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“Damn it! How dare you retaliate!”

“Attack together! Beat him up!”

The remaining few people were furious. They waved their wooden sticks and surrounded him.

However, Jiang Li’s cowardly image was completely changed in their minds. Not only did he not hug his head and beg for mercy, he even directly faced them.

His speed was extremely fast. When he got close to one of them, he ruthlessly kicked.

That person reacted quickly and placed the wooden stick in front of his feet.

A crisp crack sounded. After Jiang Li kicked the wooden stick, he did not lose momentum and kicked the other party’s abdomen instead, causing his body to be kicked into the air. Then, he flew out, following the footsteps of the first youth.

“You’re dead! You’re dead! You actually dared to attack Li Chao. Our Li family’s Third Duke of the fourth generation has countless troops under him! You and your family are doomed!”

That fellow who was beaten up seemed to have quite a high position in the secular world. A few of the youths surnamed Li’s eyes immediately turned red, and they cursed Jiang Li with bloodthirsty and savage threats.

They all dropped their sticks and went to draw their swords from their waists.

However, how could Jiang Li give them a chance? He leaped three steps away, brandishing his sheathed longsword and slashing at their heads. Before they could even draw their weapons, they were already thrown onto the ground, their heads bleeding and unable to get up.

He kicked their weapons away with his foot and then kicked each of them in the stomach. Then, he looked at the two teenagers who were still standing at the end.

At this moment, they had already drawn their swords, but they did not dare to step forward. They stood on the spot, not knowing what to do.

“You! How can you be so strong? You weren’t like this before!”

A person who was previously weak and feeble and had been easily beaten half to death by them suddenly possessed such strength and defeated them as if he was bullying a child.

This was completely unacceptable to the seven people who had always been the strongest team in the convoy.

“Jiang Li, what happened earlier was led by Wang Lin and Li Chao. It has nothing to do with us.”

“You have already offended the Wang family and the Li family. Now that you have vented your anger, let us go. We can write off everything that happened in the past. We promise to help you plead for leniency. Otherwise, you and your family will be finished!”

When they saw Jiang Li looking at them, the two of them took two steps back, while speaking in an attempt to intimidate Jiang Li into stopping.

“Oh? Is that so? We’re already two countries away from the Great Goose Kingdom, right? If you have the ability to send a message, then give it a try.”

Jiang Li closed in step by step. Their threats were completely useless.

The two youths retreated in fear. One of them accidentally tripped over a tree root and fell to the ground.

Jiang Li took the opportunity to step forward. He brandished his longsword and knocked their longswords to the ground twice.

Then, his tiger claw reached out and grabbed their right arms. After two crisp cracking sounds, their arms drooped down.

They were all pampered second-generation heirs, so how could they endure such pain? They immediately hugged their arms and rolled on the ground, groaning in pain.

It was not until Jiang Li fiercely slapped them twice that they finally stopped crying.

“I advise you not to lie on the ground and pretend to be dead, especially you. I’ll break your legs if you don’t get up and kneel in front of me when I count to ten!”

“One, two, three… Ha, looks like you guys have some backbone.”

Jiang Li counted three times, but none of them moved. They just lay on the ground and looked up at Jiang Li with hatred.

They looked as if they would not kneel down no matter what, and they did not believe that he would dare to do anything against them.

“You guys are really amazing. What gave you the illusion that I’m a good person?”

He picked up a stone the size of a head from the side and walked to the side of Wang Lin, who had been shouting the loudest and taking the lead in beating him up.

The stone fell. Bang! Crack!

Wang Lin’s calf immediately bent, and sharp bone fragments even pierced out from his back.

His body instinctively wanted to curl up and hug his broken leg, but Jiang Li stepped on his chest and rendered him unable to move.

He could only scream and scratch his hands on the ground.

“Don’t worry, you still have two legs. We’ll cheer when I break them all.”

“Ah! No, no, no! Don’t! I was wrong! Jiang Li, I was wrong! I’ll kneel down! I’ll apologize to you! I’ll die! Ahhh!”

