Chapter 7 - Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Chapter 7: He Felt Completely Exhausted

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After reading that article, Pei Zhen felt like throwing the mouse on the ground

All they needed to do was state the facts. Was it really necessary to be so dramatic, or to try and make him look like some kind of saint?!

Not to mention, the writing was both childish and pretentious. Didn’t people feel embarrass to read it?

It didn’t take Pei Zhen very much to figure out who might have suggested that this sort of article be written.

It had to be that unreliable manager of his, Xiao Nian.

“The fact that I’m a saint is already pretty obvious. There really isn’t a need for this kind of propaganda.” Pei Zhen fired off a mouthful of profanities. Just as he was about to click to send, he remembered with a jolt– this wasn’t his account.

Weibo ID: FuShaosiXHPZ

Pei Zhen saw that at the end of Best Actor Fu’s account name, was a string of letters that he couldn’t make sense of.

Pei Zhen couldn’t be bothered to think too deeply about things that he didn’t understand. He was about to log out of Fu Sichen’s Weibo account to log into his own, when a line in Fu Sichen’s introduction caught his attention. He paused. It was just too glaring.

Fu Sichen, winner of the Best Actor Award for three years in a row.

“Bah, it’s just Best Actor. What’s he so proud of!” Pei Zhen was going to swear again, but by now, he was already too annoyed. He closed the webpage. “He gets more and more pompous by the day!”

Pei Zhen didn’t dislike Fu Sichen for no reason at all.

Pei Zhen felt like he had been born with bad luck.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have ended up being Fu Sichen’s neighbor until they were in high school, when his family had moved away.

Since childhood, Fu Sichen had always been more outstanding than he was.

Pei Zhen’s life had been unlucky– after he moved, he ended up being Fu Sichen’s neighbor yet again; and when he changed school, he ended up in the same school as Fu Sichen. He could only take comfort in the fact that Fu Sichen was two years his senior.

But even then, his parents would always find ways to compare them.

Whether it be height, grades, or even popularity with girls…

The arrogant brat, Pei Zhen, could never match up to Fu Sichen.

He hated that he couldn’t compete with Fu Sichen. Eventually, graduating from university, he was spotted by a talent scout. That was how he had stumbled into the entertainment industry.

“Ahhhh!” a depressed Pei Zhen grabbed his head with his paws. The feel of thick fur only served to make him even more aware of his own plight. His depression deepened.

“How did I turn into a cat?”

Recalling how the accident had happened, and the condition that his body had ended up in, Pei Zhen felt like everything he had built up until now was falling apart.

But compared to learning about how he had turned into a cat, Pei Zhen was more concerned with how he could turn back.


The doorbell rang from the living room. Pei Zhen quickly switched off the computer. His ears were erect, and he was trying to hear the number of rings.

Three rings.

After the ringing, there were three knocks at the door.

That must be the delivery guy!

He felt himself getting hungry all over again. Pei Zhen quickly jumped off the desk and ran out like a whirlwind.

With all of his might, he pushed a chair towards the main door. He used the claws on his hind legs to anchor him in place.

The door swung open. You could only see the delivery bag, with the delivery guy nowhere to be found. Pei Zhen picked up the bag, walked in, shut the door, and returned the chair to its original position.

After doing all of that, he felt completely exhausted.

Still, it was worth all of the hard work. Food bought with the money of his enemy smelt exceptionally delicious. After the meal, Pei Zhen gave a satisfactory burp.

Now, he needed to take out the trash.

It was rare to see Pei Zhen use his brain for once. Besides calling for delivery, he had also told the restaurant that he wanted them to send it in a dissolvable food container.

Pei Zhen flushed the empty food container down the toilet. He made a leap onto the sink counter to wash his face, and gave his lower body a rough cleaning. After all that, he finally returned to his cage.


The door opened.

Fu Sichen was home.