Chapter 10 - 100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 10 Come with a Fever

Xia Xiaoluo trembled all over her body, feeling that she would come to a bad end as being bullied by this devil. Tears came to her eyes and the desperate expression was found on her face.

She could not endure the pressure anymore with her head down and losing her consciousness.

“Hey, wake up!” Ling Tianyi slapped her pinky and fair cheek and then touched her forehead. “Shit! So hot! Got a fever right at this moment.”

Twenty minutes later, a limited-edition Lamborghini Hermes-edition roadster stopped at the front gate of St. Mary Private Hospital. A well-dressed and extremely handsome man took a young lady to the emergency room in arms.

“President Ling, rest assured! She just got a common fever.” said a doctor in a very polite way, since no one would be impolite to Ling Tianyi. It is because he had the biggest share of all the stocks of the hospital.

“When could she leave the hospital?” Ling Tianyi asked in a cool voice.

“After finishing the drip, then observe her for some time. If her temperature comes down, then she can leave the hospital.”

“All right, give her the best treatment.” Sitting down on the sofa next to the sickbed and staring at the little girl whose cheeks flushed due to the fever, Ling Tianyi took pity on her. Though she had ruined his apartment, he did not care about it at the moment. He only hoped that she would be better as soon as possible.

A ring from Ling Tianyi’s smartphone broke the silence of the room. “Hey, Mum, what’s the matter by calling me so late?”

“As you are my son, I cannot call you if nothing’s important, can I? Look, how long have you been away from home?” On hearing that, Ling Tianyi frowned. What annoyed him most is to go home, for he would definitely be asked to get married.

“Mum, I’m so busy, you know! How about going home to see you some days later?” Ling Tianyi made a few casual remarks to his mother, who was also not cheated by these words. Then his mother, named He Meishu, replied, “Tomorrow Uncle Shen will come to City Jiang. So will Jiani. Come to have dinner with them at night tomorrow. You two come to get known with each other.”

“I am not available, for I have to meet with a client at night tomorrow.” Quickly as he could, Ling Tianyi tried to find an excuse. He felt it so disgusting when hearing the name of Jiani.

“No way! That’s flat! I just met Jiani. How did you offend her? She was so angry! Uncle Shen will come to City A tomorrow just right in time, so you come to have a meal with him and try your best to please Jiani. You know, you two are from families of similar backgrounds. So do not send Jiani, my ideal daughter-in-law, away again with a flea in her ear.”

“Yi, did I lose you? Come to dinner tomorrow, or you will lose me, your mother!” He Meishu did not give Ling Tianyi any chance to bargain with her at the thought of the marriage of her son.

“Got it.” Ling Tianyi felt so gloomy. But, conversely, it was also a good chance to make it clear with Shen Jiani.