Chapter 9 - A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem

Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Deliberately Creating Difficulties (Part 2)

The bucket fell onto the ground with a “PA” and the water that was contained flowed out. Qing Feng could hear buzzing by her ears and her body could not help but to collapse.


A pair of hands supported her shoulders, but the person strength was not great thus Qing Feng still fell onto the ground. The pain she felt woke her muddled up her brain. After the fainting spell has passed, Qing Feng finally saw that the person who was supporting her was Fu Ling, “Fu Ling? You… Why are you still here?” Didn’t she told her to go back?

Fu Ling smiled softly and did not explain why she was still staying at CeMingGong. Qing Feng’s face turned green and her breathe was in chaos. Fu Ling lightly took her pulse and was surprised that her pulse is week and there was an obstruction of the circulation of vital energy, like she has suffered internal injuries but her medical skills are mediocre, thus unable to diagnose there are the injuries located at. When Fu Ling was taking her pulse, she saw Qing Feng’s other hand laying lifeless beside her with her wrists covered in dark bruises. Fu Ling furrowed her brows, “Your hands…”

Qing Feng immediately withdrew her hands and replied, “I am all right.”

Fu Ling, as a healer, sense that Qing Feng’s bones at her wrist is dislocated when she grab her hand. She anxiously continued, “Don’t move!” Fu Long is unaware of what exactly happen yesterday night but she know that this kind of injury is extremely painful. Not many females will be able to tolerate that kind pain cause by bone dislocation and she… Could actually still carry water?

“It would be a bit painful, bear with it.” Holding Qing Feng’s wrist, Fu Ling’s technique precisely reset the dislocated bones. Even though she has completed it as fast as possible, Qing Feng still felt the pain throughout her body.

Fu Ling secretly sighed in relief, its a good thing that it was dislocated. If it was broken, then it would be a bigger problem. She lifted her head towards Qing Feng and Fu Long could not help but be startled. Qing Feng’s face was ghastly white, almost transparent, but her lips were bitten till it was blood red. Even though her body was emaciated and shaking like leaves in the wind, she still did not make a sound in pain. Fu Ling was impressed but also could not help but sighed, why is this woman this stubborn? She wanted to ask her not to use this hand and rest but looking at the bucket beside her, Fu Ling could only whisper back, “Minimise the usage of this hand, else it would be hard for you to hold a brush in the future.” She is a talented female, if this injury affect her writing and painting abilities, what a pity it would be!

Holding a brush? Qing Feng laughed, her only concern now is if she can still maintain holding a knife!

Even though it hurts when she gentle turned her wrist, she was able use some strength. After sitting on the ground for a while, Qing Feng’s energy revived, as she was struggling to get up, Fu Ling supported her up. As Qing Feng once again lifted the buckets, Fu Ling quickly helped her to raise the pole so she could better stand up.. This half dan (1 dan = 50kg) of water is not light, Fu Ling wanted to help her to lift it for the this section of the road but Xiao Hu Zi, who was standing aside quietly saw Fu Ling’s actions hesitated. Qing Feng pushed Fu Ling away and whispered, “I can do it myself.” Xu Ji wanted to make things difficult for her, so why would she still want to implicate others.

Taking a deep breath and struggling to stride forward, Qing Feng took a step at a time firmly as she headed forward.

Fu Ling looked at Xiao Hu Zi. Even though nothing was said, there was an uncontrollable reproach, they were all servants in the palace, why is there a need to make things that difficult for a down-trodden female. Xiao Hu Zi whispered to her, “Older sister, its not that Xiao Hu Zi is ruthless. If you help her, it will only harm her and yourself!” Finishing, Xiao Hu Zi immediately run to keep up with Qing Feng.

That true, in this palace, no one can help the other, what qualification she has to pity others? Seeing that stumbling lopsided figure slowly heading away, Fu Ling eventually turned and never look back.

