Chapter 8 - 100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 8 You are Both Devils

“Uncle Jiang, to tell you the truth, because of a small mistake, I lost all my wages for a whole month and I was fired by the restaurant.”

“I know that you are so kind. If you kick me away, where am I going to live? Please, Uncle Jiang! Or, how about letting me do the laundry or the house cleaning or the cooking for you? All for free! I will pay all the rent for you after I raise enough money, without giving you a cent less. I will definitely find a job as soon as possible. And I will also borrow some from my friends. Would you be so kind as to give me a few days’ grace, please?”

“Uncle Jiang, please!”

A woman without money is no woman at all. Keeping pleading, Xia Xiaoluo was on the edge to kneel down to the landlord.

At the door, Ling Tianyi understood the whole thing, guessing that he was also responsible for Xia Xiaoluo when the landlord bring troubles to her. If he would have kindly reminded her yesterday, she could have sent the takeout on time. There would be no such trouble. Meanwhile, at the thought of her refusal to accept his ¥10 million despite becoming a homeless beggar, Ling Tianyi found this stubborn little girl was a person of some integrity.

“Xiaoluo, I am not an unreasonable man. But, you know, I have been divorced for many years, so I am very lonely. Be together with me, then you won’t need to pay me the rent anymore. You can live here as long as you want to. Besides, I will also buy pretty clothes for you…” said the Landlord in a more and more kind and pleasant way. But the libidinous smile of him scared Xia Xiaoluo.

At the sight of the landlord’s intention to give her a bearhug, Xia Xiaoluo dodged aside quickly, saying “No, Uncle Jiang. I will borrow money tomorrow and pay the rent soon.”

“A pack of lies! Your rent has been delayed for half a month. No money for the rent, then pay me with your body!” said the landlord while he brought Xia Xiaoluo down by force, intending to kiss her on her fair and tender face with the stink of alcohol and cigarettes in his mouth.

Xia Xiaoluo was too desperate for tears. How could she have such bad luck! Who could come to help her?

Ling Tianyi ran out of patience and kicked the door open in a great fury. Though he was coming to take “revenge” on Xia Xiaoluo, he would never allow anyone else to bully his little girl. The little girl could only be bullied by himself.

“Who are you, stinky? Get out! Don’t sabotage me!” said the landlord in evil spirits. On hearing that, Xia Xiaoluo seemed to see a glimmer of hope. But her feelings were mixed at the sight of the one who came to save her, because he is the same person who had raped her last night.

“You shameless old bastard!” said Ling Tianyi. After that, he beat the landlord black and blue and kicked him out of the room. The landlord crawled his way out for fear that his delayed reaction would cause another beating.

“What are you doing? Follow me!” Ling Tianyi dragged Xia Xiaoluo out of the room. Despite great reluctance, she could not manage to offer any resistance.

Opening the car door, Ling Tianyi said, “Get on.”

But Xia Xiaoluo remained where she was. In her eyes, the man in front of her was also a bastard who had raped her last night, and is as evil as the landlord who just bullied her. Xia Xiaoluo did not want to jump into the fire when she was just out of the frying pan.

“What? Wanna find that old goat?” said Ling Tianyi crossly. Biting her lip, Xia Xiaoluo said, “You’re no better than him. You are both bad guys, old goats, both of whom bullied me…”

There was a disdainful look on Ling’s face. What was she talking about? How ignorant of her failing to recognize him of importance and great stature.

Ling Tianyi, ranked the No.1 eligible bachelor in City A. How could she call him “old goat”, such a bad name? What’s more, she dared compare him to the bald, dirty, old fool having a big beer belly.

Besieged with grievances, Xia Xiaoluo could not help crouching down and crying. Ling Tianyi was helpless and at a loss, for what he was afraid of most was women’s tears. Moreover, in this shanty town where many people go to and fro, his luxury roadster was so eye-catching to arouse much attention. When Xia Xiaoluo was crying, much more heed was paid to them.

“Get on.” Enough of the attention from the crowd of onlookers, Ling Tianyi put Xia Xiaoluo into the co-driver seat by force and he drove to leave this impoverished district where he should not have come for one second.