Chapter 2 - Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 2: Taboo! Great Void Taboo Master!

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SSS-grade talent, Supreme Blessing? Hearing this, the corners of Link’s mouth curved up slightly.

The grading system of talents, from low to high, was F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS—nine grades in total. SSS-grade talents were the strongest!

[Supreme Blessing] SSS: Able to increase the grades of any item or skill at a rate of 10-10,000. Three-minute cooldown.

The talent had a very simple introduction, but it caused ripples to appear in Link’s calm eyes. If this unbelievable effect appeared in his previous life, it would definitely cause the entire human alliance to be crazed and amazed by it.

The previous hour, to be exact, was only the elimination trial before Doomsday truly descended.

Big waves washed away the sand, leaving only gold behind; the weak should die. Only those who survived were qualified to enter the [Doomsday Online] game. Those who killed one or more skeletons during that hour would have a chance to obtain a talent. The more they killed, the higher the grade of the talent they could obtain.

As for those who went into hiding and didn’t dare to fight the skeletons, they completely lost the opportunity to obtain a talent.

On this road, where one could either improve or die, losing such an opportunity meant that they would forever be trampled upon by others.

[Ding! Doomsday Online has officially started. Please choose your profession.]

[Please note: Your chosen profession is extremely important. It will directly affect your future destiny. Please choose carefully.]

In a trance, a nihilistic light screen floated in Link’s eye.

[Mage] [Fighter] [Assassin] [Archer] [Summoner] [Priest]...

The current Doomsday age was more like an online game world, which was what the modern people were more familiar with.

Everyone had different professions. Each profession had different roles and completely different advancement paths. Killing monsters would give them experience, drop loot, obtain skills, and gain attribute points from leveling up.

In a game, a character could revive after dying. However, a person would really be dead if they died in [Doomsday Online].

Link looked at the screen, and without much hesitation, directly selected [Summoner]! The reason was simply that he was a famous top-notch Summoner on Blue Star in his previous life!

[Ding! The profession you have chosen is—Summoner. The profession contract has been issued to your personal backpack!]

[Ding! It has been detected that you have awakened the Void Summoner bloodline. Your profession contract has been changed to the ‘Void Summoner Profession-Change Letter!’]

Personal backpacks were a tool that every [Doomsday Online] player would have bound to them right from the start. It was used to place special items.

When a [Doomsday Online] player died, the backpack would disappear while the items inside would drop.


Link opened his backpack, finding a palm-sized scroll lying inside.

Numerous mysterious runes were engraved on it. It was as if a person’s soul would be sucked into it with just one look at it.

“Void Summoner...” Link’s eyes were complicated.

In his previous life, this profession-change letter was the reason he had reached such a high state. It was an opportunity that he had grasped, becoming the turning point of his life. However, he didn’t expect that it would become his starting point in this lifetime!

He only had to tear apart this scroll to become a [Void Summoner]—an epic-grade profession!

Countless people would be jealous of this...

Originally, he would definitely tear it apart without any hesitation. But he now had another choice.

Supreme Blessing! Reciting these two words in his heart, a dazzling light suddenly appeared in the dim space.

The scroll in his hand gradually floated in the air.

Link clearly saw the runes being erased bit by bit. New runes then formed on the scroll.

At the same time, a very vast and mighty presence appeared in the world.

[Ding! Blessing succeeded!]

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining the ‘Great Void Taboo Master Profession-Change Letter’ (taboo)!]

Link was taken aback. He then looked at this scene with incredulity in his eyes.

The profession-change letter for ‘Great Void Taboo Master?’ A taboo-grade profession-change letter! This is definitely the well-deserved king amongst the summoner professions!

In [Doomsday Online], the grading system for all items was the same: Normal, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Epic, Legend, Myth, Super God, and Taboo!

Taboo represented an existence that was above everything else.

In his memories of his previous life, the Child of Heaven, who caused everyone to be jealous of him, became the number one summoner because of a Myth-grade ‘Elemental Summoner Profession-Change Letter.’ He could summon elemental spirits, which were almost indestructible, to help him. They were really terrifying.

Now, he was holding an even stronger profession-change letter, which was of the Taboo Grade.

[Great Void Taboo Master Profession-Change Letter]: When used, the user will become the supremely noble [Great Void Taboo Master]. User will have the ability to summon the most powerful beings from the various dimensions, which will listen to your command.

Supreme Divine Envoy (Passive): Talent skill. Gain 50 points per attribute for every level up.

Immeasurable Void (Passive): The creatures summoned by the master can ignore the summoning regulations and stay in the current dimension forever as long as enough energy is supplied to them.

Godhood Ladder (Passive): The master will gain 30% of the current summons’ attributes. Stackable.

Looking at these descriptions, Link’s eyes smiled.

As expected of a Taboo-grade profession. It truly is the king of summoners!

Although these were all passive skills, only Link knew how alarmingly powerful they were. Normally, a [Doomsday Online] player’s attributes would each increase by three to five points per level up. However, a [Great Void Taboo Master]’s attributes would increase by as much as 50 points each. This meant that one level for Link was at least ten times stronger than one level for a normal player.

Also, normal summoners’ summoned creatures usually had a time limit. The stronger the creature, the shorter the time limit. Only when the summoner was strong enough to suppress the summoned creature would they be able to increase the duration of the time limit.

Amongst all the professions, the deterrence power of summoners was the strongest in the early stage. This was because even the weakest summoned creature was much stronger than the players that had only just started out.

As the summoner increased in level and had higher attributes, their summoned creatures would also become stronger. No matter what kind of battle it was, a summoner who could summon a powerful creature would definitely be feared by everyone else. However.... once the summoned creature’s time limit reached zero and the battle still hadn’t ended, then disaster awaited the summoner!

Therefore, an outstanding summoner would need strict control over the timing in summoning a creature! Summoners would die if they summoned their creatures too early. They would also die if they summoned their creatures too late!

However, Link didn’t need to worry about this. As long as he prepared enough sacrificial offerings to feed his summoned creatures, they would be able to stay in this dimension forever. They could stay long enough to fight any enemies until they despaired! Lastly, the summoned creatures’ attributes would also increase his attributes. This ability was a bit overpowered!

As everyone knows, although enemies found summoned creatures disgustingly strong, the summoned creatures would disappear as long as they killed the summoner.

Summoners were usually very fragile and not experienced in combat themselves.

However, with the passive skill [Godhood Ladder], Link’s own attributes would also rise significantly once he summoned a powerful creature. If he really managed to summon a god next time and obtained 30% of the god’s attributes, Link would be able to dominate the entire Blue Star just by himself.

It must be said that this profession was really... too overpowered!

“I like it...” The corners of Link’s mouth curved up slightly as he directly tore apart the scroll.