Chapter 5 - 100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 5 Not Eligible to Carry My Baby

Ling Tianyi took out the checkbook, wrote some numbers down, tore a page off, and handed it to Xia Xiaoluo, “Hey, stop crying. This is your compensation. Take it and you’ll never have to deliver takeout. Take a look. You’ll be satisfied.”

She didn’t take it, so Ling Tianyi put the cheque into her hand bossily. It reads “10,000,000”.

It’s ten million! For a poor girl who was going to tramp on the streets like Xia Xiaoluo; it is a huge amount of money.

Indeed, she was in desperate need of money, but she couldn’t accept this cheque. It was the biggest insult to her personality.

Noticing that the little woman was going to shred the cheque, Ling Tianyi grasped her wrist, “If you tear it, I’ll never write a second one for you. You’d better think straight. Don’t do things you’ll regret.”

Ling Tianyi suspected that she must need money very much, or a young girl like her won’t deliver takeout on a rainy night. So he was very generous, hoping she can keep the money to relieve her hard work in the future.

Sneering, Xia Xiaoluo shook his hand off. Without any hesitation, she shred the check and smashed the pieces on Ling Tianyi’s angry iron face. Then, she said, “You want to buy me? No way!”

“You, headstrong girl!” He pinched her chin, for he had never met such a stubborn woman. Xia Xiaoluo stared at Ling Tianyi with an indomitable expression of a revolutionary martyr.

“Don’t forget to buy and take the morning-after pill. With your stupid gene, you are not eligible to carry my baby.” said Ling Tianyi with a cold face.

“You…you are a pig! Asshole! You have the gene of the beast and the bad guy! I’ll never give birth to your baby even with a knife on my neck.” Although he pinched Xia Xiaolu’s chin, she showed no sign of yielding to him.

Ling Tianyi’s words were actually a kind reminder that a young girl who is conceived before she gets married will have a bad reputation. It’s a pity that although he had good intention, the words from his mouth were very unpleasant for anyone to hear. Of course, he had never had the habit of sweet talk.

Ling Tianyi found Xia Xiaoluo was like a crazy little lion, and he didn’t want to waste time anymore. There were a lot of things to do in his company today. He pushed Xia Xiaoluo away and slammed the door.

“Bastard! Hound! I curse you; curse you spend the rest of your life alone with no children. Go to hell!” Xia Xiaoluo threw a pillow in the direction of Ling Tianyi’s leaving, powerlessly. Ling Tianyi faintly heard her curse, but he ignored it. He had an important meeting to attend today. Because of this clumsy girl, he had wasted too much time today, and everything should be done without any delay.

Xia Xiaoluo couldn’t stand this anymore, for she had suffered such a big loss and had been despised by the asshole. She simply smashed everything that could be smashed in Ling Tianyi’s house, and the house was full of pieces and shards. But this didn’t work off her anger. She used a knife scratching the high-end sofa airlifted from Europe, and painted the salad over it.

After venting her anger, Xia Xiaoluo stepped to the bathroom, seeing herself in the mirror, biting her lip, wiping away the tears, and talking to herself in the mirror, “Xia Xiaoluo, you was just bitten by a mad dog last night. You have not sold yourself. You must be strong and spirited. Only if you are stronger than the rich bully, can you avenge for yourself, other than swearing at his house like today.”

Xia Xiaoluo picked up the toothpaste in the bathroom and squeezed it, writing seven words on the mirror, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Xia Xiaoluo simply tidied herself up, but when she was going to dress up and leave, she found her work shirt in shreds. If she doesn’t patch it up, she can’t wear it at all. She wanted to mend the clothes and sew the buttons, but there was no needle and thread here.

“Ding-dong!” The doorbell rang. Xia Xiaoluo alertly held her breath.