Chapter 9 - A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times

Cozying up to Someone Powerful

“Yes, Eldest Young Master,” Uncle Su replied, then got out of the carriage and lifted the curtain.

A man in a white brocade shirt poked his head out, then bent down to get out of the carriage. He was carrying an unconscious boy.

Ning Yue originally didn’t want to be a busybody, nor did she want to look at him too much. However, the man under the moonlight was actually very handsome. The moonlight seemed to have plated a layer of soft light on him. His face was like jade, and his figure was tall. He only revealed a sense of weakness, as if his body wasn’t well.

The man was holding a four- or five-year-old boy in his arms. He looked unconscious.

After he got out of the carriage, he walked to a tree and sat down. He leaned against the trunk and stared down at the child in his arms. Ning Yue could not see his eyes, but her intuition told her that they were worried.

Her head suddenly ached, as if a worm had bitten her in the brain. In a split second, the man’s face flashed into her mind, but he wasn’t wearing the clothes she was seeing.

It was strange. This was the first time he had seen this man. How could this image appear? It was as if he had seen him before.

“Yueyue, aren’t we leaving?” Ning Guang asked when he saw Ning Yue stop.

Ning Yue turned back to look at the man again. Under the white moonlight, his figure moved. He seemed to sense her gaze, so he looked over.

The moment their gazes met, Ning Yue immediately turned her head. She did not want to cause trouble. That man clearly had a noble status.

“Let’s keep going.” Ning Yue shook her head and continued walking, but behind her, she heard the child crying out in pain. “It hurts… Boohoo…”

She couldn’t help it. She stopped again and turned back to find that the man had risen to his feet. The boy in his arms was crying in pain. Soon he was still.

The attendant, Uncle Su, was anxious. “Young Master’s condition is getting worse. Eldest Young Master, what should we do now? The old divine doctor has already left. Other than him, who else can save Young Master?”

He was almost afraid to continue.

In the past, it had been easy to find the old divine doctor, but now that there was a drought, the place where the old divine doctor lived was already empty. They had made a trip but could not find him.

The court was also in chaos now. The Eldest Young Master was facing a lot of pressure to deal with various political enemies and still had to find a way to treat the Young Master.

“No, I’ll find a way to cure him!” Jiang Ying hugged the boy tightly and said firmly.

Ning Yue hesitated. Saving lives was her former duty. Even if she had transmigrated now, she could not bear to see a child die in front of her.

She looked at the boy in Jiang Ying’s arms. Although she couldn’t see him clearly, his purplish-black lips were really eye-catching.

He must have been poisoned by a very powerful poison. But whoever had poisoned him had been ruthless. How could they do that to a child who was only a few years old?

It was a miracle that the boy was not dead. Presumably, he had been treated at great cost, but he was now unconscious. If they could not find the miracle doctor, he would not live for more than a few days.

Ning Yue thought quickly. From the man’s carriage, clothes, and temperament, he must be rich and noble. If she could save that child, she might be able to form a good relationship with him and cozy up to him.

After all, the Ning family did not have any very impressive figures. In this kind of society, power was everything.

Furthermore, doctors were benevolent. Ning Yue could not bear to see such a young child poisoned to death. She had already saved one today, so she did not mind saving another.

With this thought in mind, Ning Yue approached the man. She wanted to take a closer look at the boy.

Jiang Ying was so worried about his nephew that he did not notice Ning Yue’s approach. When he sensed that there was someone beside him, he had already stood up at lightning speed and grabbed Ning Yue’s neck.

He was so fast and ruthless that he was definitely not a novice.

“Young Master, please show mercy! I want to save that young master!” Before Ning Yue was strangled to death, she quickly spoke with difficulty and went straight to the point.

Ning Guang raised his electric baton and wanted to hit Jiang Ying. He shouted, “Don’t bully Yueyue!”

In the end, Uncle Su kicked the electric baton away and he fell to the ground.

These two people were not weak in martial arts. A simple electric baton and machete attack was useless.

Hearing Ning Yue’s words, Jiang Ying subconsciously loosened his grip, but his cold phoenix eyes were still filled with suspicion. “Are you eavesdropping on our conversation?”

Was this the key point? The key was that she could save that little boy!

Ning Yue took a deep breath. “I heard it by accident. I happen to know some medical skills, so I wanted to try to save him. Let me try. I’ll try my best.”