Chapter 8 - A Female Forensic Doctor Transmigrates into a Book as the Female Supporting Character


“By the way, why didn’t Feng Jing come with you guys?” Yin Hao couldn’t help asking when he heard Lin Jia mention Feng Jing.

This old classmate of his had always been mysterious when he was in school. If it were not for the close relationship between Feng Jing and Lin Jia, Feng Jing would not have entered their circle at all.


“Oh, it seemed like something came up at the police station. He will be here soon.” Lin Jia’s tone became calmer when he mentioned Feng Jing. If he had not advised Feng Jing not to strain relationships with his friends in the circle, he would not have come at all.

“Feng Jing is even more old-fashioned than my father. Although our Xi Feng doesn’t like to smile either, he is much more normal than Feng Jing.” Jin Chen smiled and put his arm around Xi Feng’s shoulder.

Lin Jia turned around and warned Jin Chen with a smile, “Don’t forget that Feng Jing is A City’s free combat champion. Be careful what you say.”

“Isn’t the Feng family’s business quite big in the capital? Why did Feng Jing insist on coming to A City to be a detective?” Yin Hao did not know much about Feng Jing. He only knew that the Feng family was definitely not as simple as they seemed.

“To each his own. It’s fine as long as we support him as friends…” Lin Jia obviously didn’t want to say too much, so everyone tactfully didn’t ask further.

Yin Hao however felt that Feng Jing’s behavior was somewhat similar to his rebellious younger sister, Yin Tao.

Right at this moment, Yin Tao was pacing back and forth in the bathroom. Those men just now should be Yin Hao’s friends, the male protagonist in the novel and some other main characters.

“Sigh, I can’t keep hiding in the washroom…” Yin Tao took a deep breath. In any case, she was much more inconspicuous compared to Yin Ning.

As Yin Tao was walking out of the washroom, she didn’t notice a person who had just walked out of the male washroom and bumped into him.

“I’m sorry…” Yin Tao rubbed her forehead and raised her eyes to size up the man in front of her. He was about the same age as Yin Hao and looked to be about 1.9 meters tall, slightly taller than Yin Hao. His features were chiseled, but his expression was very indifferent. He glanced coldly at Yin Tao before leaving.

“Who is this?” Yin Tao watched as the man left quickly and walked straight into the function room of her father’s birthday banquet.

Could he be the male protagonist? Yin Tao was a little suspicious. There were many descriptions of the male protagonist in the book. They were all exaggerated praises like tall, handsome, and elegant.

The man just now was quite good-looking, but he didn’t seem to have a good temper. Yin Tao thought for a moment and decided to lie low. Even if he wasn’t the male protagonist, he definitely wouldn’t be a minor character with such looks.

Walking into the function room, Yin Tao was just about to find a seat in a less crowded spot when she was called over by Yin Hao loudly.

Yin Tao broke out in cold sweat as she looked at the table Yin Hao was at.

He had indeed gathered all the main characters.

“Brother…” Yin Tao lowered her head and helplessly walked to Yin Hao’s side.

“Xiaotao, let me introduce you to my friends.” Yin Hao pulled Yin Tao and introduced her enthusiastically. “Xi Feng and Jin Chen, our families are old friends. If it weren’t for the fact that the two of them lived overseas for a period of time, you would have met them much earlier.”

Yin Tao nodded softly at Xi Feng and Jin Chen. Looking at Xi Feng in a dark brown suit, Yin Tao couldn’t help but sigh. As expected of the male protagonist, his domineering aura matched the description in the novel.

Yin Tao was even more familiar with the other person. He was the original Yin Tao’s cheap husband, a playboy through and through. Looking at Jin Chen’s smiling peach blossom eyes, Yin Tao gasped. With such taste, the original Yin Tao deserved to be dumped. This Jin Chen is obviously trouble.

“Xiaotao, these two are my university classmates, Lin Jia and Feng Jing. Although we were not in the same major, we were the closest during university,” Yin Hao introduced the two people on the other side.

When Yin Tao saw Feng Jing, she was shocked. It turned out that the person she had bumped into at the washroom was the second male lead in the novel, Feng Jing. His looks are comparable to the male protagonist’s, but it was a pity that he was also a supporting character. Yin Tao couldn’t help but look at Feng Jing with some sympathy. She had always felt sorry for such characters in a novel who do not get the ones they love.

Feng Jing noticed Yin Hao’s younger sister’s gaze and felt a little uneasy. Why was this girl looking at him so strangely? There was a tinge of pity… and some sympathy.

Feng Jing couldn’t help but cough softly and said, “Yin Hao, could it be that your younger sister is still in high school?”

Feng Jing’s words made Yin Ning, who was on the other side of the dining table, chuckle. “Brother Feng Jing, don’t underestimate her because of how she is dressed, she’s my elder sister.”

Yin Tao’s eyelids twitched. No wonder he was a male supporting character, he was so bad with words.

She rolled her eyes at Yin Ning again and said with a smile, “Yes, I’m not like my younger sister, only 22 years old but so sensible and mature.