As the sun gradually set, the shadows were stretched thinner and longer. For that slender body, the sun cast a shadow as thin as paper that the two big buckets was able to completely cover her up. Xiao Hu Zi followed behind Qing Feng in small steps as she bowed her head down and moved forward. Four sichen (1 sichen = 2 hours), from the afternoon to evening, she only could go back and forth seven or eight times, with chapped lips, a pale face and a palace uniform, which back is utterly wet. Don’t know for what reason, she kept using her left shoulders to carry the buckets of water and the blisters on her shoulders has burst due to the weight of the pole, causing blood to seep onto her clothes. The once sharp eyes were now numb and dull as she continued forward.

Such instances of punishment by mama and gonggong are common and many palace maids will cry for mercy or muddle through it. At worst, it would be a few days without food or a few strokes of the plank. The gongong will not want any deaths thus the punishments will be over soon. Xu Gonggong wanted her to fill up two water jars in order to deflate her acute spirits and let her suffer a bit. Xiao Hu Zi have not seen such a woman who was that stubborn or tenacious that to the extend that he was scared.

During sunset, there were more people coming and going along the palace roads. Everyone could not help but look at the difficult road ahead of the figure before whispering and quickly walked away.

Xiao Hu Zi couldn’t continue watching and whispered, “If you really can’t… Then rest for a while.”

Qing Feng’s head was lowered, like she was unable to hear any surrounding noises, and her face was expressionless as she continued her steps. Xiao Hu Zi’s eyes continue to watch her, fearing that if her head fell first, she will no longer get up!

Upon entering the small courtyard of the kitchen, Xiao Hu Zi only discover that Xu Ji was standing in the courtyard, looking at the unfilled water jar. Xiao Hu Zi jogged up and half-kneeled, “Gongong.”

Xu Ji squinted his eyes and saw Qing Feng in a sorry state after carrying half a dan (1 dan = 50kg) with the normally arrogant eyes bleak, Xu Ji mood improved and laughed, “Its has been almost half a day, why is there only so much water and why do you look like such a sorry figure?”

Qing Feng suddenly put down the buckets, without even lifting her eyelids and unwilling to look at that disdainful face.

Seeing that she could not even lift up her head, Xu Ji waved his hands with a pretence compassion and sneered, “Fine, fine, this one will not make things difficult for you. Tonight the Emperor will be hosting a banquet in the honour of the Northern Qi Prince and Princess. The Empress pitied that you are a extremely delicate and will not be doing such heavy intensive work, thus you will wait upon the Princess.” The Empress is indeed petty, even though the Emperor hand-picked Qing Ling to enter the Palace and now he abandoned her, she still will not let her off.

Qing Feng, who was ignoring him, suddenly lifted her head and her cold look

“You don’t need to be that unwilling, even though both are women presented for the Emperor, but the other is a princess of a country and also a great beauty from Northern Qi? Perhaps when she becomes the Emperor beloved concubine, even if you want to carry her shoe, the other will not want!”

Xu Ji was overwhelmed by shame but unexpectedly did not see Qing Feng feeling hurt and instead saw her laughing out loud.

Beloved concubine? Don’t even mention about concubine, even if its the position of Qiong Yue’s Empress, she Qing Feng will not spare a glance! However, she did not count on a eunuch, who flatter the top and bully those below, to understand what is honour and dignity!! She laughed because there is really justice in the world, she was able to have another opportunity to be near Yan Hong Tian that quickly!

Qing Feng started to laugh madly herself. Her messy hair and her sinister face made her look like a lunatic. Xu Ji took a step back startled and pointer at Xiao Hu Zi before saying, “Take her away, hand her over to Imperial Household!”


“The Qing sisters of Hao Yue are merely like this!” Xu Ji was afraid Qing Feng will pounce on him madly and give a loud low curse before quickly storming away.

Xu Ji exited the courtyard and Qing Feng who was previously laughing madly stopped and coolly said to Xiao Hu Zi, “Let’s go.” Her face was calm and cold, vastly different from the mad behaviour just now.

Xiao Hu Zi scratched his head, he really did not understand what is this lady from Hao Yue was thinking…