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Just as Ye Xuan went over to the door and was about to tell his parents about how he had awakened his Beast Taming aptitude…

He had a sudden flash of inspiration and discarded the idea.

“I’m not in a hurry to tell them. Jiangzhou University might very well send someone tomorrow. It won’t be too late for me to tell them after I sign a contract with Jiangzhou University and confirm everything,” Ye Xuan thought to himself.

He was planning to increase the surprise factor and shock his parents with double the glee.

Besides, this way, if he ended up not being able to sign a contract with Jiangzhou University, he would avoid disappointing his parents.

“Ye Xuan, why are you back from school so early today?”

Opening the door, Ye Guotao was slightly surprised when he saw that Ye Xuan was home.

“I’ve almost learned everything in Cultural Knowledge Class. So, I asked my teacher if I could go home and cultivate with my Energy Pills,” Ye Xuan lied.

“I see.” Ye Guotao nodded. “Alright then. Do your best in your cultivation. Your mom and I will cook you a delicious meal tonight.”

Ye Xuan had been a good child ever since he was young. He had never made his parents worried.

So, most of the time they never doubted him.

For that reason, they had absolutely no clue that Ye Xuan had already sold all the Energy Pills for money.

And they were also oblivious to the fact that Ye Xuan had awakened his Beast Taming aptitude and was preparing to give them a great surprise.

“Okay. Dad, Mom, cook a few more dishes for tonight,” Ye Xuan said. “Let’s have a celebration.

“I forgot to tell you both that I became a Top-Level Apprentice yesterday. Besides, I’m confident that I can become a Dark Iron Warrior before the college entrance examination and get myself into a good university.”

“You became a Top-level Warrior Apprentice?”

Both Ye Guotao and Su Yunmeng’s eyes lit up when they heard this.

At the same time, they felt a little puzzled.

Ye Xuan was excellent in everything he did.

It was just that when he accomplished something as great as this, he would never tell them immediately.

He would always wait for one to two days before breaking the news to them.

This morning, when they saw that Ye Xuan hadn’t told them about the Energy Pills, they thought that Ye Xuan hadn’t attained a breakthrough even after he he’d consumed an Energy Pill.

So, when Ye Xuan told them that he had, in fact, managed to reach a breakthrough, they were more pleasantly surprised than anything else.

As a result, the fatigue they felt after their long, busy workday mostly disappeared.

Lil Wan, who was standing on Ye Xuan’s shoulder, also greeted Ye Xuan’s parents in a crisp voice.

At the same time, she kept Ye Xuan’s plans a secret.

Hooh! Hoah! Hee-ya!

In his bedroom, Ye Xuan repeatedly performed the Honing Fist.

It might have been an illusion, but he felt that even without the Energy Pill, the effects of his Honing Fist technique were much better than before.

“Could it be that the reverse nurturing from Lil Wan has already begun?”

His heart was slightly fluttering.

Every Beast Tamer could acquire reverse nurturing from their tamed beasts.

Reverse nurturing wasn’t limited to the strengthening of one’s Spirit Ocean and Mind Energy. It would also enhance many other aspects at the same time.

Including the Beast Tamer’s warrior abilities.

“Seems like that’s the only explanation.”

Half an hour later, after performing the fist technique three times in a row, Ye Xuan, who was drenched in sweat, was convinced that the reverse nurturing from Lil Wan had commenced.

In the past, performing the fist technique twice in a row would almost bring him to his limits.

But now, he only felt that he had reached his limit after performing the fist technique three times in a row.

What’s more, after reaching his limit, he even felt that his recovery speed was much faster than before.

“This might be similar to Lil Wan’s ‘Natural Affinity’ ability,” Ye Xuan speculated to himself.

However, when he checked his own attribute panel, he found that nothing had changed.

Just as he was going to bed, Ye Xuan received a message from Nong Jiale.

“Ye Xuan, when you go to school tomorrow, go to your classroom teacher and ask him to take you to the Beast Taming Class. People from our university will meet with you tomorrow.”

Seeing this message, he couldn’t help but feel a glimmer of anticipation.

He wondered what kind of treatment Jiangzhou University would give him.

As he continued thinking about this, he fell asleep.

At the same time, Sun Yunmeng whispered to Ye Guotao, “Guo Tao, since there’s really hope that Ye Xuan can become a Dark Iron Warrior before the college entrance examination, we need to give him our support.”

“Yeah, that’s what I think too. Wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll buy two cigarettes and give them to our boss. I hope he’ll let us borrow some money so we can buy a few more Energy Pills for Ye Xuan,” Ye Guotao said in a low guttural voice.

The next day.

Ye Xuan got up early in the morning.

He had a big appetite. After he finished eating, he called Chai Chang and went to school, taking Lil Wan with him.

On their way to school, when Chai Chang, who initially wanted to comfort Ye Xuan, heard him say that he had awakened his Beast Taming aptitude and was already a Beast Tamer, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “What did you say?”

“Ye Xuan, my good old brother, are you for real?” Chai Chang said in disbelief.


Ye Xuan stretched out his hand, and under the influence of Mind Energy, a tiny rock on the road flew up from the ground and fell into his hand.

And was subsequently hurled into a nearby trashcan.

“Holy pepperoni!” Chai Chang yelled. “You seriously have some dogsh*t luck!”

Only Beast Tamers could do this with their Mind Energy.

This wasn’t something that lowly Warriors could accomplish.

“F*ck off, man!” Ye Xuan told him off with a smile. “Keep things nice, would you?”

No.3 Senior High School

Twelfth grade, Class B.

As soon as Ye Xuan entered the class, all the students in the class fixed their eyes on him.

The incident yesterday when Ye Xuan had passed out in the square had stirred up a great commotion in the school.

In the back of the class, when An Zhenghao saw Ye Xuan walk in, he raised his head lazily and said with a smile, “Ye Xuan, what happened yesterday? You’re so unlucky. You wasted the opportunity to join Wanshan University just like that.”

Ye Xuan cast a look at An Zhenghao. He didn’t feel like talking to such a person.

Instead, he immediately opened his schoolbag, picked up his books, which were piled on his desk, and placed them into his bag one by one.

Everyone was a little startled when they saw this.

“Wait, Ye Xuan, are you gonna drop out of school because you can’t stand the blow?”

Even An Zhenghao looked surprised. “Even if you can’t enter Wanshan University, there are other universities.

“With your talents, if you try harder, it isn’t impossible for you to become a Dark Iron Warrior before the college entrance examination.

“Dropping out of school? Is that the only thing you have in your head?”

Ye Xuan didn’t want to give An Zhenghao any of his attention. However, Chai Chang, who was standing next to Ye Xuan, couldn’t stand An Zhenghao.

He glared at An Zhenghao. “Ye Xuan passed out yesterday became he had awakened his Beast Taming aptitude. He’s packing his schoolbag because he’s going to the Beast Taming Class later.”

What? Beast Taming Class?

The students in the class were immediately in an uproar.

“Did Ye Xuan really awaken his Beast Taming aptitude? Is that true?”

“Didn’t he faint yesterday because he’d just become a Top-Level Warrior Apprentice and his Mind Energy hadn’t been cultivated yet?”

Everyone showed an expression of disbelief.

Beast Tamers were entirely different from Warriors.

Only a very few who solely walked the path of the Warrior could break into the Silver Level.

However, for Beast Tamers, most of them were able to advance to Silver Level.

Or even higher levels.

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