Chapter 6 - 100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 6 Please Don’t Fire Me

Through the peephole, Xia Xiaoluo saw a woman with a smile in a business suit, and seemed very competent and experienced. Xia Xiaoluo guessed that this woman had something to do with the disgusting man. If the woman finds her here, she may consider her as a mistress and kick her ass.

Xia Xiaoluo didn’t want to bring trouble to herself. She just wanted to slip away after a while. So she pretended she didn’t hear it.

“Please open the door, Miss. I know you are inside.” The woman said with a pleasant voice.

“Fuck! You are the Mistress. I’m not. I take no money from him. I’m the victim!” Xia Xiaoluo swore silently in her mind, and she didn’t dare to make any sound.

“Please open the door, Miss. I’m Luna, secretary of president Ling. He told me to bring you clothes.” The woman explained outside the door. But Xia Xiaoluo didn’t open the door anyway, because she’s his secretary, and they must have some kind of relationship. So Xia Xiaoluo kept silent, pretending she’s invisible.

“Miss, if you insist not to open the door, I’ll put the clothes at the front of the door. I’m leaving. Come and take it.” After her speaking, there was no sound outside.

Ling Tianyi had guessed Xia Xiaoluo would not open the door, so he told Luna if the door isn’t open, just put it at the door.

As there was no other sound for a long time, Xia Xiaoluo crept closer to the door and peeped through the peephole to confirm that no one was there. Thinking that although she didn’t want to take his money and things, her clothes had been torn by him, and it’s reasonable for her to have his compensation. Anyway, there were no clothes to wear now. She opened the door, took the carton in, and quickly closed the door.

Opening the exquisite carton, she found outerwear and underwear were all contained in the box. The chest wrap and the panties were well fitted, the light yellow sling dress was just above the knee, and her waist was tied with a jeweled belt, which was elegant and noble.

“There is no tag. Don’t know if it’s expensive. Ah! This dress shan’t be the old clothes worn by that kind of woman? So dirty. But, I have to put up with it.” Xia Xiaoluo talked to herself. She didn’t know the price of this suit, which was a famous brand she couldn’t afford to buy even with several years’ salary.

After collecting her shred clothes, she left Ling Tianyi’s apartment in a hurry.

Xia Xiaoluo first returned to her rented room, and fortunately, there were two sets of work shirts for changing, otherwise she really didn’t know what to do.

After changing her clothes, she immediately rushed to the Innisfree Western Restaurant, where she worked in.

“Where have you been, Xiaoluo?” Eagle-eyed Dou Ya dashed to her as Xia Xiaoluo appeared at the door of the restaurant. Dou Ya was Xia Xiaoluo’s best friend since kindergarten, and they together worked in the Innisfree Western Restaurant to earn a living.

“You let me go of my arm first, you hurt me.” Xia Xiaoluo pulled the red silk neckerchief, for fear Dou Ya would see the marks of unbearable memories on her neck.

“You chit of a girl, is everything okay last night? I was worried about you!”

“What on earth did you do yesterday?”

“You went to deliver a takeout, but you didn’t make it, do you? The customer surnamed Zhou made a complaint.”

“The manager was very mad at this and is about to deduct your wage or fire you. Be careful.”

As Dou Ya kept talking, Xia Xiaoluo had no chance to open her mouth. After all, the thing happened last night is a big shame. Of course, she decided not to tell her the bad experience, and nobody will know it.

“When I went out yesterday, it was a downpour, and my motor broke down. I was totally out of luck.” She had weaved the excuse before, and she immediately changed their topic for fear of her constant questions, “Ya, does the manager really get angry? Will I be fired?”

Dou Ya was about to describe how mad the manager had been, but before her words flow out, the manager came to the front of them with a long face.

“Talk sweat!” Dou Ya whispered, and crept away behind the manager to help do the cleaning.

“Manager, so sorry. I know it’s my fault. Please give me another chance! I swear, I’ll work hard without any complaint. I beg you. Please don’t fire me.” Xia Xiaoluo looked at the manager piteously, for she can’t lose this job.