Chapter 4 - A Female Forensic Doctor Transmigrates into a Book as the Female Supporting Character


“Big brother, I…” Yin Tao was just about to decline when she was interrupted by Yin Hao.

“Yin Tao, be sensible and don’t be at loggerheads with your elders. Yin Ning has already met many of the Yin family’s business partners. As an elder sister, you can’t be wilful and not attend Dad’s birthday party. You must not.” Yin Hao drove off without waiting for Yin Tao’s response.


“Wow, your elder brother is so handsome!” Bai Luo looked in the direction Yin Hao left and sighed.

“I’ll give this elder brother to you, you wanna take it?” Yin Tao felt irritated. It seemed she wouldn’t be able to avoid this weekend no matter what.

“I don’t want to!” Bai Luo thought about it and said with a laugh, “I think I can be your sister-in-law!”

Yin Tao raised her eyebrows and thought about it. The plot in the novel revolved mainly around Yin Ning’s relationship. Yin Hao didn’t seem to have an official partner, was mature and steady, and didn’t fool around. Her elder brother was indeed good husband material.

“You go girl!” Yin Tao looked at the card in her hand and turned to Bai Luo. “Let’s go! Someone is footing the bill, let’s buy more clothes.”

Yin Tao remembered that Yin Hao was definitely a positive character in the novel. The original Yin Tao had met unsavory characters, and Yin Hao had even helped her resolve many issues. However, the original Yin Tao had never gotten along with him as she felt that Yin Hao was biased toward Yin Ning. It seemed that she should try to get along well with this rich elder brother in the future.

Yin Tao and Bai Luo didn’t buy too many things. Bai Luo’s family was well to do, so she didn’t lack much to begin with. She also didn’t have any intention to take advantage of others. Yin Tao also had a lot of pocket money on hand, so she only used Yin Hao’s card to buy an expensive tie for her dad, Yin Dong, as a birthday gift.

When she got back to the dormitory, Yin Tao thought she would suffer from insomnia. However, she did not know if it was because she was too adaptable or because she was too tired, she slept exceptionally soundly that night.

The next morning, Yin Tao was called to the autopsy lab by her master, Su Ning. This was the first time she had come into contact with her job after transmigrating. Yin Tao was secretly a bit excited.

“You’re here.” Su Ning looked to be in his thirties. He was tall and stout, and wore a pair of rimless glasses. When he saw Yin Tao, he maintained a serious expression on his face. He introduced Yin Tao to another plump male forensic doctor beside him. “Zhang Yuan, this is Yin Tao. She’s an intern under me. It’s her first day of work.”

“Hello, Teacher Zhang!” Yin Tao bowed to Zhang Yuan obediently.

“Just call me Dr. Zhang. Your master and I are old classmates. You don’t have to be nervous.” The plump male forensic doctor smiled. He looked much more amiable than Su Ning. He turned around and said warmly to Yin Tao, “You are a young girl, work hard! There aren’t many beautiful girls like you in our line of work.”

“It’s only the first day, hard to say if she can persevere.” Su Ning’s tone was very cold. It was obvious that he did not have high hopes for Yin Tao. “Go change and wear your mask properly. You’re unlucky. You have a rather difficult case on the first day of your internship. Be sure to take proper notes later.”

Yin Tao nodded and went to change her clothes. She must not be too anxious to change Su Ning’s impression of her. Yin Tao still had confidence about her abilities at work. After all, the original Yin Tao was just an intern who didn’t love this job, while she was a qualified forensic doctor who had worked for many years.

After changing her clothes and entering the autopsy lab, Yin Tao understood why Su Ning said that she was unlucky.

In front of her was a highly decomposed corpse that had been soaked in water. If Yin Tao was really the original Yin Tao, she would probably have thrown up.

“A weight was tied to the deceased’s body. There was no water in the lungs, and no internal bleeding in the cone, the verdict was not drowning. The fatal wound was in the abdomen, it should be a case of disposing of the body after the crime.” Su Ning turned the corpse over and looked carefully, intently and without a trace of disgust.

Yin Tao also walked forward without any reservations and checked the deceased’s clothes. She picked up her camera and skilfully took photos while taking notes of the corpse’s features.

Zhang Yuan stood aside reading the crime scene report and said to Su Ning, “The murderer handled it very carefully. There was nothing on the deceased that could prove his identity.”

“The police cannot determine the time and place of death, as well as the identity of the deceased.” Su Ning sighed, It is most disturbing when the identity of a corpse could not be determined. “Let’s start the autopsy.”

Su Ning and Zhang Yuan clearly did not want Yin Tao to do anything. Even if it was a professional female forensic doctor, the two men could not watch her dissect such a highly decomposed corpse, not to mention an intern.

The moment the blade sliced open the corpse, dark green corpse fluid gushed out and an even thicker stench of the corpse assaulted their faces. They could smell it even through the mask. Zhang Yuan’s expression was not that good either. He turned his head and said to Yin Tao, “Xiaotao, go stand further away and just take some notes. There’s no need to work so hard on the first day.”