Chapter 5 - Chronicles of Primordial Wars

Chapter 4 – Children from the cave are so horrifying

Translated by Sunyancai

Of course, Shao Xuan did not expect Caesar to make a fatal strike, for it was forbidden in the tribe. However, Shao Xuan would never surrender his things to anyone, especially to those three little bastards.

Just as Shao Xuan was immersed in his thoughts about whether he should smash his enemies with stones or hit them with his bare hands, the three kids were marching up in the mountain, unaware of Shao Xuan’s ambush. Their attention was on other aspects, for example, avoid getting hit by falling stones. They did not know which path was safe for going up, so they could only try and make detours based on the direction from where the trembling sounds were coming from.

“Is it really this way, Zhan?” Sai walked in the front of their group, and he had just evaded a stone falling from the oblique top. He glowered at the one hidden behind him, with his eyebrows lifted high.

The timid kid named Zhan shrank his neck and answered, “It sure is! My dad was in charge of the patrol today and he saw that Mai was coming down this way. We are getting close. There should be a lot of good stuff left since Mai is a mid-rank warrior.”

Sai hummed and kept going as he kicked the stone falling beside his feet.

Seeing them approaching, Shao Xuan held his breath and waited for the perfect timing.

Since they have worked together multiple times, Shao Xuan did not need to say a word but gave Caesar a gesture when the time was right. Then he made a big step towards Sai, with his right fist smashing towards Sai’s forehead.

Sai had a quick reaction, but he did not have the chance to fully avoid Shao Xuan’s sudden attack, even though he was the tallest one among the three. He barely dodged to one side to save his nose, but his face was still hit strongly. Before he could react again, another strike hit his jaw, which made him dizzy and he fell down.

However, that was only the beginning. After a very short period of time, Shao Xuan’s fists came one after another, falling on Sai’s face.

Eventually, Shao Xuan chose not to use stones to smash his enemy.

Even attacking with one’s bare hands could cause enough pain and suffering.

People in the Flaming Horn tribe were pretty strong, and even children who had not awoken their totem power could beat most people Shao Xuan met in his last life. He wanted to end things quickly, so he did not hold back his strength.

At the same time when Shao Xuan rushed towards Sai, Caesar jumped at Ye. Just like Shao Xuan had trained him, Caesar bit into Ye’s animal skin clothes and the straw rope on his waist, instead of biting Ye’s flesh directly. Caesar kept his mouth closed and dragged Ye in the other direction. Even though Caesar was still in his infancy, he could drag a ten-year-old kid around easily, which left no chance for Ye to cause any trouble for Shao Xuan, or to stand up on his feet.

As for the third kid named Zhan, Shao Xuan intended to leave him alone for a while, for he was the timid one and could not be compared to the other two regarding body strength and ruthlessness.

Zhan and Ye were both shocked when Shao Xuan had rushed forward and attacked Sai when suddenly Caesar jumped over to hold Ye before he was able to help Sai. Looking at those fangs, both Zhan and Ye were so scared that they almost wet their pants, especially Ye, who had violently been dragged around by Caesar. He could do nothing but call out for help.

Zhan realized what was happening after a while, and then swung a wooden stick towards Shao Xuan.

Shao Xuan was also paying attention to Zhan’s reaction as he kept punching on Sai’s face. The wooden stick missed his head, but Shao Xuan’s back was burning in pain since he did not fully avoid the attack. He began punching Sai even faster.

Sai was in fact, two years older than Shao Xuan, and much stronger. But he lost his combat ability under Shao Xuan’s storm-like punches, he was merely a kid with no totem power after all.

Shao Xuan breathed heavily knowing he would lose if he could not win fast. During the last six months, he had suffered enough from hesitating.

After he had resolved the biggest problem, Shao Xuan rolled on the ground to get away from the wooden stick. He looked at Zhan with a fierce look in his eyes left from his earlier combat, which made the stick in the timid Zhan’s hand tremble.

Zhan shuddered with fear, seeing that Sai was already down, with no capacity to fight back, and Ye on the other side was also in a pretty difficult situation, all scared and shouting. He held the stick tighter but looked away from Shao Xuan’s gaze.

Shao Xuan knew that Zhan had cold feet seeing his reaction, so he stood up and walked towards Zhan step by step.

The speed of Shao Xuan’s approach was not fast, but every step he took was like a thump in Zhan’s heart. And Zhan’s face grew darker with every thump.

Between the two, Zhan was the one with taller figure and the weapon, but obviously, he was the weaker one in terms of momentum. When Shao Xuan was only a step away from Zhan, Zhan trembled and tossed his stick to the ground, stepping back to show that he surrendered.

They had encountered each other quite a few times, and thus Zhan knew at heart that Shao Xuan would not continue fighting him once he showed the gesture, even if he had hit Shao Xuan several times on his back earlier.

Sai had just recovered a little, and he was furious and extremely upset seeing Zhan’s surrender. Such a dumbass!

Sai knew it was bad when he found that the assailant was Shao Xuan. Because for the past several times they had met each other, they weren’t able to gain an advantage over Shao Xuan. However, this time, he had been knocked to the ground before he could fight back! It was so frustrating!

They were taking a risk here and trying their luck to see what they could find, but unexpectedly, Shao Xuan was already here and far ahead of them! Did Shao Xuan possess the nose of a wolf? Compared to Shao Xuan, the three of them had come late, and what was even more humiliating was that they lost the fight as well! Thinking of that, Sai looked at Shao Xuan as if there was deep hatred between them.

Shao Xuan ignored Sai, but he did not plan to let go of Zhan so easily. He did not beat Zhan as he had beaten Sai but merely kicked him down to the direction of Sai.

Picking up the wooden stick from the ground left by Zhan, Shao Xuan walked towards Sai and Zhan as they were lying on the ground. He weighed the stick and slowly rubbed his hands on it. The blood he on his fists from the previous combat scraped onto the stick, as he smiled at the two.

Seeing that smile, Sai and Zhan felt goosebumps, they wanted to run away immediately, for they were sensing that something bad would happen to them. However, Sai was lying on the ground and could not stand back up on his feet, while Zhan quickly withdrew his feet to move backward.

Shao Xuan lowered his body and then abruptly he swung the stick towards them. It was sudden and it came straight to the point without the slightest hesitation.

At that moment, Sai and Zhan had cold sweat running all over and felt that they had lost their breath. Everything vanished in their eyes with only the stick left in the middle.


The stick hit the space between Sai and Zhan, and it broke into pieces as soon as it touched the ground. Bits of wood flew towards Sai and Zhan’s faces cutting them slightly.

Shao Xuan got closer to the two with a frozen expression, “The things over there belong to me. You shall go there after I have collected them. Understood?”

His voice was not loud but had a strange feeling of pressure. Perhaps Sai and Zhan felt that the earlier stick would have fallen on their bodies had they not surrendered.

Sai remained in silence while glaring at Shao Xuan. However, Zhan was shaking like leaves in the wind, and he nodded hurriedly to show that he fully understood. In his eyes, there was still carefulness and fear.

Zhan thought at heart, “No wonder that parents forbade their children to go near those who are from the orphan cave. Children from the cave are so horrifying! They are even more horrifying than Sai, who often fought in the past!”

Shao Xuan did not plan to waste any more time on them. If Sai could come here with his friends, then others might come as well. Shao Xuan knew that he was able to deal with those three kids only through tactics and that victory was achieved with the help of Caesar. Shao Xuan would have to flee if more people or older children came.

Thinking this, Shao Xuan hurried up in collecting stones.