Chapter 9 - A Mistaken Marriage Match: Record of Washed Grievances

First Confrontation (Part 2)

Lou Xi Yan kept silent. Everyone didn’t know how to react, hundreds of people occupied the entrance of the village silently. The Chief thought it was somewhat strange & the atmosphere seemed to become stuffy. Zhuo Qing cast a quick glance at Lou Xi Yan, he smiled and his narrow eyes slightly up, very “lovingly,” gazing at her. It was a pity, Zhuo Qing did not see a gentle and lukewarm feeling. Instead, there was a somewhat overwhelming feeling!

He was a prime minister, a “legend”, said to be gentle and kind as a jade, so he should not be so narrow-minded?! Holding on the brim of her hat, Zhuo Qing quietly retreated, a gentleman would not stand under the wall of danger… (I think this is an idiom saying that somebody will not wait for any danger to come to him/her so it’s better to retreat).

Surprisingly, her feet had just moved, all of a sudden flash of lightning with thunder came down. Originally it was still spring but in a flash the wind began to blow abruptly, blowing and swirling the vegetation. Zhuo Qing was startled & looked up at the sky, only to see a black dark horizon. Zhuo Qing was dumbfounded: “! Is not it.” She did not say anything outrageous, however, the natural science of heaven couldn’t tolerate it! To go as far as giving so much lighting flashes & thunder rolls!

After several more thunder, it was downpour. “It rains – ” the sudden rainstorm let everyone’s mistake to be forgotten in confusion. Zhuo Qing hurriedly took advantage of the confusion to retreat. Suddenly, she felt a sudden pain in her wrist that was grabbed by a clean & slender big hand tightly. Zhuo Qing looked up and looked, in a moment saw Lou Xi Yan! Under heavy rain, everyone was in an awkward position, except he still had a pair of leisurely look, separated by a thick fog. He looked like he almost couldn’t see, but Zhuo Qing could still feel and suffer from that slender eyes that were watching her intently.

More & more rain. Da Wu Si shouted loudly: “Prime minister, this way please, go to the ancestral hall to hide and take shelter from the rain!” Lou Xi Yan smiled and nodded. He pulled Zhuo Qing and walked over to the village entrance next to the ancestral hall.

Zhuo Qing struggled hard to let go off Lou Xi Yan’s grab. After, she gave up to guard her weak appearance and to see his gentle emaciated look. His hand’s strength was unexpectedly strong. How can she go against that big hand, only if she does not want her hand or else do not even think about running away!

Lou Xi Yan looked back and watched, a glimpse of a struggle for a moment, then silently followed behind the youngster’s body. The corner of his mouth unconsciously and lightly perked up.

The so-called ancestral hall, was just one large mud room, a small table to provide a sacrificial offering, also, some burned and used up joss stick and candle, four extremely broken windows, rain dripping from time to time from the broken roof, was not that big of a place. Then, there was an overflow of people came, it was extremely crowded. Fortunately, Lou Xi Yan’s two imperial bodyguards stood guarding there so the villagers also did not dare to press in and come over to the table in the corner to rest.

Her hand was still being grabbed by Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing was not used to it and it was unbearable to shake the arm. Zhuo Qing could not tolerate it and said: “Prime minister Daren, you can let go of my hand.”

Originally Lou Xi Yan was ready to let go but after hearing her statement, he ignored it. Instead, he used more strength to grab her hand and hold on to her wrist tightly. His voice was gentle as usual: “You asked someone else’s name, but did not even say your own name. It did not seem like a good courtesy in this matter.”

~ It hurts!! This man is too sinister! Her hand will break! Zhuo Qing stubbornly gritted her teeth. She did not say a word nor reply. Feeling her palm and wrist were trembling, Lou Xi Yan loosened his hand strength. This youngster’s hand is too thin and he was really afraid that he would accidentally break his hand. Letting go of his hand, Lou Xi Yan faintly asked: “What’s your name?”

The cold voice sounded muffled like a low sinking bow string of instrument, Zhuo Qing softly looked up to look at Lou Xi Yan, a closer look at his features were more handsome. This time he did not laugh, only a little smile against the background of the narrow eyes, a tiny raise and thin lips, a faint trace of an evil and unrestrained charm. Zhuo Qing looked up and lost in thought, she suddenly saw Lou Xi Yan’s eyes with a faint surprise.

Her face! Zhuo Qing hurriedly bowed her head, but Lou Xi Yan captured her chin. Her face slowly turned and timely lightning flashed down in his mind with white light to show two deep shocking scars that covered the pale cheeks. He almost could not see the complexion. Lou Xi Yan’s expression was shaken a little, who was so ruthless that would leave such hideous marks on this youngster’s face.

