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“Capture them alive!” The middle-aged cultivator sounded in an exasperated tone.

This mission was originally quite successful. The number of children with spiritual root aptitude was higher by 20% compared to previous years.

It was only then that they sent out a convoy to attack a tribe of Scaled Demons that they discovered by accident and captured many high-quality goods.

As long as they brought the goods back, and if there were a few high-grade spiritual roots among these children, their income would be much higher than normal.

However, just as they were about to return to the base, the convoy was attacked by the Scaled Demons.

The Scaled Demon’s song was their racial innate talent and was too special. Even they were caught off guard.

If it were not for the fact that a few of the cultivators with higher cultivation bases woke up in time and woke up their companions, the casualties would have been even more severe.

Now that the losses had been incurred, they could only capture more Scaled Demons to make up for the losses.

Therefore, the Scaled Demons ran in front while the Immortal Cultivators chased after them. They disappeared into the fog with lightning speed.

As for the black-clothed martial artists, they stayed in the camp to guard against the second sneak attack and began to treat the wounded.

“Ouch! It hurts! Do these things have poisonous teeth? Did I get infected?” At this moment, Jiang Li was sitting on the ground, sucking in cold air.

It was because there was the head of a Scaled Demon hanging over his left shoulder.

At that time, he took advantage of the night and the thick fog to run to Yan Hong’s tent. Two Scaled Demons were tearing apart the canvas and reaching out to drag him inside.

This fatty, Yan Hong, often liked to wake up at night, so his tent was closer to the edge, which was why he was unlucky to be attacked first.

Jiang Li could not be bothered to complain about his good friend’s urinary system. His eyes were sharp and his hands were quick. He threw the long sword in his hand like a hidden weapon.

Originally, the distance was only seven or eight steps, so the basic accuracy could still be grasped. The sharp longsword, pushed by the huge kinetic energy, directly pierced through one of the Scaled Demons, bringing its body two meters forward.

When the other monster saw this, it also let out a roar and put down Yan Hong before pouncing towards Jiang Li.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Li smiled calmly and drew a sword from his waist before stabbing it towards the oncoming monster.

As someone who had played games his whole life, how could he not keep enough equipment on standby?

Jiang Li had snatched back seven longswords back then, and after returning one to Yan Hong, there were six left.

He had one in his hand and one on his waist. If not for the fact that he was afraid that it would affect his agility, he would have tied the remaining four to his back.

At this moment, the function of the backup weapon was revealed. The longsword was slightly lower, piercing through the abdomen and out the back. Although it did not damage the heart, it was still a fatal injury.

However, before Jiang Li could rejoice, the Scaled Demon lowered its head to look at its stomach, and then a sluggish feeling of flesh, blood, and bones rubbing against the blade could be felt. The Scaled Demon actually forcefully pressed itself against the sword.

Jiang Li instinctively wanted to kick it away, but he did not have the time to react.

Its mouth, which looked no different from a human’s, suddenly split open to its ears. Two rows of teeth, sharper than a razor, came at Jiang Li’s neck with smelly mucus dripping out.

Jiang Li only had time to twist his body to dodge the fatal blow, but his shoulder was still bitten.

This exposed the weakness of Jiang Li’s lack of actual combat experience. He had the advantage in attributes and held a weapon, but he was dragged into a brutish fight by a monster.

The Scaled Demon’s two rows of teeth were like needles as they stabbed into him. They easily pierced through the flesh on the shoulder and directly pressed against the bones. As the head bit and twisted, creaking sounds could be heard.

A few kilograms of flesh was about to be torn off. The intense pain of sharp teeth rubbing against his bones made Jiang Li’s vision turn dark.

It was as if his shoulder would be torn off in the next second.

His left hand could not exert any strength at all, so Jiang Li could only grit his teeth and twist the sword around, turning the sword that had stabbed into the Scaled Demon’s body horizontally before suddenly slashing out from the side.

The force of the blow passed from the longsword to the Scaled Demon’s body and then to the mouth that was biting his shoulder. The sudden pain almost made him faint.

Jiang Li was in so much pain that he no longer had the strength to attack. After letting go of his longsword, he grabbed the Scaled Demon’s head with his right hand and firmly held it down to prevent any further damage from the bite.

The Scaled Demon’s chest and abdomen were split open, and a large amount of internal organs flowed out. Soon, its entire body went limp, and its pitch-black fish eyes finally lost their luster.

However, the most infuriating thing was not that he got injured, but that after he fought to the death to finish off the enemy, he realized that the person he wanted to save was still sleeping.

After two slaps, Yan Hong slowly woke up. At this time, the cultivators and martial artists finally arrived.

After figuring out the situation with a few words, Yan Hong was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat. When he found out that it was Jiang Li who saved him, he even thanked him and claimed that there was still a younger sister in his prince’s mansion who had yet to marry, intending to make things even more intimate.

“Save the intimacy for yourself, hurry up and help me remove this head!”

Jiang Li was in so much pain that he was about to cry. That damned Scaled Demon was definitely related to a tortoise. After it died, its mouth did not loosen at all.

After Jiang Li firmly rejected the idea of using brute force, Yan Hong took a small knife and cut off the muscles and ligaments on both sides of the Scaled Demon’s face. It was only with great difficulty that he managed to take down the head.

The blood that gushed out indicated that Jiang Li’s artery had been bitten through. Fortunately, the exaggerated bleeding stopped after five seconds. Otherwise, he might not have been able to escape from a blood-loss shock.

Jiang Li was truly slightly vexed. Now that he thought about it carefully, if his sword strike at that time was not a stab but a head-on chop, then his shoulder would not have suffered such a bite.

In the end, two mere Scaled Demons had already reduced him to such a sorry state. If there was one more, he might have died here today.

However, this was actually something that could not be helped. Not to mention fighting such monsters, Jiang Li did not even have much experience of fighting humans. It was normal for him to have no experience, and he could only slowly make up for it in the future.

“Hey, boy, your life is really tough. Such a huge bite actually only made you bleed this much.”

Very quickly, a martial artist came to treat Jiang Li’s injuries. The uninjured Yan Hong was sent to the side to dig a hole. Many people died that night and were buried in peace.

He removed the ugly bandage that Yan Hong wrapped and looked at the wound in amazement.

This black-clothed martial artist was quite skilled. He washed the wound with warm water, disinfected it with strong alcohol, and finally applied medicine to bandage it. Perhaps to them, dealing with such external wounds was a common occurrence.

Jiang Li naturally could not tell him that it was because he had removed the bleeding status already. He could only laugh to show that he was also a martial artist and that his body was excellent.

However, he discovered that this martial artist was obviously younger than the other black-clothed people and was much easier to talk to, so he opened his mouth to speak to him.

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