Chapter 6 - A Female Forensic Doctor Transmigrates into a Book as the Female Supporting Character


“Forensic doctor! She’s actually such a young beauty?!” Xia Jin was really surprised. Previously, he had admired the profession of forensic doctors, but he didn’t expect there to be such a young girl.

“Don’t make such a fuss. Our Xiaotao just dissected the male corpse that was hauled from the new city district this morning…” Bai Luo’s tone carried a hint of smugness.


“Impressive! We’re going to the new city district to investigate. Sister Xiaotao, do you want to go with us?” Xia Jin really admired this petite girl in front of him.

“I’m just an assistant to my master,” Yin Tao explained helplessly. Seeing the fervent expression on Xia Jin’s face, she didn’t refuse. “Alright, since I didn’t find anything important from the autopsy, I’ll go with you to the new city district to take a look.”

Yin Tao got into the police car with them, Xia Jin drove while Bai Luo sat in the back with her. In the passenger seat was a middle-aged man in his forties.

“Xiaotao, this is my master, Captain Chen. He is also from our second team,” Upon hearing Bai Luo’s words, Yin Tao took a closer look at the middle-aged man in front of her. Captain Chen had been briefly described in the original novel because Feng Jing, the second male protagonist in the novel, was also a captain of the detective team.

“Hello, Captain Chen.” Yin Tao looked at the middle-aged man in front of her and felt very at ease. All is well as long as she didn’t have to face the second male protagonist of the original novel.

“Young lady, you’re so pretty, how did you become a forensic doctor?” Captain Chen spoke in a kind tone though he looked serious and upright.

“Don’t you think the job of a forensic doctor is pretty good?” Yin Tao’s big eyes were smiling, making her look smart and cute.

“Ha ha, yes, a forensic doctor is not bad either,” Captain Chen laughed heartily and said, “I heard from Dr. Zhang that Su Ning has a good disciple. It seems like he’s right. Little girl, work hard. You’ll surpass your master sooner or later.”

Yin Tao smiled obediently in response. Su Ning was a very experienced forensic doctor and was conscientious in his work. She was very glad that she could come into contact with such an outstanding senior in this unfamiliar world.

The atmosphere in the car was very relaxed. When they arrived at the new city district, they quickly stopped smiling and switched to serious work mode.

“Let’s go. There aren’t many people coming and going by the river. There are more than 10 business units not far away. Let’s take a composite sketch of the deceased and ask to see if anyone has seen him.” Captain Chen took Bai Luo, and Yin Tao followed Xia Jin. The four of them split into two groups and got to work.

After a round of enquiries in vain, the few of them gathered by the river again.

“No one has any impression of the deceased. Looks like the deceased did not live nearby,” Xia Jin reported to Captain Chen.

“There are signs that the deceased was tied up when he was alive. It’s very likely his body was dumped from a vehicle.” Yin Tao thought for a moment and continued, “Captain Chen, is it possible that it was a vehicle from out of town, and the murderer is not active in the area?”

“Hmm, that’s very possible. However, there aren’t many surveillance cameras in the new city district. Furthermore there are many surveillance blind spots by the river.” Captain Chen frowned. The case would probably only progress after the victim’s identity was confirmed.

As they were talking, Captain Chen’s cell phone suddenly rang. Captain Chen’s facial expression became increasingly solemn as he spoke. Yin Tao had a bad premonition.

After hanging up, Captain Chen sighed and said, “Another boy’s body has surfaced in the lower reaches of the new city district…”

The group rushed to the crime scene.

“Master!” Yin Tao hurriedly walked over when she saw Su Ning examining the corpse.

“It’s the same as the previous corpse. It was not drowning. A heavy weight was tied to the body and dumped after the crime,” Su Ning said slowly as she looked at Yin Tao.

“Do you think the two cases are done by the same murderer?” Yin Tao looked at the corpse on the ground and felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. The child was only about six or seven years old. The corpse was not as badly decomposed as the first male corpse, and there were obvious ligature marks on the wrists.

“It’s hard to say for now, but looking at the modus operandi, it’s very likely.” Su Ning continued to survey the scene.

Yin Tao sized up the crowd that had gathered but didn’t observe anything unusual.

Yin Tao went nearer to the corpse and discovered that just like the first corpse, there were no obvious signs of resistance. This meant that when he died, he was either caught by surprise, or he did not have a chance to defend himself.

“Master, where is the boy’s fatal injury?” Yin Tao bent down and asked Su Ning, who was examining the corpse.

“There are no obvious external injuries, and there’s no water in the lungs. We can only wait for a further autopsy to determine the cause of death.” Su Ning really could not find any obvious clues.

“This child’s face isn’t seriously damaged. We should be able to find his family,” Yin Tao felt that there was a high probability that these two cases were done by the same person, and his modus operandi was becoming more and more mature.

“Eh, let’s go back to the police station first.” Su Ning and Yin Tao left the crime scene in the same police car.