Chapter 9 - 100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 9 Bite me? Were You a Dog?

“Hey, where do you want to take me to?”

“You psycho! Stop!”

“Stop, or I’ll jump off!”

Shouting at the co-driver seat, Xia Xiaoluo acted like an iron girl.

Ling Tianyi frowned, glancing at the little girl next to him and saying, “Wanna jump off my car? I am afraid you aren’t able to do that, for I have locked all the doors. By the way, little girl, can’t you act like a lady when talking to me?”

“S-t-o-p!” continuing to shout at him, Xia Xiaoluo tried to pull the door but in vain.

“You won’t be able to find your way even if I let you off my car now. But it’s impossible for me to save you once again if you meet with any bad guy.” said Ling Tianyi in a cynical voice.

“Ahhhh, you rotten bastard!” At the thought of what had happened to her last night, Xia Xiaoluo shook her fist at him.

“Ouch!” Braking sharply, Ling Tianyi stopped the car on the roadside. Due to inertia, however, Xia Xiaoluo bent forward without fastening her seat belt, hitting her head.

Realizing the car is stopped, regardless of where it hurt on the head, Xia Xiaoluo then scolded, “Open the door! I don’t want to stay with you bastard in the car.”

“You rotten bastard! Let me get off!” She tried to find the button to unlock the door but failed. What she usually took was the bus, thus not having a knowledge of how to open the door of a private car, let alone one of a limited-edition roadster.

Ling Tianyi almost flew into a rage by Xia’s words. Then he unfastened his seat belt, stepped into the co-driver seat, and held down the crazy little woman with the flame of anger in his eyes. “I was so kind to help you, but you call me ‘bastard’ again and again. Fine, I will then show you how ‘devil’ I am!”

“What are you going to do? Let me go!” Xia Xiaoluo tried to give him a push to the man leaning down on her body, but totally in vain.

“Help! Help…” Finding a car passing by, Xia Xiaoluo shouted loudly only to find it speeding past without any intention to stop.

“It’s a waste of effort, for the car is well soundproofed,” said Ling Tianyi while looking down at his little prey under his body with a determined expression on his face.

While dragging Xia Xiaoluo, in the dim light, Ling Tianyi saw zits left by him last night on her white and fair neck. Senses of pride and victory welled up in his heart.

When Ling Tianyi set the seat down, Xia Xiaoluo realized that she was in danger again. Her blood coagulated. And she struggled and made the best to avoid Ling’s overbearing kisses.

“Why do you hide? Don’t be so shy, little girl! Last night, you were mine. Tonight, you will be mine, too, and you can never escape!” Ling Tianyi pinched her little mouth and quickly kissed her while touching her fragrant tongue. The hot French kiss nearly let her out of breath—she felt suffocated.

“Emm!” Ling Tianyi snorted slightly and cleaned up the blood on his lips.

“Bit me? You dog?” Ling Tianyi flew into a rage then.

“Let me go, you rotten bastard! Go to hell!” Xia Xiaoluo made another attempt to push him away from her by force.

Regardless of all these, Ling Tianyi gagged her with a hot and overbearing kiss to stop her continuous resistance.