Chapter 6 - Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei

Chapter 6: Biaoge and Biaomei are Family

Seeing Murong Xin Lian’s acting, Murong’s Qi Qi’s mouth twitched. This person really was a master at acting. If Murong Qing Lian continued on like this, sooner or later, she would suffer defeat at Murong Xin Lian’s hands.

Murong Qi Qi was watching a play as she clutched her chest. Suddenly, she felt a gaze on her. She raised her head and saw Li Yun Qing.

This man is really beautiful!

Really black hair was hanging lazily behind the ears. A simple bamboo hairpin was in his hair. Dressed in emerald colored clothes that showed this man’s tall stature even more. Looking at those eyes, they were as gentle as the spring breeze in May. Just with one glance, it can warm a person’s heart.

It’s just that gentleness was also a knife. From the gentle eyes of that man, Murong Qi Qi saw the cold at the bottom of those eyes. Such a man may seem gentle and passionate, but was actually the most ruthless. Must definitely not provoke him.

With just one glance, Murong Qi Qi set Li Yun Qing on the side of never contacting again. For such man who was soft on the surface but cold in the heart, Murong Qi Qi would unconsciously exclude him.

Feeling that Li Yun Qing was looking at her with probing eyes, Murong Qi Qi lowered her eyes, clutched her chest and coughed softly as if that kick really did her some harm.

Murong Qi Qi’s cough broke the play that was just playing. Only now did Murong Tai saw the pale-faced Murong Qi Qi.

To this daughter Murong Qi Qi, Murong Tai didn’t have any too deep feelings. To Murong Tai, in this life he didn’t have any special regret. When he was young, his career rose meteorically. Later, he married one of the four great families Li family’s eldest daughter. His worth became double of what it was. Now, he is above ten thousands of people and under one person. His eldest daughter is huangguifei, so he’s very satisfied.

If Murong Tai had sand in his eyes, the only sand in his eyes is his third daughter Murong Qi Qi. Xi Qi Country favour martial arts. Be it men or women, young or old, the nobility or the civilians, every one practiced martial arts. Respect came with martial arts. The first emperor Emperor Gaozu got the world with martial arts. Martial arts is the national soul of Xi Qi.  In Xi Qi Country, no matter if you are rich or poor, if you knew martial arts, you will be respected and you will succeed more easily.

Although Murong Tai is a literary person, he also knew some fists kung fu. The qies he married also had some skills, every child born had some good talent in learning martial arts.

Originally, life could continue to be perfect like this, but this abnormal Murong Qi Qi appeared. More directly said, Murong Qi Qi is a rubbish. Since the test she received when she was one year old from a monk who’d concluded that she couldn’t practice martial arts, Murong Tai lost all hope in this daughter. Although she is a woman, she still couldn’t practice martial arts. She is nothing but something to warm the bed. She is just useless rubbish.

That’s why, ever since then, Murong Tai discarded Murong Qi Qi in a remote house and was indifferent towards her. Even knowing that she wouldn’t steal and certainly knowing that there’s an ulterior motive, even if she’s a legitimate daughter, but what does it matter?

In Murong Tai’s eyes, even raising a dog would have the role of watching the house. And for the one who didn’t have any value to xiangfu, Murong Qi Qi is even inferior to a dog…….

Now, Murong Qi Qi who had been sent to Jing Xin An for five years by Murong Tai has been back for three days. From the moment she came back till now, Murong Tai had not seen this third daughter. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Murong Tai couldn’t help but carefully observe Murong Qi Qi.

Pale skin, slender eyebrows, the eyes were not big, the bridge of the nose is not high, the lips are not thin or thick, the color of the lips is somewhat light. She could only be considered a delicate and normal woman.

Murong Tai was a handsome man himself and his wife Li Qui Shui was one of the beauties. His first daughter, the now huangguifei Murong Xue Lian, before she had entered the palace, she’d already been given the name of ‘number one beauty of the capital’.  Now his second daughter Murong Xin Lian is being called the number one beauty of the capital. His youngest daughter Murong Qing Lian, although she’s young, she was already quite pretty. Even his only son is also handsome. Only Murong Qi Qi seemed to not have inherited their strong points. In this family full of beauties, she could only be considered an ordinary and mediocre grass.

Originally, Murong Tai thought that Murong Qi Qi would change after these five years. After seeing Murong Qi Qi’s looks, the displeasure in his heart welled up again.

To him, this rubbish daughter is like a mole of a beauty on the tip of her nose, spoiling the landscape. She is also like a fish bone in the throat; can’t go down but also can’t be spit out, really annoying.

“Why are you here?!”

Murong Tai didn’t have any place to vent his anger. Just at the right moment, he saw Murong Qi Qi to vent his anger.

“You just came back, the rumors are flying outside. Really a good thing that you did!”

Murong Tai didn’t ask for the right and wrong of the matter and just scolded, making Murong Qi Qi feel a lot of ‘grievances’.  With Su Yue’s help, Murong Qi Qi cautiously stood at one side. Her head was lowered till her chest and she didn’t say a word. She looked like an innocent little lamb.

“Guzhang1, this is the place where biaomei2 lives. Of course, she should be here.”

Just as Murong Qi Qi wanted to continue to pretend to be mute, from one side she heard a voice coming up for her. Listening to it, it’s actually Li Yun Qing.

This person would actually speak up for her? This made Murong Qi Qi very surprised. Although she needed to call Li Yun Qing biaoge3, but their relationship was just normal. They didn’t get together a lot.

Seeing Li Yun Qing open his mouth, Murong Tai could only smile: “Oh, yes, here is third yatou’s Cui Zhu yuan.”

Although Li Yun Qing is Li Qui Shui’s big brother’s  son and is a younger generation, Li Yun Qing is the current patriarch of the Li family Li Kiu’s eldest son. In the younger generation, he is considered a talent and also Li family’s future patriarch. Since he had opened his mouth, Murong Tai had to give him face.

“Hadn’t come here for a long time. I actually didn’t know that biaomei lived in such a place.”

Li Yun Qing looked once around Cui Zhu yuan. This shabby old place, just with one look, you would know that Murong Qi was not treated well in xiangfu.

If it was usually, Li Yun Qing wouldn’t have opened his mouth to help, but just now he was surprised to see a hint of ‘watching a play’ from Murong Qi Qi’s eyes. This biaomei seemed to have changed. So he naturally wouldn’t mind to help.

“As far as I know, biaomei just came back! Just coming back and outside, there’s already so many rumors. I think someone is jealous that biaomei is about to become Jing wangfei, that’s why they made up those rumors.Guzhang, these rumors should have been let out by people of the fu. I think you should investigate well to see who will dare to bully my, Li Yun Qing’s biaomei!”

Li Yun Qing’s words had three layers of meanings:

First: Murong Qi Qi had just come back. She didn’t even have a chance to go out. Those rumors were naturally prepared by other people.

Second: the people who had spread these rumors must be jealous that Murong Qi Qi’s fiancé is Jing wang. This was obviously a slander.

Third: no matter how bad Murong Qi Qi was, her mother was the first wife, Li family’s eldest daughter. Behind her, there’s still Li family.

The meaning of Li Yun Qing’s words, Murong Tai naturally understood. He didn’t think that Murong Qi Qi would enter Li Yun Qing’s eyes and to also let him protect her like this.


Guzhang: husband of a paternal aunt Biaomei: female little cousin Biaoge: male older cousin Yatou: form of endearment to call a girl also used to call maids