Chapter 1 - 100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 1 Why are you at my home?

There was music, aromatherapy, and a woman in a sling nightdress leaning against the couch to taste red wine.

As soon as opening the door of his house, Ling Tianyi frowned. As the president of Huasheng Group, Ling Tianyi is the youngest and richest man in City A.

“Why are you at my home?” he stared the woman with smoky eyes in front of him, his stony face being like an ice sculpture and his fierce voice giving other the creeps.

“Can’t I come, Yi, as your girlfriend? It was your mother who took me here.” The woman didn’t care much about his indifference. Flipping her blonde hair, she stood up from the sofa and walked slowly and leisurely to Ling Tianyi with a goblet filled with red wine in her hand.

The strong perfume of the woman made Ling Tianyi instinctively take a step back.

“I don’t have a girlfriend. Leave now, please. Otherwise, don’t blame me for getting hostile.” Ling Tianyi didn’t want to do more entanglement and turned to the study, ignoring the disgusting woman in the living room.

However, flipping her curly hair, the woman then followed him into the study, writhing her well-rounded body.

But Ling Tianyi actually did not have any interest in this well-dressed woman, Shen Jiani, the father of whom is the boss of Shen Jin Group. He had met with her once and knew that this lady hung in bars and pubs every day and her private life was a total mess.

Shen Jiani had a smile on her fair face like a peach blossom and reached out her arms to the neck of Ling Tianyi, attempting to stick to his body. “Yi, am I beautiful? I am yours tonight.”

Continuing teasing the stony-look man, Shen Jiani, as the queen of the nightclub, was very confident to get this unique man as long as she plays some tricks. She would like to see how different the richest man in City A was from others.

At this moment, Ling Tianyi found that there was something wrong with his body. He was sure that he had been drugged by Shen. He burst into a fury. Being trapped by others made him sick.

“Fuck off!” Ling Tianyi waved his arm and dropped Shen Jiani to the ground.

At this time, without taking into any account whether the woman was the daughter of his father’s old friend, and regardless of Shen’s family, Ling Tianyi just wanted to drive this disgusting woman away as soon as possible. He will never have anything to do with this unappealing woman. What’s more, if things ever happen between Shen and him, he would definitely be forced by his father to marry her, which he will never allow to come true.

“You…” Ling Tianyi found that Shen Jiani did not wear anything under her nightdress when she fell on the ground. He tried his best to control himself.

Despite her fall, Shen Jiani did not get angry but grinned. Standing up and leaning on Ling Tianiyi’s chest, Shen Jiani said, “Look, you can’t lie to me. You guys are all the same—no man can resist the temptation of a woman. You’ve already got a feeling on me, haven’t you? Come on, Yi, accept me.”

Her restless hand attempted to unlock the button of Ling Tianyi’s shirt.

Ling Tianyi flew in a complete fury. He pulled the woman who seemed to stick to his body like a sticky candy, threw her and her stuff outside the door, and slammed the door in her face.

“Ling Tianyi, you bastard, just wait and see! Shit!” Shen Jiani picked up her stuff and started to make a phone call. The aromatherapy worked incredibly well so that she has also taken much incense in, thus she needed a man to deal with its effects.

As for a man, she has never been short of that.

Ling Tianyi blew out the aromatherapy immediately. He knew that he is in urgent need of a pleasing woman easy on his eye to help him solve the problem.