Chapter 4 - Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 4: The Horror of being Wrecked by a Zombie

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It was a world perfect for warriors!

Wang Tai controlled Chris, who had a dagger in his hand, as he quietly moved to the corner of the room.

On the other side of the wall, the zombie was still standing there with its back toward Wang Tai as it was munching on the leftover pieces of a corpse on the ground.

As if it smelled the fresh scent of a living human, the zombie slowly turned around, exposing its pale, gross, lifeless face that had specks of flesh and blood still on the corners of its mouth!

That was the famous ‘Turning Around Zombie’ from the original Resident Evil!

However, what was different was that in the original game, the zombie was computer generated, allowing the player to watch this zombie’s movements before fighting it.

Yet, at this moment, the zombie seemed so real that it felt like it was standing right in front of Wang Tai!

The zombie’s gross face, paired with the darkly-lit room and oppressing surroundings, was incredibly scary, justifying Wang Tai’s previous reaction and quick death.

Many people were terrified of this scene from Resident Evil!

Fang Qi had watched it many times before and had become immune to it. However, this scene still left a newbie like Wang Tai so horrified that his hands began to shake.

Unkillable with powerful physical strength and no sense of pain, when had ordinary people ever encountered this kind of monster?

He had never seen a monster as scary as this one!

Although it was still the same game from the 1990s, the freedom and realness of VR would overload the players’ senses, making the game much better than the original version.

A strong sense of excitement and nervousness drove Wang Tai’s adrenaline through the roof as he dashed toward the zombie with the dagger in his hand, a hint of anticipation among his fear!

This time, he performed better than he did previously. He held the dagger tight in his hands and pushed it deep into the zombie’s chest!

But, he made one crucial mistake.

He wasn’t Fang Qi; how could he have known that one had to destroy the zombie’s head to kill it!

Not only did his attack fail to kill the zombie, but it also provoked its urge to kill. With a furious howl, it charged towards Wang Tai like crazy!

After humans turned into zombies, they would gain immense strength and become two-to-three times stronger than regular men. Therefore, the zombie immediately pushed Wang Tai to the ground and bit at the artery on his neck with its yellow teeth!

“Why can’t I kill this monster?” Wang Tai screamed crazily; he had stabbed the zombie in a vital spot, but it didn’t die. Not only that, why did it also go berserk?

The good thing was, he wasn’t as inexperienced as he was last time, and he prepared himself mentally this time around. He quickly stopped the zombie’s bite with his hand but was immediately left on the defensive.

Wang Tai pushed the zombie’s neck back with one hand so that it wouldn’t bite him, and he then pushed his dagger into the zombie’s temple repeatedly and ferociously with the other hand!

Soon, the zombie finally lost its strength and slowly fell to the floor.

“It’s finally dead!” Wang Tai replayed the horror this gross monster brought upon him in his head as he breathed heavily. Being able to kill an undead monster with such insane strength gave him more exhilaration than fright! He felt a strong sense of achievement blossoming from the bottom of his heart!

He was a warrior! Moreover, so many people in this world were born to admire power and bravery! Being able to kill a powerful monster validated his pride! It felt awesome!

After climbing up from the floor, he looked around but didn’t see anything worth looking into. Therefore, he turned around to leave.

Is that horrendous monster the ‘zombie’ Qi was talking about? At that moment, Wang Tai developed a strong sense of interest in this game. It was such a weird and unique game with monsters that he had never even heard of. He had never seen a world like this in the novels, so he was eager to find out what else this world contained.

He couldn’t wait to keep looking around!

These monsters are super strong. I’m glad I can go back into the game after dying.Wang Tai complained about how hard the game was. After all, all new players had to first be wrecked by the zombies before learning how to deal with them.

Suddenly, Wang Tai saw a semi-invisible white ball of mist leave the zombie and enter his body, immediately giving him a warm and comfortable sensation. Then, he noticed that his strength grew as well!

– After a while –

After killing his first zombie, Wang Tai quickly killed a few more before finally figuring out that he had to destroy the zombies’ heads. Then, he picked up a handgun he found in the lobby and killed a few more zombies.

