Chapter 4 - Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 4: Fighting Back

Translator: WQL Editor: Geoffrey

In the woods at school, Zhang Tie was wrestling with that guy for a while before he got on top and punched him twice. Right then, he felt a great force hit him from behind, and Zhang Tie was kicked away from the boy under him by another foot.

In response to the force, Zhang Tie rolled forward along the direction of the force and instantly stood up by using “Carp Jump”. Carp Jump was a martial arts skill where a man would use the force generated by his legs, waist, and stomach to stand up when he is laying on the ground. The moment he stood up, he noticed two people pouncing towards him from both sides simultaneously. Zhang Tie kicked the person on the right; however, the boy was agile and instantly leaned his body while raising his leg at the same time to block Zhang Tie’s kick. Feeling the pain, the man grimaced and seized Zhang Tie’s right hand by using both hands. Zhang Tie threw a punch at the boy with his left hand, but another pair of hands seized Zhang Tie’s left hand the moment he sent it out. The moment he wanted to struggle, a heavy kick landed on his stomach, and Zhang Tie instantly lost his will to fight.

The whole fight ended within thirty seconds. It was predictable; Zhang Tie fought six adversaries alone without any preparation while his opponents attacked him after delicate planning. Compared to the other six people, the yellow-skinned and black-haired Zhang Tie was evidently weaker. He was 175cm in height and 15 years of age. By contrast, among the attackers, even the shortest among them was as tall as Zhang Tie, while the tallest one was taller than 180cm and was 1.5 times as heavy as Zhang Tie. This was the difference between races.

Bending over, Zhang Tie continued to vomit as his two arms were held up by his attackers. The attackers groaned and rubbed the areas where Zhang Tie had previously hit them before they surrounded Zhang Tie. The boy who Zhang Tie hit ferociously also stood up. All of a sudden, the boy felt something salty and wet in his mouth, and when he touched it, he noticed that he was bleeding from his nose which caused his hand to be dyed with blood. Being irritated, he strode forward and punched Zhang Tie in the nose as revenge for what Zhang Tie did to him. As a result, Zhang Tie was dazed as his nose ached. He felt a salty liquid instantly cover the inside of his throat from his nasal cavity. Zhang Tie instantly coughed. “Motherf*cker,” Zhang Tie cursed inwardly, “what a quick revenge!”

Soon after, the rest of the group began to punch and kick him ferociously. Zhang Tie suffered from more than 10 punches and kicks. Had he not been supported, he would have long fallen to the ground. Zhang Tie kept gasping for air; he felt like a suffocating fish that had been thrown into the sand. He didn’t even have enough strength to move his fingers.

A boy intended to give Zhang Tie another punch, but his hand was held back by another person.

“That’s enough, Doug. His nose will be fully broken with another punch. It will be trouble if he’s disfigured!”

“Yeah, we made a deal. No more punches and don’t kill him. Motherf*cker, the zipper tore off my hair this morning. It’s still aching now…” explained the guy who held Zhang Tie’s right hand.

“Bighead has average performance during the usual paired exercises. Unexpectedly, the two of us alone might not have been enough to control him today!” said Barley, the most goddamned horny fatty in the class and the one who had suggested Zhang Tie to enjoy the view this morning. The acne covered boy was the founder and organizer of the jerk-off campaign and was one of the most infamous scums in his grade at Seventh National Male Middle School. He had stolen his father’s money and sought for a prostitute to end his virgin status. He always treated this as glory and showed off constantly in front of others.

Doug hurriedly rolled paper into slim columns and inserted them into his nostrils to stop the bleeding. Raising his head, he pointed at his nose madly and showed the wounds to the others. “F*ck, you’re not as wounded as me. How do I have such damn bad luck…”

He gave another punch to Zhang Tie’s stomach in anger. As a result, Zhang Tie completely poured out his lunch like a fountain; a great amount of wet and steaming vomit sprayed onto Doug’s head. The others were stunned. Looking at Doug, who had paper columns still inside his nostrils, being sprayed by Zhang Tie’s vomit caused everyone’s face to twitch. Everyone tried to control the compulsion to laugh out. The two helpers beside Doug also moved back two steps with their hands pinching their noses. Similarly, the two men who were clasping Zhang Tie’s arms also let him go instantly. They were really afraid of being sprayed on by Zhang Tie when he turned his head around.

