Chapter 2 - 100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 2 You bastard! You will die like a dog!

As the night fell, the lights were on.

With the increasing number of guests, it is at this time that the business of Yin Meng Restaurant was booming.

“Xia Xiaoluo, come up here!”

“Yeah, I’m coming. My dear manager, what could I do for you?” Xia Xiaoluo soon jogged all the way to the manager with a grin on her face.

“This order is urgent. Please make the delivery now.” Manager tore off a note, said “It’s Mr. Zhou and here’s the address. Come back soon.”

“Yes, Sir! Promise to come back here within 30 minutes.” Xia Xiaoluo set out on an electric vehicle. But no more than three minutes later, it rained torrentially.

“Damn! It is really not my day!” Xia Xiaoluo wrapped her raincoat around the ordered meal, for the reason that she cannot afford such a luxurious meal, costing 699.00 yuan, in case it was spoiled by the rain. She should be careful about that. But for herself, if she caught a cold, just some pills will do.

Nearly ten minutes later, like a drowned rat, Xia Xiaoluo rang the bell. Ling Tianyi opened the door with tremendous anger. “Mr. Zhou, here is the meal you ordered. Would you please sign for it?” She put on a sweet smile. According to the Manager, she must treat customers with a friendly attitude.

Ling Tianyi did not make any order at all. His family name was not “Zhou”, neither. Normally in such a case, he would definitely give the deliveryman a dressing down. At this moment, however, he did not get angry.

Looking the little woman in front of him up and down with intense and hot expression in his eyes, Ling Tianyi found her skin was fair, clear and delicate and her face sweet, pure and clean. Wet by the rain, the working clothes were stuck to her body, revealing her slime but well-balanced figure thoroughly.

Ling Tianyi cannot help himself anymore, jerking the little beauty in front of him to his arms, he turned back to the room.

“Hey! What are you doing? Let me go… help!” Xia Xiaoluo shouted out as if she were a frightened bunny, the takeout spoilt on the floor.

Ling Tianyi took Xia right into his bedroom. Xia Xiaoluo was so frustrated. After many attempts she eventually found the job working at the western-style restaurant. But why should she meet such a bastard when she did the delivery work for the first time?

“Mr. Zhou, I came here only to send what you’ve ordered. Let me go now, or…” said Xia Xiaoluo, seizing the man’s arms and trying to reason with him. But, before she could finish her words, the man’s fiery lips were covering hers.

“Hmm…” Her words were ceased by his domineering kiss.

Ling Tianyi finally left Xia Xiaoluo’s soft and exquisite little lips until he found she may not breathe.

“Mr. Zhou, I came here just sending you your order. I will call the police if you do it again! You’ll be arrested.” said Xia Xiaoluo. Completely panic-stricken, she wanted to leave this dangerous man as soon as possible. Only at the age of 18, Xia Xiaoluo had not ever been dating any man. She must not be bullied by this man.

“Babe, it’s you who sent yourself to me! You are the best meal. Be good! I will make you the most expensive order in history.” Ling Tianyi did not want to hurt any innocent victim, but this little girl was too hot!

“Let me go, you bastard!” said Xia Xiaoluo, but Ling Tianyi just ignores her.

He did not care about Xia’s pounding which was short of strength as if he were having a scratch.

What he could feel was that the little girl who delivered the takeout was shivering. Different from her, his partners used to be together with him all exerted themselves to the utmost to please him. But this little poor would be so frightened and helpless, which excited him to the greatest extent.

“You bastard! You’ll die like a dog…” said Xia Xiaoluo.

She felt like she would be close to her last. She cried and asked, bit and groaned, again and again but all in vain. She could not hold on any longer…