He was overjoyed by the challenges he faced and the adrenaline rushes he got from the horror; although zombies were powerful and scary, he always felt a sense of achievement when killing them!

Suddenly, a message popped out on the computer screen. [Dear customer, your balance is insufficient, please pay to continue.]

“That’s it?” Wang Tai removed the VR headset and jumped up from his chair. “Fine, I admit that this game is really fun; I would consider playing it for one or two crystals, but seven? It’s such a rip-off!” Although he was already addicted to this game, his seven crystals were supposed to be used to bribe the proctors tomorrow!

If it were any other day, he might pay that amount. However, that money was not for spending on irrelevant matters!

Wang Tai’s face became twisted before he even finished his rant.

Fang Qi exited his own game to see Wang Tai’s expression. “Do you feel it?”

“Feel…?” Wang Tai waved his fists in the air and kicked his legs. Then, his face became even more twisted. “How did my strength and speed both improve? What happened?”

“Both improved? Did you level up?” Fang Qi wasn’t surprised. He opened Wang Tai’s player interface and saw the small ‘Lv 2′ in front of the experience bar under Chris’s avatar.

There was no such thing as levels in the original Resident Evil One, but the one the system provided him with was a little different. The characters inside could level up, and their strength, reaction speed, and other aspects would also increase! Moreover, this increase would also be reflected in the players themselves!

This was the true greatness of the system’s black technology!

Wang Tai was flabbergasted!

He was still in the Body-Forging Realm, meaning that he was still a warrior-in-training. A comprehensive increase in his combat ability meant that he would be able to become an official warrior much faster!

There was another benefit to playing this game.

Since Lingyun Academy’s entrance examinations were tomorrow, he might be accepted if his strength increased even more!

Not only was this game new, fun, exhilarating, and addictive, it was also capable of enhancing his strength!

Warriors had to practice martial arts tediously and rigorously temper their bodies over and over again in order to achieve the same benefits.

Playing this game, he felt like he had become the main character in a novel; he was literally adventure-seeking in another world! What an amazing and magical feeling!

Most importantly, he felt so happy when he figured out the monsters’ weaknesses and subsequently defeated them!

A game this awesome could be used to enhance his strength? He wouldn’t have anything else to worry about since he didn’t need to bribe the proctors anymore!

It was so f*cking awesome!

Although he didn’t know which cultivator created this great thing, it now seemed like two crystals per hour was not expensive; instead, it was almost too cheap!

After letting go of his real-life worries, Wang Tai, a native in this world, finally understood the beauty of the game!

But, he touched his nearly-empty pocket…

In there was some money he needed for tomorrow’s examination expenses!

He immediately pulled Fang Qi over and whispered quietly, “Qi, I need to discuss something with you. If I play here a few more hours, can you… give me a discount?”

He knew that bribing proctors might not work. Also, making a last-minute effort of going home and practicing martial arts was super boring and useless; he really didn’t want to do it.

It was much better to play a couple hours of games here.

Fang Qi, on the other hand, sighed and shook his head. “It’s not that I don’t want to give you a discount; I can’t.”

Then, he pointed at the little blackboard by the entrance. “It doesn’t say ‘discounts’ on there.”

“But… Qi, we’re best buddies; how can you be so stingy?” Wang Tai was immediately infuriated.

“If I am stingy, I wouldn’t have given you pointers.” One could only understand the beauty of this game by experiencing it for themselves. Fang Qi didn’t like spoilers; therefore, he thought that he was already being pretty generous by giving hints and background information to Wang Tai just now.

“I wouldn’t have helped anyone else,” he added.

Upon seeing how resolute Fang Qi was, Wang Tai had no choice but to give up. He asked with a slightly disappointed tone, “Can I at least pay you tomorrow?”

Fang Qi didn’t reply; instead, he glanced over at the blackboard again.

Immediately understanding what he meant, Wang Tai muttered under his breath, “You’re such a d*ck.”

Then, he threw a few crystals onto the desk. “Let the game continue!”