Chapter 9 - Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei

Chapter 9: Punish the Unruly Maid

“Third miss, our second miss personally wrote the invitation for you, you actually dare to put up an ugly arrogance and don’t want to go? If it wasn’t because second miss remembered you this third miss, do you think that I’d want to make this trip on this hot day?”

Fei Cui talked so much but had been directly rejected by Murong Qi Qi, making her lose face. At this time, Fei Cui is so angry that her cheeks had turned red. Her lips poured out a lot of nasty words.

“Why don’t you go look who you are? You really think you are someone important? Speaking frankly, you are just rubbish. You actually dared to show colors.”

Originally, Fei Cui was Murong Qi Qi’s head maid. Because she looked down on third miss’s incompetence, she went to rely on Murong Xin Lian. Now, she is even her confidante. If it wasn’t because she knew that today Murong Qi Qi needed to come, Fei Cui would’ve been too lazy to talk so much with this rubbish.

Murong Qi Qi narrowed her eyes and looked at Fei Cui’s mouth. She didn’t even calculate yet with Fei Cui for the things of the past. She didn’t expect that Fei Cui’s attitude had turned for the worst. One after another ‘rubbish’ coming out of her mouth, really made Murong Qi Qi’s heart grow hairs.

“Are you done?”

Murong Qi Qi’s voice became very cold. Su Mei and Su Yue, who were familiar with her, understood that this was the foreshadow of miss’s anger.

“Yo, I can’t even talk? Who in the capital doesn’t know that Murong third miss can’t practice martial arts? Could it be that you are afraid that people will talk about it, ah?! You’re so dull, that even the people around you have the same stupid look as you!”

Fei Cui seemed to have not noticed that the surroundings have turned cold. In the end, she also criticized Su Mei and Su Yue who were standing behind Murong Qi Qi.

With extreme annoyance, Murong Qi Qi coldly said one sentence: “Slap her mouth!”

Not waiting for Fei Cui to hear clearly, Su Mei had already appeared in front of her.  ‘Pa pa’ two slaps on her face.

These past few days had bored Su Mei to death. Seeing Fei Cui ‘bullying’ miss like this, her hands had long itched. So just as the command left Murong Qi Qi’s mouth, Su Mei rushed forward. The speed was fast. Fei Cui had no time to dodge.

Su Mei is someone who practiced martial arts. The strength of her hand is great. With just two slaps, Fei Cui became confused and disoriented. Her eyes were seeing stars and two rows of red blood flew out of her nose.

After Fei Cui came to, she saw the smiling Su Mei and she touched her nose. Her hands were full of warm blood. Fei Cui immediately screamed: “You! You dare to hit me!”

“What about it? The one I hit is you, this darn thing!”

Su Mei raised her eyes and rolled her wrists.

“Thing that doesn’t have eyes. Actually dare to bully our miss. Beating you is already light!”

“A a a a! I’ll kill you!”

When had Fei Cui suffered like this? Seeing the maid around Murong Qi Qi being so ‘arrogant’, fire pounced in her head. With her head bowed, she rushed directly at Su Mei’s chest.

Not waiting for Fei Cui to touch Su Mei, Su Yue at one side stuck out her foot and hit Fei Cui’s chest and directly sent Fei Cui flying out.


Don’t know if it was Su Yu who did it intentionally or if it’s Fei Cui who was unlucky, but when she fell, her head hid the back of the rockery. She immediately felt dizzy. She touched again. Her hand was full of blood. Fei Cui cried and screamed: “Incredible, killing people, ah! Come quickly. Ah! Third miss wants to kill someone, ah!”

Because of Fei Cui’s loud voice, not a moment had passed before it attracted a group of people watching. When Murong Xin Lian heard the news, she also hurried over.

“Fei Cui, what happened to you?”

When she saw Fei Cui’s swollen cheeks and the face full of bloodstains, Murong Xin Lian almost didn’t recognize her. If it wasn’t because she saw Fei Cui’s clothes, Murong Xin Lian wouldn’t have thought that this person with the pig face was actually Fei Cui!

“Wu wu wu, second miss, you must seek justice for nubi, ah! Nubi came with second miss’s invitation to invite third miss, but third miss didn’t even say something and let them beat nubi. Nubi came with good intentions but has been beaten like this. Third miss also said that she wants to kill me. Second miss must save me, ah!”

Fei Cui was a person who’s good at reversing the black and the white. Today, she had suffered at Murong Qi Qi’s, no matter what, she can’t swallow this anger. Fortunately, Murong Xin Lian was now here, she might as well make the matter big. After all, Murong Qi Qi’s reputation was already very bad, a bit more wouldn’t do it much harm.

Hearing Fei Cui’s words, Murong Xin Lian was full of doubts. Hadn’t Murong Qi Qi always been weak and incompetent? When had her gut turned so big?

But it didn’t look as though Fei Cui was lying and the wound on her face was truly there. It really existed. It seemed that something must have happened.

“Third meimei, is what Fei Cui said the truth? Was it really you who hit her? It was I who had told her to come invite you to admire the moon tonight. Even if you didn’t want to go, there’s no need to vent on a maid, ah! What did Fei Cui do so wrong that you had used such a ruthless hand?”

Murong Xin Lian’s reputation in Murong fu had always been very good. She was beautiful and more approachable than Murong Qing Lian. She didn’t have the arrogance of a miss, so everyone in the fu really liked this second miss.

At this time, hearing Murong Xin Lian say that Murong Qi Qi had hit Fei Cui without any reason, everyone began to whisper. The things they whispered about were all about how bad third miss was.

She is indeed the goddess of pretending, ah! Murong Qi Qi couldn’t help but clap in her heart. It seemed that Murong Xin Lian is really popular in the fu. Everyone was speaking up for Murong Xin Lian.

“Second jiejie, the matter is not like that……”

Murong Qi Qi opened her mouth and said softly.

“It’s Fei Cui who said that I am a rubbish and that I didn’t even deserve to admire the moon with second  jiejie. She also said that I’m an ugly duckling, second jiejie is the white swan. I don’t even deserve to clean second  jiejie’s shoes!”

The moment Murong Qi Qi’s words left her mouth, Murong Xin Lian froze. She knew very well what kind of person Fei Cui was. These words being said by Fei Cui is somewhat believable. After all, she usually said the same in front of Fei Cui.

“She also forced me to give the position of Jing wangfei to second jiejie. She said that only a beauty like second jiejie is worthy to be standing by Jing wang’s side, that you are a match made from heaven, a perfect match. And I am just a rubbish who can’t practice martial arts. I should just disappear early to not hinder your road”

Murong Qi Qi sobbed. Her small shoulders shrugged. Coupled with that pair of watery eyes, she seemed particularly delicate and pitiful. The people who’d just now denounced Murong Qi Qi, after hearing that, their eyes looking towards Murong Xin Lian and Fei cui began to change.

“I was thinking that second  jiejie is usually such a good person, how can such nucai1 have been taught by you? This is simply a discredit to second jiejie reputation. So I couldn’t take it anymore and said a few words to her. But then she slapped herself two times and also slammed her head against the stone. Later, it’s what you’ve seen……”

“You’re talking nonsense! The one who hit me is obviously her! Don’t believe her!”

Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s ability to turn the truth around was even better than hers, Fei Cui became anxious.

“If the slap on my face was done by me, how could the fingerprints be like this?! Don’t listen to this rubbish’s nonsense!”


Nucai: slave, servant