Chapter 3 - Chief Kim and Assistant manager Choi

Chapter 3.

“Hey, why is that assistant manager staring at you like that?”


“Do you know that guy?”

“… Just shut up.”

“Wow, when you just looked at him, he turned totally red…”

Shin Kim quickly covered his co-worker Minjae’s mouth with his hand.

Gosh, he was staring at him again. Shin Kim tried to avoid his eyes and continued to stare down at his work. He pretended to be calm as he flipped through the pages.

How long was he going to stare for? Thankfully, after a little while, those intense eyes looked away. Shin Kim, with a frown, slowly turned around to find him.

Woojin Choi.

He saw the name on the name tag, and it belonged to a man Shin had never met before in his life. Until another recruit explained it to him, Shin thought he was just another newcomer like him. But someone explained to him that Woojin was an assistant manager at this company.

Woojin Choi’s voice was so quiet that someone had to get him a microphone so he could speak to the group. Holding the microphone, he looked down during the entire speech and Shin noticed that his neck was shockingly slim and pale.

When they first met, which was in the elevator, Shin noticed that Woojin’s pale face instantly blushed. It looked like a drop of blood had fallen onto a completely white canvas, making Shin feel strange.

He thought to himself, ‘He looks like a fox.’

Woojin did have a short chin and wide eyes, making him resemble a fox. His eyes and hair were also much lighter than usual, which made him stand out in a group. It seemed like he was starving himself because he was very slim, especially his fingers and arms.

Even if Woojin was a woman, he wouldn’t have been Shin’s type. He was someone with a quiet, depressed personality.

Woojin was especially thin for a man, but he still looked round and soft. Perhaps it was because of his short face and thick pouty lips.


Their eyes met and although he looked awkward, Woojin stared at Shin with obvious interest. The way he looked at him made Shin frown.

Shin felt confused. Why was this man, whom he had never met before until now, staring at him?

Shin wasn’t a strict heterosexual, but he mostly dated women. There was no way he would ever date someone like Woojin.

Could it be that Woojin was a boyfriend of a girl he used to date in the past? Shin tried to remember, but nothing came to mind.

Who was he? Where did they meet? Did they ever meet?

“Please introduce yourself.”

Suddenly, Minjae poked his arm. Shin Kim looked up in surprise and realized that everyone in the auditorium was staring at him.

It appeared that he was just asked to introduce himself.

Minjae grabbed Shin’s arm and pulled him to the front. Everyone clapped, and as he walked to the stage, Shin could feel Woojin Choi following him with his eyes.

“My name is Shin Kim. I was an athlete up until high school, but due to a health reason, I had to quit. I ended up majoring in economics in university, and here I am. I am 28 years old and this is my first job. I like people and I like to drink. Nice to meet you all.”

Even as a young boy, Shin Kim learned quickly how to grab people’s attention. He was a natural, and with little effort, he had no problem attracting people. The main advantage he had was his looks. He had a good solid body and a beautiful face.

Shin Kim’s earliest memory was of water. As far as he could remember, he has always loved it. He started swimming for his heath because he was a weak sickly boy, and swimming quickly became his passion. Thanks to it, he was also able to get a gorgeous body.

Until he was injured, Shin thought swimming would be his life. He was a successful and talented swimmer, and since middle school, many expected him to make it to the Olympics.

Even now, he felt himself diving into the water right after hearing the start gun ringing in his ears. He felt an ache in his chest, making him frown.

Shin could hear the female staff murmuring among themselves, “He is hot.”

“So his name is Shin Kim. Even his name sounds hot.”

This was a familiar occurrence for him. Even as he walked into the interview room, he could feel both men and women staring at him.

But no one ever stared at him like the way Woojin Choi did. His pale skin was shocking, especially with his red lips.

“Shin. Kim.”

Woojin’s lips said his name clearly, and Shin saw it. It made Shin feel breathless and he wasn’t sure about the emotions he was feeling.

Was he upset? Displeased?

The feeling he had was like a slow heat spreading into his heart.

It was a strange feeling.

Thin brows, round nose, and pouty lips. Even though Woojin seemed like a cold man, he still made Shin feel hot.

This…. This feeling… It must’ve been disgust.

The way Woojin was staring at him… His quiet voice…

Shin felt strange.

“… I don’t like it.”

“What? What don’t you like?”

When Shin murmured as they walked out of the auditorium, Minjae asked him about it. He pointed at himself with a grin and added, “Me? You don’t like me?”

Shin frowned at him.

This was what guys felt like to him. Like Minjae.

Nothing. He always felt nothing around guys.

Calm, indifferent, and boring.

But… this one man… Woojin… The way he stared at him was different.

Shin felt the heat slowly wrapping his body, starting from his ankles. Soon, it spread and his neck felt like it was burning.

It was a feeling he had never had before. It felt strange.

It felt sticky, like it was going to be stuck to him and would never let go.

Woojin Choi.

Even his name sounded sticky.