“Argh…” screamed Doug weirdly before he rushed away in an unprecedented speed.

Seeing Doug run away, the five other guys began to laugh out loudly. Zhang Tie recovered his composure after vomiting; he gasped for air and struggled to stand up. Noticing this, the two guys closest to him became alert and moved one step back. They were afraid of being sprayed on by Zhang Tie, who, at that point, could not even walk.

Zhang Tie stood to attention quiveringly and gazed at the bear-sized figure behind the group. He squeezed out a smile as he said, “Captain Kerlin…”

“Haha, you plan to attack us when we turn around? Bighead, do you think we’re idiots? You read too many crap novels about knights!”

“Do you want another beating!?”

“Too young, too naive! We have not used that trick for many years…” the pudgy Barley grinned shamelessly as he shrugged his shoulders with jumping fat.

“Really?” a horrible voice was heard behind them. All of a sudden, the five pleasant individuals were like frozen Mandarin ducks. Being rigid all over, their faces turned pale, and they kept sweating, as their legs begun to shake. Zhang Tie was really amazed at the series of difficult performances and movements in such a short period of time. Hearing Captain Kerlin’s voice, Zhang Tie looked calm, yet his brain spun rapidly...

With his arms crossed, the most terrifying one-eyed man in Blackhot City wandered out from the woods behind them. Although he only had one eye, the way he gazed at people was like how a timber wolf would when they stared at chicks.

“Ca… Ca… Captain Kerlin!” the five people staggered in unison.

“What happened?” raising his head, Captain Kerlin asked with his nose facing the sky.

“We are… are…” staggered Barley, who was stopped by Captain Kerlin with a crude look.

“Shut up, it’s not your turn to speak!” Captain Kerlin stared at them with wide eyes and pointed at the miserable Zhang Tie with a finger as strong as a wooden club. “You! Tell me what happened!”

Hearing Captain Kerlin ask Zhang Tie, the group of five instantly turned blue. They were scared to death. With eyes opened widely, they stared at Zhang Tie with a frightened, imploring, and desperate look. If Zhang Tie told the truth, Barley dared to bet with his ass that when the captain knew that his beloved goddess was dirtied by some students this way, he would definitely make them impotent for the rest of their lives. Because of the special education system and courses, Blackhot City allowed a couple of injuries or deaths each year in each national middle school with no one who would claim responsibility for them.

“Yes sir, Captain Kerlin. We were betting…” Zhang Tie made a decision inside. He considered fights between boys in the male middle school to be normal. In the recent years, he had fought with others many times. Although he suffered a little bit this time, it was still fine. Afterall, his father always taught him to forgive other people, and once he did, he would insist that they need to compensate him for what they did.

“Betting…?” Captain Kerlin frowned slightly and looked at the innocent Zhang Tie. He then turned and stared at the rest of the five, “He said you were betting, is that true?”

Betting? Of course, the five nodded like chicks who had been starved for three days.

“How were you betting? What was the wager? You want to lie in front of your smart Captain?” Captain Kerlin gazed at Zhang Tie.

“We made a bet that if they failed to beat me together, then I can beat them back and take all the money in their pockets! I’ve won the bet, so I invite Captain Kerlin to be the witness and do the righteous thing for me…” Barley and the rest gazed at Zhang Tie and finally became relaxed. Some of them started to curse inwardly, “He’s still scheming for our money at this critical moment!”

Zhang Tie strode forward towards them while cleaning his nose. He then punched and kicked each one of them on the nose and stomach respectively in front of Captain Kerlin. In an instant, the noses of the five continued to bleed with their heads lowered to the ground. They groaned painfully, yet no one dared to fight back.

When the five stood up, Zhang Tie stretched out his hands in front of them and twiddled his thumbs with his index finger. Everyone knew the meaning of this…

Getting paid for beating others, what a wonderful life!