Chapter 1 - A Female Forensic Doctor Transmigrates into a Book as the Female Supporting Character


“Why are you acting innocent? Clearly you were the one who pushed me first!”

A shrill female voice rang beside her ear. Yin Tao rubbed the back of her aching head. When she opened her eyes, she saw a beautiful long-haired girl with an extraordinary temperament glaring at her.


“Yin Tao, didn’t you go to the police station for an internship? Why is your physical fitness still so lousy!” The long-haired girl’s tone was unfriendly and a trace of disgust flashed across her face.

“Babe, don’t you know head injuries are very dangerous?” Yin Tao had not grasped the situation, but as a professional forensic doctor, she couldn’t help imparting some medical knowledge. “If a brain trauma is serious and causes a hemorrhage, it can post traumatic shock or even death.”

The long-haired girl’s expression was uneasy. She was clearly surprised by Yin Tao’s response. The atmosphere became somewhat awkward, but it was suddenly broken by a stern female voice.

“Shut up! Leave your technical jargon in your autopsy lab!”

An exquisitely made up, finely dressed woman walked up to Yin Tao in a few steps and sized her up as if she had seen a jinx. She frowned and said, “Ningning is meant to dance on a grand stage and getting injured is a very serious matter, unlike you who deal with dead people every day!”

Yin Tao was a little puzzled. The lady was right that she was a forensic doctor, but why did her lines sound so familiar?

Yin Tao sized up the two people in front of her. Judging from the 20-year age gap and their resemblance to each other, they should be mother and daughter. The surroundings were the living room of a villa, and when she looked at the scene of the mother and daughter against her… damn, why did this scene look so much like the melodramatic novel she read last night!

On the incessant recommendation of her colleague, Yin Tao had read a melodramatic novel titled “Nirvana Rebirth”.

The female protagonist of the novel, Yin Ning, was a slender, elegant and endearing dancer. After experiencing the tragic events in her first life, Yin Ning was reborn and avenged her previous humiliation. Not only did she help grow the family business, she also married an outstanding young man. She was successful both in love and in her career, and she successfully changed the fate of her entire family single-handedly.

Yin Tao was the cannon fodder female supporting character who shared the same name as her. She was the biological sister of the female protagonist, Yin Ning. As Yin Tao was upset with her family’s favoritism towards the female protagonist, she always made things difficult for her. In order to please her family, she resigned from her job as a forensic doctor and married a wealthy heir. However, she could only live a servile existence in her in-laws’ house by virtue of her child. After the female protagonist was reborn, Yin Tao was further reduced to a mere existence that complements the female protagonist. She lost her job and was also abandoned. She ended up utterly miserable.

Looking at the mother and daughter in front of her, Yin Tao’s mind raced as she said impassively, “You two, uh… have never treated me as family.” After saying that, Yin Tao hurriedly ran upstairs, leaving the mother and daughter dumbfounded on the spot.

“What’s wrong with her again?” Zhao Yue never liked her elder daughter’s easy going personality to begin with. Ever since Yin Tao became a forensic doctor, she all the more felt that she was jinxed.

“My elder brother called to say that he’s bringing me to a gathering tomorrow. She wanted to go too, so she’s throwing a tantrum with me…”

Yin Ning gazed in the direction where Yin Tao had left and felt a little puzzled. According to the original plot, Yin Tao would have had an even more intense argument with her before her mother returned, and would have caused her to fall down the stairs in a scuffle. Zhao Yue would coincidently witness this scene and thus intensify her hatred for Yin Tao. Yin Ning’s injuries would also have caused her to miss the following day’s gathering.

Ever since she was reborn, Yin Ning had been living cautiously. She cherished this opportunity to alter her fate. In her previous life, Yin Ning was in a traffic accident and could no longer dance. The Yin family’s business also plummeted. Due to excessive worry, she died of illness before she was 30 years old. On the other hand, her elder sister, who had been at odds with her since she was young, married into a wealthy family and appeared to be living quite well.

Yin Ning was unwilling to bow. The heavens had given her a chance to start afresh, and she would definitely seize it. However, why would her hot-tempered elder sister suddenly do something that detracted from the plot? Yin Ning could not help but worry. It’s just as well, in any case, she would definitely attend the gathering the following day, even if it was for the sake of the person she had missed in her previous life, she had to go.

Yin Tao ran into the room upstairs without stopping. She only heaved a sigh of relief after she saw the face that looked exactly like hers in the photo on the wall. She didn’t know if it was her muscle memory or her good luck, but this room happened to be the original Yin Tao’s bedroom.

“No way! Not only does this cannon fodder female supporting character have the same name as me, even her appearance is the same?!” Yin Tao looked in the mirror and tried her best to accept the reality she is facing.

Was she too out of character just now? Yin Tao had already tried her best to imitate the original Yin Tao’s lines, but she really wasn’t in the mood to quarrel with others. When she thought of the surprised expressions of the mother and daughter downstairs, Yin Tao scratched her head helplessly.

“Ah ah! If you want to transmigrate, so be it! But to get such a miserable role!”

Yin Tao shuddered at the thought of the plot that was going to unfold. She wasn’t prepared to get married, have children, compromise, and live like a disgruntled wife.

“Did I die suddenly from staying up all night reading?!”

Yin Tao had no idea why she would wake up in this novel. For that matter, she didn’t even know if she was dead or alive in the real world.