Chapter 10 - Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Chapter 10: He’s Had His Heart Broken

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The wound on Best Actor Fu’s chin hadn’t fully recovered before his cat had left another scratch on his arm the very next day.

Furthermore, if he had been a little slower to dodge, his face would have been disfigured.

“Little brat.” The pain caused Fu Sichen to draw in a breath of cold air. Examining the scratch on his arm, his only comfort was that he wouldn’t need to wear any short-sleeve shirts for his shoot that was in a few days.

This cat definitely shared the same traits as THAT guy.

They were both arrogant as hell.

Fu Sichen wasn’t a person who took well to inconveniences. He also didn’t really like cats. But when it came to this particular Persian cat, it was as though he was under some spell. The thought of abandoning him never even crossed his mind.

By now, he had already given up trying to solve the mystery of the cage door.

As Fu Sichen didn’t have to rush to any assignments today, he had the rare chance to enjoy a leisurely meal. He opened the refrigerator with the intention of preparing breakfast, only to find that it was empty.

“Tsk.” Fu Sichen made a call to his manager. “I need some salad, eggs, bacon, and bread… Oh, and get me a bag of cat litter on the way.”

It was definitely more convenient to buy a cat that had already been owned by someone before. At the very least, when it came to hygiene, the Persian cat hadn’t let Fu Sichen down.

Of course, Fu Sichen also had a list of errands for his manager. Before the manager could protest, Fu Sichen ended the call. He turned around and unlatched the cage door.

Even an animal had the right to freedom.

Fu Sichen had especially opened the door to the balcony with the thought that the cat might enjoy a bit of sun.

Pei Zhen completely ignored Fu Sichen.

He had an uninterested expression on his face, and went back to sleep.

Turning into a cat had its advantages. At least, he didn’t have to go to shoots and interviews, he didn’t have to rush to his work assignments, and he could finally sleep to his heart’s content.

The only that that sucked was that Fu Sichen didn’t have a shoot today either.

The Persian cat didn’t want to leave his cage, and Fu Sichen didn’t force him to either. He made himself a cup of coffee, sat on the sofa, and read his script.

Pei Zhen’s soulless body was lying in the hospital. Fu Sichen had planned to visit again after having breakfast.

He was worried about Pei Zhen.

During the awards ceremony, Fu Sichen had a realization shortly after Pei Zhen had left. He couldn’t be bothered to entertain the other celebrities. Thus, he had his manager represent him at the banquet instead.

Fu Sichen got a call from Xiao Nian right as he stepped out of the venue for the event.

The great Manager Xiao, who had always been well-known for his capabilities, was crying his heart out, “Best Actor Fu, Pei Zhen, Pei Zhen… He… He was in an accident. What do we do now?! What do we do now?!”

Nobody would be able to understand how Fu Sichen had felt at that moment.

It was as if someone was both holding and squeezing his heart tightly. Fu Sichen couldn’t even remember how he had made it to the entrance of the parking lot, how he had sent Pei Zhen to the hospital, or even what his emotions had been when he was waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis.

Fortunately, that little brat didn’t die.

Unable to concentrate on his script any longer, Fu Sichen let out a long sigh of relief. His swollen eyes were painful. He couldn’t help but turn to look towards the cat in the cage.

Subtly aware that he was being observed, Pei Zhen lazily opened his eyes. The moment his gaze met Fu Sichen’s reddened ones, his heart skipped a beat.

Woah, woah, woah. What the hell was going on?

He’s had his heart broken.

Pei Zhen was a little flustered. In his mind, Fu Sichen was cold and cruel. Not even the Buddha could make him emotional. Pei Zhen never thought he would ever see Fu Sichen hurt like this.

“Ras… cal.”

A… a man?

No, it couldn’t be.

The moment this thought surfaced, Pei Zhen immediately dismissed it. He remembered when they were still in school, he had fallen in love with learning Physics. Every day, he would look for new topics to ask their Physics teacher. At that time, Fu Sichen had gotten extremely angry for some reason. He even tried to stop this from happening by offering to tutor Pei Zhen.

And… that physics teacher had been female.

Something that could make Fu Sichen turn out like this… could only be… love.