The morning passed in the blink of an eye. Swordsman Pero only focused his attention on those who had elemental affinities. On the other hand, he let people such as Merlin and Anson who had no elemental affinities do as they like.

Swordsman Pero clapped his hands to announce the end of the morning swordsmanship practice. Some people already stood up and started to leave.

Macy appeared excited. It seemed that she yielded good results under the guidance of Swordsman Pero today. Macy had an eye contact with Anson who greeted her somewhat awkwardly as she came to meet Merlin. “Young Lady Macy!”


Macy ignored Anson and turned around. It seemed she was not fond of him.

“Let’s go, we shall hurry back.”

Macy took Merlin by arm and quickly left the church. Outside, Moss had long waited on the carriage.

“Merlin, see you in the afternoon!”

From behind, Anson made a strange face at Merlin before getting into his carriage and leaving the church.

In the carriage, Macy stared fiercely at Merlin and gasped out in anger. “Merlin, I’ve told you many times not to hang out with Anson. He always influences you to fool around…”

It seemed that Macy was not fond of Anson at all and regarded him as a bad influence on Merlin. However, judging from their interaction earlier, Anson seemed more fearful than angry of her.

“Why does Anson seem to be afraid of you?” asked Merlin.

“Didn’t Anson tell you?”

Macy looked suspiciously at Merlin, but soon, she seemed to realize something. She nodded and said, “I understand, it must be too shameful for Anson to say.”

A few seconds later, Macy raised her fist angrily. “I found out the last time Anson took you to fool around with some women, so I secretly taught him a painful lesson. However, it seems that he didn’t learn from experience. It’s about time for another reminder.”

Merlin was speechless looking at the way Macy was pleased with herself. Perhaps his sister had violent tendencies! However, it was no wonder Anson was intimidated of her considering the frightening power Macy possessed.

The carriage kept bumping along the road, and it was feeling rather dull inside the carriage. After a long while, Merlin asked Macy hesitantly, “Macy, how did you sense the Elements?”

Macy lifted her head in surprise, but she still considered his question seriously before whispering, “It’s really simple. I can sense it when I close my eyes, but I can only sense the Fire Elements. I can’t see or touch it, but I’m able to sense it. I can even sense when they gradually enter my body. Later, I can gather them into a powerful force when I finally accumulate enough of them!”

Merlin nodded slightly. He quietly closed his eyes and try to feel it the way that Macy explained, but he could not sense the slightest thing. Perhaps elemental affinity was indeed innate. There was no way to change it. The people without elemental affinity was not possible to sense the Elements.

Merlin’s plan of becoming an Elemental Swordsman fell through.

Not long after, the carriage arrived at the Wilson Castle. The butler had already prepared a hearty lunch. There was a lamb that was roasted to perfect golden yellow that gave off strong meaty aroma.

However, Merlin had no appetite and only ate a little.

Macy, on the other hand, ate with a gusto. When she finally devoured the whole lamb, she patted her belly satisfactorily. She leaned back on the seat and glanced at Merlin before speaking in a worried tone, “Merlin, I’m skipping etiquette class this afternoon to practice sword in the church. You’ll go to the class in Moss’s carriage, but you must come back before night falls. Don’t you dare go fooling around with that bad influence Anson again! Otherwise, hehe, you know the consequences! Father specifically asked me to keep an eye on you before he leaves!”

Merlin nodded slightly at Macy’s threat. It seemed that the former Merlin was always sort of half-baked.

Macy left the castle soon after. Merlin felt the weather was getting colder, hence he went upstairs to fetch himself a thick coat before returning downstairs to get into Moss’s carriage.

In the carriage, Merlin rubbed his temple at his problem. He completely had no idea that he was to attend an etiquette class in the afternoon. This showed that his memory loss was actually quite severe.

Fortunately, he had Moss. He was a good person. Moss had not much to say in the carriage and fulfilled his duty to send Merlin to the class.

Merlin got out of the carriage. In front of his eyes was a three-story building with a rusty iron fence at the entrance. An old gatekeeper curled up in the corner seemed to be dozing off, his eyes half-squinting. However, he would open the iron fence as long as someone arrived.

“Young Master Merlin’s here unusually early today.”

The old man who guarded the door was wrapped in a broken coat, his face had turned red in the cold wind. He greeted Merlin familiarly.

Due to Merlin’s memory loss, he could not remember the old man’s name. He only nodded and smiled.

It was empty inside, so Merlin headed for the small building. The creaky floorboard squeaked as he stepped on the wooden stairs as if his weight was too much of a burden.

The walls next to the stairs were painted with some colorful murals of characters and scenery of various quality. Even he who was not involved in the art world would notice that some of these murals were no different from graffiti.

Merlin came to a few empty spacious rooms as he loitered aimlessly on the second floor. There were some instruments such as tambourines and organs, so these should be the place for music lessons.

“Hey, Merlin, what are you doing there? We don’t have a music lesson, but a history lesson for today.”

Merlin turned his head around at the familiar voice. It was the red-haired Anson.

Anson grabbed Merlin and brought him to the third floor, all the while acting mysterious and winked his eyes at Merlin. “Come on, we should hurry so we get good seats. I heard that we have a new history teacher today. A really beautiful one. I’m really looking forward to seeing her!”

Merlin was unsure where to go so he followed Anson all the way to a spacious room on the third floor.

There were already more than a dozen young men and women dressed in gorgeous costumes seated in the room. People gathered in a small group and chatted gaily. When Merlin and Anson arrived, a fat man sitting in the front row waved frantically at their direction.

“Good job, Gutt. You got us such good seats. You’ve always been the most proactive every time we have a beautiful teacher.”

Anson was all smiles when he greeted the little fatty.