Chapter 10 - Child of Light

Volume 1: Chapter 10 – Between Friends

Because I was injured, mother helped me get a leave of absence from the school so I can rest at home.

After eating breakfast, mother and father went to work, leaving me alone to lie on the bed. Bored, I just watched the heaven’s flowers blocks.

“Zhang Gong, Zhang Gong, are you home? Quick, come open the door.”

“Who is it? It’s still so early.”

“It’s me, Ao De. You can’t even recognize my voice anymore?”

“Ao De, why did you come visit?” I said as I opened the courtyard door.

“Zhang Gong, I heard you got injured. Are you a bit better now?”

“I’m a lot better now. Yesterday was unbelievable, I was just in time. Say, why do you think there was a demonic beast on the outskirts of the village?”

“Who knows? Here, this is some Snow Spirit powder. I grinded this out for half a day at my dad’s place.

“Ah. You brought your father’s treasure for me to eat?” Snow Spirit powder is not only the village head’s treasure, but it also took Ao De’s grandfather many years to refine.

“No need Ao De. Thank you. I’m already almost fully recovered; no need to waste the spirit powder.”

“Okay, okay. No need to be so polite, just hurry up and eat it. When you’re better I want to exchange pointers on magic with you.”

“Ao De, thank you.” With red eyes, I ate the Snow Spirit powder. I felt a burst of cold seep into my whole body, thus making me feel very comfortable.

“Thanks for what. In the future don’t tell my father and I hope in the future once we’ve you’ve developed that you won’t forget me.”

“Good. From now on we are blessed brothers, we’ll face our troubles together and live well together. Haha.” I’m older than Ao De by two months and grew up with him since childhood so he calls me boss. (Why do I have to be older than him. We played together in our childhood, with us mutually respecting each other. It is said to respect the old and cherish the young. Sigh.) I really didn’t think Ao De would treat me this well.

The sincere feelings between children are something to be treasured.

“How come you didn’t attend class today Ao De?”

“My class’s teacher has recently let us meditate to increase our magic power at home. In a few months we’ll be having our graduation exam, so they first let us have one month of leave. Meditation over there isn’t the same at all.”

“Oh, you guys have it nice. Compared to your luck, I’m just… Sigh.” Looking at Ao De, I really regret not choosing water magic with him.

“Zhang Gong, we’ve been so busy these last two years and haven’t had any time to do something together. How has your light magic studies been? How is your teacher? Whenever I see you you’re listless.” Since I’ve started learning from the old demon, it’s every day from morning to evening, causing me to rarely see Ao De. Even in the evening when I return in the evening and see him, I’m too exhausted from the old demon’s torment. So we didn’t have any contact at all. I didn’t think that Ao De is still thinking about me. A friend in need truly is a friend indeed.

“How could he possibly be good? He is simply a demon. The old witch isn’t even one tenth as terrifying as he is.”

“Ah! Even worse than the old witch. Then you truly are miserable.” Bewildered, Ao De couldn’t close his mouth.

“Ao De, what kind of good spells did you learn?”

“I’ve learned a few water element therapy spells and water element attack spells. My minor magic of air element I’ve learned quite well. Right now I am number one in my class at using the storm spell.” Haha.

Looking at Ao De’s proud look, I cannot help but have some doubts. To investigate, I asked: “Is it because you took your class’s girl’s treats that they ran away?”

Ao De’s cracking laughter stopped. Astonished, he asked: “How did you know??”


We both laughed.

“Zhang Gong how many days will you be resting at home?”

“It should be about four to five days!”

“Then I’ll come every day to play with you. Then once you’re better, us two brothers will exchange pointers for a bit.”

“Okay. Kids will bully me saying that I don’t have attack magic. I will have to wait and see.” Ao De practiced well, but he couldn’t possibly have more magic power than me, I’ll just wait until he’s exhausted.

After all, we are still children; we still have strong ambitions.

Quickly, two days passed and my injury has already healed. Ao De came to see me every day. Today we’re having a contest. I’m also very eager to see for myself to what extent his skills have reached.

“Boss, I’m here. Hurry up and come out.”

“Coming, coming! Why are you so anxious to court death? Haha!”

“Heng Who is going to win isn’t certain. You don’t even have attack magic, how are you going to beat me?”

“Try it then!”

Ao De assumed a fighting stance. He first cast a storm spell on himself, then a water shield and afterwards began reciting the incantation for his attack magic.

I calmly watched him. I wasn’t even a bit worried because I know at his rank, he wouldn’t know any area attack magic. My teleportation magic can surely avoid it.

As expected, a water bullet flew towards me. I used teleportation to move to the left 1 meter. The water bullet flew by and brushed against my side. Ao De rubbed his eyes, as he believed his eyes were deceiving him. Subsequently, all kinds of elementary water spells unceasingly attacked me. How could this kind of magic possibly hit me.

“Boss, what kind of magic is faster than my storm spell.”

“This is of course, spatial magic’s teleportation.”

“Boss you’re shameless. How can you call this a contest if you just dodge?”

“Fine then. Then I won’t dodge anymore. Come now.” While saying this, I had cast a light prism shield on myself.

Seeing that I’m not dodging anymore, Ao De promptly fired a water bullet at me. I wryly smiled. I faced the light prism shield towards Ao De, then the water bullet hit it and bounced back. I didn’t waste any of it when returning it to Ao De, causing him to be drenched from head to toe. The impact also caused him to fall down.

“No more, no more. What is this? I concede.” Ao De got up from the floor.

“You’ve submitted. If it isn’t an area attack spell then it’s impossible for it to have any effect on me. My defense and dodging has already reached the level of an intermediate mage.”

“You indeed deserve to be called the boss. I didn’t expect that even without attack magic boss is so powerful. From now on I’ll follow you then.”

Seeing Ao De’s eyes full of admiration, I felt elated.

“Tomorrow we’ll go to school together then. I’ll bring you to a place that’s good for learning how to dodge. Although you can’t be like me and teleport, it will still greatly improve your storm spell.”

“Great! Thanks boss.”

Hehe. Thanks? Tomorrow I’ll let this kid taste the power of the sack array.