Wang Lin’s screams were heart-wrenching. The others also felt a deep sense of fear in their hearts.

“He’s serious! He’s really going to break our legs!”

How could a group of thirteen or fourteen year old good-for-nothing kids tolerate this? They had grown up to be tyrannical, but the word “unyielding” was not in their dictionary.

They were immediately convinced and knelt on the ground with Wang Lin, who was already dragging his broken leg.

“Tell me, are you guys wrong?” Jiang Li hugged his sword and sneered.

“We were wrong! We were wrong! Jiang Li, we were blind in the past. We offended you. We’re sorry…”

There was no sincerity in their voices.

“Not bad, good children know when to apologize. I accept your apology. Young masters, what price do you plan to pay to redeem your legs?”

Jiang Li smiled as he looked at their bulging bags. There was bound to be some good stuff inside.

“As the price, hand over your jade tokens and spirit stones!”

If not for Yan Hong’s help, his jade token would have been snatched away by those fellows. Now that it was time to repay his enemy, he naturally would not let them off easily.

Upon hearing the jade token and spirit stones, they immediately became agitated. Their eyes widened in disbelief.

“No. Didn’t you say you would let us go if we apologized?” Li Chao from the Li family could not help but ask.

After all, spirit stones were things of the cultivation world. Occasionally, one or two of them would fall into the mortal world, which was also a rare treasure.

It was hard to say if all seven of them had ten in total.

“Let you go? I apologized when you hit me, right? Why didn’t you let me go? My patience is limited. If you give up, I can choose to kill you first before taking the spirit stones.”

Jiang Li raised the stone again.

Other than Wang Lin and Li Chao, the other five people weighed the pros and cons. If they were to become servant disciples for two years, they would still have a chance to turn things around. However, if their legs were broken now, they might die on the road ahead.

They steeled their hearts and took out a cloth bag one after another, handing them to Jiang Li.

“I’ll give you one more chance. If I find hidden ones when I search you, believe me, you’ll regret it.” As soon as he said this, the faces of two of them immediately darkened. After thinking about it for a long time, they felt that they could not hide it. In the end, they touched their bodies and placed them in their palms.

Jiang Li counted. Sure enough, everyone had a jade token, but there were only three spirit stones in total.

“Yes, very good. Now, I’ll give you another choice.”

He indicated to the five people who had already admitted defeat. Meanwhile, Wang Lin and Li Chao, who had been keeping their heads down and not speaking, sensed that something was wrong.

“Actually, it’s useless for me to keep your jade tokens. Right now, the two of them still have five legs left. If each of you break one, I will return your jade tokens to you.”

He said: “Think about it, two years as an odd-job servant or begin your immortal journey immediately. Think about it yourselves.”

Jiang Li’s words were like a devil’s whisper. In an instant, the five people looked at Wang Lin and Liu Chao differently.

“Hey! Hey! What are you guys trying to do?! He’s trying to sow discord between us! I’m the son of the first wife! If you guys dare to lay your hands on me, my father will definitely not let you guys off!”

It would have been better if he had not said that, but now that he did, the other five immediately became even angrier.

Just because you are the legitimate sons! We have always been your lackeys! You are the ones who caused this trouble, yet you want us to bear it together!

We are already a few hundred kilometers away from the Great Goose Kingdom, and nobody can even fly back! How can they still use their status as the legitimate son to suppress us!

Once we become immortals, we can disregard the entire Great Goose Kingdom. Why should we be afraid of you?

The more they thought about it, the angrier they got. The more they thought about it, the more daring they became. They started to touch the stones beside them.

“Hey, hey! Jiang Li! I’m willing to hand over the spirit stones! I’m willing to hand over the spirit stones!”

“It’s too late now!”

In the forest, miserable screams rang out one after another, causing the young men and women in the convoy outside to look at each other, not knowing what was happening.

They subconsciously thought that Jiang Li had suffered another inhuman beating.

However, the screams clearly came from several different people. They really could not imagine what was going on.

