and known by everyone.

Among these two, one was proudly cold like a mystical being of the Nine Heavens, the other mischievous and adorable like a water sprite, each with their own merits.

And the people of the Water Edge Kingdom knew magic.

This was not just some baseless rumour. People from this place possessed the ability to manipulate water the moment they were born.

It was said in legends from long ago that before the lands were split into different kingdoms, this place was just a mysterious little tribe with amazing abilities, who caused many people to turn a covetous eye upon them.

But as if bewitched, no one could enter the place.

A place that was clearly within reach, but seemed to be forever isolated from outside by a barrier of sea water. It was rumoured that this place did not allow anyone with evil intentions to enter and anyone who wished to go inside had to first receive the Lord’s approval. Anyone who tried to barge their way in would suffer punishment from the God of the Sea, to be swallowed up without mercy.

There were people who refused to believe and they went on to barge their way in. In just a few breaths, they found themselves engulfed by the roiling waves of the sea, with no way out.

These lessons happened time and time again, driving fear into the hearts of potential intruders, and they did not dare to attempt going in there anymore.

A place protected by the God of the Sea. Mortals who sought to challenge that was as good as striking a rock with an egg.

After that, the lands split into pieces and powerful pugilists from various places all sought to reign over their domains, founding kingdoms. But not a single person dared to set their sight upon this domain in the sea.

The leader who controlled those waters then led his people to establish a kingdom upon the sea, calling themselves Water Edge.

That was the Water Edge Kingdom’s founding Emperor and was the Imperial Yue Family’s ancestor. His reign lasted thirty years before he passed the throne down to his descendant, and went on to roam through the lands.

It was said that he was a powerful pugilist who had attained the Void Realm then, and he had already gone to a stronger world.

The current reign was the Water Edge Kingdom’s seventeenth Emperor named Yue Mu Cheng.

About twenty seven or twenty eight years of age, born destined to be an Emperor, a pity….. he was born with a frail and sickly body.