Chapter 3 - 100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 3 Offer me your price!

In the early morning, Xia Xiaoluo was in a complete muddle as if last night were a nightmare, dirty and scaring.

But, after opening her eyes, she found herself lying in a strange but luxurious bedroom, completely naked. Her body was arching with weariness and her mind in a trance, both reminding her of the shameful night she had experienced last night. Meanwhile, that also let her know clearly the fact, namely, she was raped.

“Shit! You rotten bastard! Jerk! Bad guy…” said Xia Xiaoluo in mixed emotions of grievance anger and fear. She felt like she was going crazy.

Anyway, she must leave this room right now, even less than one minute. Wrapped in the silk quilt, she tended to get off the bed. But, weak at knees, she was falling down to the floor, for she almost did not have any strength to support her body after one intense night.

When her head was about to knock on the bedside table, Xia Xiaoluo was unexpectedly taken up in arms and then was put on the bed.

Gnashing her teeth and flushing angrily, she stared at the well-dressed man, also the bastard, who raped her last night. After three seconds of silence, she finally broke out…

“I… I will kill you, you bastard! Wretch…I hit you…hit you…” At the moment, Xia Xiaoluo grabbed the pillow to hit Ling Tianyi, acting like a mad little lion.

Standing where he was, Ling Tianyi did not stop Xia’s action, letting her take it out on him. Anyway, it would hurt him.

Drugged by damn Shen Jiani yesterday, he forced to occupy the virginity of the little girl and enjoyed himself very much. As for the poor girl, however, she must suffer a lot. At the thought of it, Ling Tianyi restrained himself and did not tend to throw Xia Xiaoluo out of his room as he may normally do.

“Enough? If so, offer me your price. I will give you your due, since I said that I will make you the most expensive takeout.” Founding her getting crazier and angrier as she hit him, Ling Tianyi supposed that it was until at the end of the world that the little girl would not possibly stop hitting him with the pillow, in case that he did not speak out these words.

“You… how do you see me like this? How come there can be such a shameless man like you? I will sue you! I definitely will!” Xia Xiaoluo shouted. The sild quilt mostly slipped off, however, when she was in mad. Noticing it, she pulled the quilt back quickly.

Raised his eyebrows in disapproval, Ling Tianyi showed a cynical look and said, “What are you hiding? I saw anything from you last night, which I should, or I should not have seen. Frankly speaking, you don’t have a good figure.”

“You…you bastard! Some Zhou, listen, I will definitely keep suing you until you are imprisoned. No, I will keep suing you until you are shot, for ten thousand times!” Pointing Ling Tianyi’s nose, Xia Xiaoluo showed a strong-willed and determined face.

But, taking away her finger, Ling Tianyi said with an evil smile, “Then go ahead, sue Mr. Zhou. My surname is not Zhou. Anyway, it’s not my business.”

“Why not! You…” Then something occurred to Xia Xiaoluo and she said, “Humph, I see. You did it deliberately. You phoned to order a takeout so as to deceive women into coming here…”

Speechless! He, Ling Tianyi, ranked first in the rank of the highly eligible bachelors of City A. Rich in money and powers, as well as with a handsome face, he could have any kind of women to be together with him as long as he wanted. Once hooking the little finger, he would have numerous women giving themselves freely. What rich imagination the little girl has!

“Look, no matter what family you come from, I will never let you off!” Xia Xiaoluo flew into a rage by such shameless man who she had never ever met with.

Xia Xiaoluo’s jabbering really irritated Ling Tianyi and lured him into kissing her heavily in order to shut her up.