Chapter 8 - Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 8: A Shop that Rips Customers Off?

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“What are these monsters? They’re so powerful! There must be a huge conspiracy hidden behind everything!” The two of them sat up in front of their desks with extreme interest. They wanted to continue their adventure so that they could uncover Resident Evil’s plot!

Unfortunately, neither of them knew how to use their guns, so they were quickly stumped when they encountered the zombie dog.

Fighting the zombie dog with their hands without it touching them seemed impossible!

Perhaps they were lucky enough to kill one or two zombie dogs, but not all the ones that they encountered since everyone makes careless mistakes at times.

They spent two hours fighting the zombie dogs. Then, they glanced over at Song Qingfeng, who seemed to be having fun, as his character was using the gun in his hands to shoot his enemies. They exclaimed, “Qingfeng! Where did you get your weapon?”

Lin Shao’s eyes stared at Song Qingfeng’s screen intently. “The zombie dogs can’t even get close to your character! It’s so awesome!”

“Is it a spiritual artifact created by a cultivator? Qingfeng, can we get one as well?”

Song Qingfeng responded proudly, “Weren’t you given two options in the beginning? If you pick the first option, you get a gun.”

“That’s it?”

“Why didn’t you tell us earlier?” They were both confident enough to choose the option without teammates, but to their surprise, the game was as difficult as could be.

“Aren’t the two of you meeting someone afterwards?” Song Qingfeng rolled his eyes at them, but his friends immediately shook their heads. “We’re not going, we’re not going! Brother, if you told us how amazing this game was from the very start, we wouldn’t have even made plans!”

Song Qingfeng’s expression filled with disdain, “I told you so many times this morning, but did either of you believe me?”

“…” Being at a loss for words, both of them fell into an awkward silence. Since they found the ‘gate to success’, they both decided to restart their games, just so they could try out a new weapon in their quest to kill monsters.

“System, did I complete my task?” Fang Qi glanced at the three occupied computer desks. Since he was sitting on the fourth computer, his internet café was a full capacity, right?

“You’re the owner of the internet café; you don’t count as a customer.”

“…” Fang Qi stuck out a middle finger and asked, “Can I at least go look for one?”

“As the owner, please do not solicit others.”

“…” Fang Qi’s expression darkened. “What do you mean, ‘solicit others?”

Feeling like he couldn’t do anything to help himself, Fang Qi fell back onto his chair furiously.

Just then, a beefy-looking man walked up to the internet café.

“Someone’s here?” Fang Qi’s eyes lit up; talk about meatballs falling out of the sky.

“I heard a couple days ago a shop that rips others off opened on this street and deceived a few customers yesterday. I, Liang Shi, hate it when these things happen!” The beefy man looked up at the sign above the door. “Origins? How arrogant! It’s this shop, isn’t it! I’d like to see how this shop can dupe me!”

Then, he forcefully pushed open the door of the internet café and shouted, “Who’s the owner?”

Fang Qi immediately walked up to him.

“I am.”

Liang Shi was a muscular man, even half-a-head taller than Fang Qi; he stood before the latter like a mountain!

Upon seeing Fang Qi’s beaming expression, the corner of Liang Shi’s lips tugged into a smile. “What’s your shop for?”

“Games!” Fang Qi pointed at an empty computer and asked, “Would you like to try?”

“Of course!” Liang Shi sneered as he thought in his head, Do you take me for a fat lamb that you can gut and cook anytime you want to? I want to see what kind of place this is!

Then, he sat down proudly and solemnly on the last remaining computer chair. He demanded, “Tell me what kind of game this is. How do you play it?”

Fang Qi pointed at his blackboard. “It costs two crystals an hour and five crystals to activate the game. That’ll be seven crystals in total.”

Good heavens! Liang Shi swore in his head, This really is a shop that cheats its customers!

Liang Shi narrowed his eyes and smiled dangerously. Then, he threw seven crystals onto the desk in front of him. “Teach me how to play it!”

Without thinking too much, Fang Qi nodded and reached out to pick up the crystals, but Liang Shi stopped him with his arm. He sneered, “But what if your game isn’t good, and not worth that many crystals?”

Fang Qi laughed. This man wasn’t the first customer that had asked him something like this. Therefore, he pointed at Song Qingfeng and the others, “Of course it’s worth it, just ask them.”

Song Qingfeng casually glanced over at Liang Shi and couldn’t help but laugh, “Of course it’s worth it! If this shop isn’t, then none of the shops are.”

This is just a shop that deceives its customers , Liang Shi sneered as he glanced at the people beside him and thought in his head, Did the owner hire these little brats as fake customers?

He snickered, “Why would I believe what others say? Am I a three-year-old child?”

“What do you want then?” Fang Qi furrowed his eyebrows, and, in response, Liang Shi slapped the desk with a smirk on his face, “If I don’t think it’s worth it…”

“Then you’re going to smash everything in my shop?” Before he could utter out a complete sentence, however, Fang Qi finished his thought for him.

“…” Liang Shi scratched the top of his head and looked up at Fang Qi with surprise. “…How did you know?”

Fang Qi thought, I know all your brains are only capable of thinking of this one thing. Why can’t you all say something else, like you’re going to pour sh*t outside my shop or pretend to get hurt to make me compensate you?

So many people had walked out of his shop because they didn’t believe in the quality of the game.

Liang Shi sneered, feeling a little embarrassed that his thoughts were exposed, “Then I’ll give it a try. I’d like to see what’s up your sleeve!”

Liang Shi took over the computer Fang Qi was using, leaving the latter with nothing else to do. Therefore, Fang Qi grabbed a chair and sat down beside him. “Put on your virtual machine and double-click the ‘Resident Evil One’ icon to start the game.”

Soon, Liang Shi noticed that something was off; he exclaimed as he looked around at the life-like animations around him, “Where is this place? Is this another world?”

“This is called ‘virtual reality technology’.” Fang Qi already anticipated his surprise. “The way to exit the game is already written on the blackboard.”

Then, Liang Shi exited the game. As expected, everything in front of him went back to normal.

Then, he went straight back into the game, feeling as if he had walked into another world!

Was this a shop that ripped off its customers?

He looked at the ordinary-looking owner sitting beside him; no, this was more like a heavenly shop!

He swallowed hard and asked, “You said this is a game?”

“Of course it’s a game,” Fang Qi saw that Liang Shi was about to choose his character, so he said, “If you don’t want to feel like you’re actually in the game, you can control the character with your keyboard and mouse as well.”

Then, he showed him how to pick modes and use his equipment.

“How can this be…?” Liang Shi was just thinking of ways he could smash everything in this rip-off shop.

It can’t be… how can this normal-looking owner be so powerful? He thought in disbelief. He was here to teach this shop owner a lesson, but things took off in a completely different direction.

No, it must be a game that deceives others.

He quickly took a deep breath in to calm himself down. If I look closely, I’ll be able to see through the tricks!

“Then… what am I supposed to do now?”

“Aren’t there tips in the game?” Fang Qi replied, “Didn’t you watch the opening story?”

“The opening story?” He suddenly remembered the game saying that some team had disappeared, and he and his teammates were here to save those people.

“Am I one of the members of the search and rescue team?”