Chapter 1 - A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times



With an explosion, Ning Yue’s eyes widened and her heart stopped beating in shock.

“Yueyue… don’t eat Yueyue…” After some time, a voice that didn’t sound very smart woke Ning Yue up.

Before she opened her eyes, she heard the other two people’s wretched conversation again.

“This girl is quite pretty. Let’s start by having some fun with her. We’ll eat her after we’re done!”

“She’s just a little thin. I don’t think she will have much meat. Those two little tender things are good for steaming.”

“It’s good enough that she has some meat. It’ll be enough for a few days.”

During the conversation, countless unfamiliar memories suddenly appeared in Ning Yue’s mind.

With her intelligence, she caught on quickly.

Had she actually transmigrated?! Ning Yue was originally a military doctor and special forces soldier. She had carried out countless missions and could be considered a legendary figure. During a bank robbery, she entered the bank as a doctor to treat an injured hostage. However, she was suddenly blown up on the spot by a robber who suddenly changed his mind!

Then, she transmigrated to this woman with the same name. She was now in the Tianyun Kingdom. The original owner of the body was a person from the Ning Family Village. The people there had encountered a drought and not a single blade of grass grew. Thus, she escaped from the village with her family. She had not gone far from the village when she fainted from hunger. Then, when she woke up, she was tied to an abandoned temple and became someone’s food.

This was too unlucky! Even when she transmigrated, she couldn’t just wake up and wait to be eaten.

Ning Yue sorted out the memories in her mind. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that the Host was really unlucky. Not only did she have a silly father, but she also had a pair of twins before marriage.

However, the Host was only 18 years old and would be still studying in the modern era!

“Don’t eat Yueyue… Yueyue…” The silly father was crying. Although he was stupid, he knew how to protect his daughter. “Eat me. Don’t eat Yueyue after you’re full…”

The two wretched men did not take the fool seriously at all. They stared at Ning Yue with green eyes, preparing to have a good time first.

Just as one of them pounced, Ning Yue sat up and dodged quickly. That person missed.

She was more than enough to deal with two men, but now she had no weapon in her hand and was very, very hungry!

“You’re actually awake. Hehe, Second Brother, go and start a fire. Eat the two little ones first. I’ll deal with this woman.” The man with big acne spots smiled in a disgusting manner.

Second Brother also smiled wretchedly. “Sure. Call me when you’re done. I’m also starving.”

Ning Yue endured her hunger and looked around. The original owner’s silly father was trussed up and thrown to the ground. The two babies, who were less than a year old, were in swaddling clothes and thrown not far away. Occasionally, they would let out weak cries.

Seeing the man approaching, Ning Yue’s mind was filled with all kinds of brutal training. If not for the fact that she was too hungry, she would have killed this disgusting beast with her bare hands.

If only she had a baton in her hand now, she could kill him with one strike!

Ning Yue thought to herself and quietly retreated a little. She was about to look around for any suitable tools when she felt something in her hand. She looked down and saw that it was a rod!

What kind of paranormal event was this?

The man who wanted to violate Ning Yue was also stunned by the rod that appeared out of thin air. “Where did this rod come from?”

Ning Yue took advantage of the man’s shock and swung her rod at his head. She knew very well where she could kill him in one strike.

Sure enough, the man fell to the floor without a grunt.

There was another one outside. Without any hesitation, Ning Yue quickly and silently walked out of the dilapidated temple. In the corner of the courtyard, she saw Second Brother starting a fire. Like a swift wild cat, she silently arrived behind Second Brother and struck him ruthlessly with her rod, hitting the back of his head.

“Hmph, you brought this upon yourself.” Ning Yue looked at the corpse on the ground coldly without any fear or pity.

She had carried out so many missions where the perpetrators deserved to die. She was used to it.

However, the rod in her hand did come out of nowhere. Could it be that she… had a golden finger? She had read many novels, after all. That was her only way of entertaining herself.

At the thought of this possibility, Ning Yue’s heart almost exploded with excitement. She had died young and spent her short life punishing evil and contributing to the country. This was also a different kind of reward from the heavens.

Just as she was about to try again, the faint cry of a child came from the temple. It sounded very uncomfortable and pitiful.

The remaining maternal love of the original Ning Yue made her heart ache, and she quickly went in.

The two children in the swaddling clothes looked very thin and weak. Their faces were yellow from hunger, and there was not much flesh on their cheeks. They were crying now, and their dark innocent eyes looked at Ning Yue as they tried to reach out for her to hug them.

In an instant, Ning Yue’s motherly love overflowed. She wished she could dig out her heart for her children.

She picked them up and shook them gently until her silly father said, “Yueyue… my dear daughter… my grandsons are hungry…”

Only then did Ning Yue remember that she still had a father. She quickly put the children down and went to untie the rope for her silly father.

Her silly father’s name was Ning Guang. Although he was not smart, he was a very good father. In times of danger, he would try his best to protect his children.

As soon as she untied Ning Guang, his stomach growled.