Chapter 4 - Breakers

Chapter 4 - Chapter 1: Entry #3

In-gong had a level.

Did the other people in this world have levels?

If levels existed, did they have a way to raise their stats like In-gong did?

After hearing In-gong’s question, Carack scratched his chin and replied.

“Uh...I was level 21 the last time I checked. No, level 22? Why do you ask?”

This was a summary of what he learnt.

Levels existed in this world.

However, it was impossible for people to directly check their status window like In-gong.

They didn’t know their detailed stats and it was also impossible to distribute additional points.

They could only see their level through a level measurement spell.

The concept of raising their level to become stronger was non-existent. They just trained hard and fought, making their levels increase.

‘Then don’t I have a great advantage?’

Once In-gong levelled up, not only was his stamina and magic restored but all his stats also rose. Considering that he could allocate additional points, he had tremendous growth potential.

‘If he doesn’t know about the mini-map or inventory... Can’t this be considered my unique ability?’

Of course, there might be someone else in this world who had been transported after playing Knight Saga: Re. But when comparing In-gong to the people of this world, he had a unique ability.

A smile formed on In-gong’s face.

Although he was now weaker than Villager A, it was only for the moment. If he gained two more levels, each stat would have 11 points! That was stronger than Villager A who had an average of 10 stat points.

‘Considering the extra points, I would be much stronger.’

He couldn’t help feeling pained when thinking about being compared to Villager A. The starting point was so low.


The next important thing was the presence or absence of skills. Magic spells and skills did exist in this world and the process of learning it wasn’t much different from In-gong’s. It was possible to acquire skills by training hard.

'But I have something different.’

After reaching level two, the extra stat points weren’t the only things he obtained. He also received skill points. Naturally, investing skill points would allow the level of his skills to grow.


In-gong couldn’t hold back his laughter. Carack was still paying attention but he couldn’t suppress his happiness.

‘Yes, I should have at least this much compensation when arriving in a different world!’

If he didn’t have such compensation, he would just die as Shutra.

Carack frowned as In-gong kept laughing.

"Prince, are you really okay? This state...”

“I’m okay, I’m okay. Rather, I’m very good. Should I continue to run?”

He wondered how many levels he could gain just be running. However, Carack glanced at In-gong and shook his head.

“ You seem a little strange but you are more energetic than before.”

Carack turned and guided In-gong to an open space.

"I heard that Prince can use a sword. Can you show me?”

He was given a wooden sword. It seemed like a toothpick in Carack’s hands, but it was heavy to In-gong.

" want to see my swordsmanship?”

“Just swing it a few times. I need to know what level you are at.”

It was quite a rude demand but Carack didn’t seem to be insulting him. The running made it clear that Carack was training him.

‘I’m going crazy.'

In reality, In-gong had never learnt kendo. At best, he would playfully spar with friends using a broom when it was cleaning time.

In-gong grasped the wooden sword in a neutral position and took a deep breath. Then he swung the sword like a baseball bat.

[You have learnt Basic Swordsmanship Lv1.]


In-gong stood there looking at himself instead of swinging the wooden sword. He opened the skills window reflexively and invested his skill points without any hesitation.

[Basic Swordsmanship Lv2]

There were no physical changes. However, In-gong recognized it instinctively.

‘I have changed. No, I've learnt.’

He changed the way he held the sword. He increased the gap between his legs and for the first time, made a clear trajectory with the sword.


Carack made a sound. In-gong was enjoying it a little bit and asked,

“What is it?”

"No, your movements are suddenly good.”

So, he tilted his head to the side. His face seemed like he had witnessed something incomprehensible.

In-gong couldn’t help grinning happily at Carack’s reaction.

'Okay, I really can do it.’

He could become stronger. He would move forward faster than anyone else.

This fact was very important. In-gong couldn’t do anything unless he was strong.

Let’s assume that modern people entered the game world of the Three Kingdoms. How would he become the ruler of one of the three kingdoms?

Of course, he would collect talents. No matter what, he would try to secure Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei.

If he had Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi under his command? Or a team consisting of Guan Yu and Zhang Liao? Zhang Fei and Xu Chu would also be amazing.

But there was one problem. It was meaningless if he didn’t know where to find them.

Didn’t Liu Bei meet Zhuge Liang in a remote village? Didn’t Yan Baihu find Sun Ce in a brothel?

In-gong couldn’t say anything. If he had Liu Bei or Zhuge Liang, he would be able to deal with his brother easily.

The Yan Baihu of Knight Saga, Shutra, had to find some good people. Otherwise, he might suffer.

‘Therefore, I have to be strong. I must also determine their locations.’

He was the youngest prince who didn’t have strength or power. In-gong needed to utilize the information he had to create a position of strength.

[Your level has risen.]

He had kept swinging his sword while thinking. It seemed like he was growing rapidly.

In-gong was one step closer to the stats of Villager A, so he wielded the sword again. His stamina was restored thanks to the level up and he kept wielding the sword for a while.

‘Can I reach level 5 if I keep swinging for today and tomorrow?’

Carack said that Shutra came here for practical experience. So he had to raise his level as high as possible before leaving.

‘Come to think of it.’

The first encounter. Chris and Caitlin were in charge of different unit. Then was this something like a joint operation?

“Carack, I was wondering something.”


"Are there any plans to fight? I should have plans for a meeting with Chris and Caitlin.”

He thought that a meeting might be a little difficult.

He wasn’t In-gong but Shutra in this place.

What if the two people hated him?

‘Would it be surprising?'

No, could he change anything in the first place? Wasn’t it only his outward appearance that was the same as Shutra?

Something bad could happen. He could use the excuse of a fever with Carack because he was an orc, but Chris and Caitlin were different. He needed to prepare before he met them.

Carack replied to In-gong’s question.

"Of course there is a meeting. Don’t you remember?”

“No. Anyway, when is it?”

Surely, there wasn’t a meeting every day, right?

In-gong stared at Carack who replied bluntly.