Zhuo Qing could not lower her head, only to press and live on the broken head cap and to hold and cover up the other side of the intact face tightly. She lifted her leg toward Lou Xi Yan’s foot and stepped on him severely. “Humph!” Lou Xi Yan groaned softly with a somewhat high pitch voice and an expression. Zhuo Qing hurriedly took the opportunity to slap his hand and retreat back several steps.

Away from him and feeling a little bit oppressive, Zhuo Qing clutched the face cover of her hat. She pretended to be surprised and said: “Sorry to step on Prime Minister Daren’s foot. It was too dark so I could not see”. At this point, she really missed her three-inch heels.

Could not see it?! He can also be a little fake! Thinking of his hurt feeling, Lou Xi Yan outstretched hand was paused and finally down at once. Lou Xi Yan did not advance forward.

Zhou Qing finally relaxed a little when she heard Qi Tian Yu interrogated Wu Si at that time: “You all want to see the Prime Minister, and now he has already come so you should release the little beauty whom you kidnapped!”

Wu Si scratched his head, not knowing what to do. Miss Zhuo said that they could not say anything so what to do now?!

“Where is the person?” Observing that Wu Si was well-behaved, Qi Tian Yu interrogated and said: “You do not kill her, right?”

Repeatedly shaking his head, Wu Si urgently spoke: “No no no …… absolutely no!!”

“Did you sell her?”

Wu Si exclaimed: “How was it possible!”

“Where is that person?”

The villagers once again went to the inside of the ancestral hall to look for that silhouette.

Shoot! Zhuo Qing lowered her head and cursed, here we go again!


Only to hear a loud noise, Zhuo Qing fiercely smacked at the sacrificial offering table. The already tattered altar could not stand a few shakings from left to right . . . . . Afterward, it unexpectedly collapsed with a bang. . . . .

The villagers were all frightened and stared at Zhuo Qing. Lou Xi Yan gently raised his eyebrows, what kind of trick he was playing now? Well, everyone looked at her now. Lou Xi Yan should not find out about her.

A moment ago, these idiot villagers demanded to look for her! The objective has been achieved, however. . . . This is painfully killing her — @$,$&@! (ZQ was cursing because her hand hurts so much for smacking the table).

Slowly, she recovered her sense and lightly turned her back, Zhuo Qing took a deep breath and with a clear voice said: “She is alive and well so Prime Minister can feel relieved. We will act on behalf of you to look after her with great care. After the legal case is being heard in public, Prime minister naturally can see her!”

“If the case is not being reviewed in public, we can not see the little beauty?!” Sweeping a glimpse on the floor to see the scattered and smashed pieces of wood, Qi Tian Yu gave a spectacular look and laughed: “Prime Minister Daren, this person threatened you.”

Who is this guy to wish for the whole word to be in chaos?! Zhuo Qing secretly clenched her teeth. A cold voice replied: “This son of an official (Gong zi) blamed me wrongly. Threatening like this will not result in the matter being heard realistically. I will never do it.”

With a big tone of voice, ah! Qi Tian Yu blew a long whistle. This youngster is really interesting. Shaking his head and pretending to be frightened, Qi Tian Yu exaggeratedly exclaimed: “You threatened, that was exactly called a threatening. To threaten the court official was a very serious crime?!”

“You!” Zhuo Qing was so angry!

Lou Xi Yan suddenly laughed heartily and stood up. He narrated: “Tomorrow, at noon, I will request the Ying Tian Hall to review the case file and inquire the details of the case. I will authorize a special standard of the Niu Jia family village to send ten people to go visit the source of the case. We will make a determination on whether or not the case will need to be re-investigated and to meet the prisoner afterward and then make a decision again!”

“Many thanks to Prime Minister Da ren!” the villagers listened to this good news and immediately knelt down to thank him. Only Zhuo Qing seemed to somewhat think and watch attentively at Lou Xi Yan. The way this man’s work apparently always made somebody unable to make sense of the matter.

Looking outside, the rain was gradually lighter, Lou Xi Yan no longer talked and was ready to leave. Qi Tian Yu chased after Lou Xi Yan and frowningly asked: “You really do not want to see the little beauty?”

Having swept Zhuo Qing’s gaze, Lou Xi Yan indifferently smiled: “Just let him look after her for me.” Zhuo Qing could not help but to feel stiff all over. His smile always gave people the feeling of horror!

He walked to the gate of the ancestral hall. Lou Xi Yan suddenly stopped his footsteps and looked back at Zhuo Qing. He said: “You must appear tomorrow.”

“Why?” It wasn’t any of her concern?

“If you do not appear, then they also do not need to come.”

After throwing down that sentence, Lou Xi Yan’s party rapidly disappeared in the rain within the neighborhood.

“Hey–” Zhuo Qing was dumbfounded. This is…. Who is intimidating who… Ahhh…!!