After a long time, Jiang Li walked out with a pile of swords in his arms under the watchful eyes of fifty or sixty soon-to-be cultivators. He was in high spirits and his clothes were neat and tidy. It was impossible to tell that he had been tortured.

Behind him, five disciples of the Wang and Li families dragged Wang Lin and Li Chao out of the forest.

Seeing that all of them were injured and were still keeping a distance from Jiang Li in fear, how could the onlookers not know that they had suffered a loss? It was actually this “lecher” Jiang Li who won!

Oh wait, since Jiang Li won, he should be called Young Master Jiang now.

As Jiang Li approached, the crowd automatically opened up a path.

He walked to Yan Hong, picked out the best of the seven swords, and returned it to him. After thanking him, he brought his spoils of war back to the carriage.

Only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

It seemed that his actions had not crossed the bottom line of those three cultivators.

That night, he offended those few cultivators while cultivating. Although he did not know what they were thinking, their way of handling Jiang Li could be said to be quite gentle.

From this, it could be deduced that the three Immortal Cultivators were more inclined towards kindness and order.

Amongst these people, Jiang Li was afraid that one of them would like to uphold justice.

Even if they did not, at the very least, he could not choose to kill the few of them who made up ten percent of the potential cultivators in the convoy.

The reason was simple. If recruiting new blood was a mission for the Immortal Masters, and Jiang Li affected their mission, he would most likely die an ugly death.

Thus, even though he had a reason to take revenge, he did not go overboard.

In the end, he even used the jade token to sow discord to deal with the culprit.

This way, he could divide the relationship between the seven of them and reduce any future trouble.

He could also divert the trouble to a certain extent. Even if the Immortal Cultivators leading the team were dissatisfied, the punishment would be lighter.

It seemed that his actions were still within their tolerance level.

Now, he had time to look at the loot.

There were a total of eight spirit stones, and he found another five on Wang Lin and Li Chao.

There were two jade tokens, but they were temporarily useless. When they arrived, he could see if there was a chance to sell them.

He could keep the gold and silver for now. After all, the secular world was the foundation of the cultivation world. It might be useful in the future.

There were also three bottles of pills.

One bottle was filled with healing medicine. After using appraisal, Jiang Li directly poured more than ten pills into his stomach.

[Consumed Golden Toad Pill. Added Status: Slow Healing]

[Slow Healing: Regenerates 2 Health Points per hour. Duration: 4 hours] (− +)

[Overdose of Golden Toad Pills. Added Status: Promoted Healing]

[Promoted Healing: Regenerates 4 Health Points per hour. Duration: 6 hours] (− +)

Jiang Li was stunned by the series of notifications. It turned out that other than the prescribed dosage, some medicinal pills could also be consumed in excess.

For ordinary people, consuming too much of it would be a waste of medicinal effects and excessive side effects. It was not worth it.

But for him, this was a simple action that could increase his bonuses.

After pressing for five seconds and turning [Promoted Healing] into a permanent status, he looked at the other two bottles of pills.

He scanned them with appraisal.

Dragon Essence Tiger Six Flavors Pill… Why did this name sound like it was used in bed?

These two guys were indeed not good people. They came here to seek immortality and pursue the Dao, yet they actually brought this kind of thing, and each of them even had a bottle. They really deserved to die.

This new status directly increased his constitution by 0.5. Indeed, this pill gave him manly vigor!

Knock knock~

Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the door.

Jiang Li opened the small wooden door of the carriage and peeked his head out to see a girl he did not know.

“Jiang Li, I… I saw that you didn’t eat dinner, so if you don’t mind, please eat mine.”

She shyly handed over a wooden plate. Other than steamed buns on half of the plate, the meat and soup were intact as well.

“Thank you.” Jiang Li took the plate and came out of the carriage to thank her.

“You’re welcome, my name is… my name is… Ah!”

Before she could say her name, the girl who had her head lowered suddenly blushed. She covered her eyes and ran away immediately.

Jiang Li was a little puzzled at first. He lowered his head and realized that his third leg had changed from sitting to standing upright.

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