Merlin could still faintly recall Gutt, the little fatty from his memory. Thus, Merlin searched his memory the best he could, unmoving on the surface. Finally, some information about Gutt popped up from his memory.

Gutt. His full name was Dougland Gutt. The Dougland family was nothing notable. They only attained their status during the generation of the old Dougland. Even though they were not wealthy, they were not even nobles on top of that, old Dougland was truly incredible. He built his fame from scratch. From the status of a civilian, he had become the wealthy man in the current Blackwater City in just a few decades.

More than ninety percent of the jewels in the entire Blackwater city was managed by the Dougland family, so the little fatty Gutt tended to be generous with his spending. Naturally, he soon mixed well with Merlin and Anson.

Gutt was very chubby. Sitting at the front row, he himself could take up the seats for two. He had small eyes and, with a little squint, his eyes could almost transform into a thin line. Gutt was obviously elated when he saw Merlin and Anson. He quickly said, “Quick. I already saved seats for both of you. It’s in the first row!”

Merlin and Anson sat down at rest. Then, both of them began to discuss their new history teacher relentlessly.

Merlin shook his head slightly. Looking at Anson and Gutt, almost all their topic included women. No wonder Macy warned Merlin to not fool around. Without proper self-control, it was indeed not easy to not fool around with these two guys around.

However, Merlin still attained something useful. From their casual conversation, he slowly understood the situation. This was the etiquette class for nobles that was set up by a noble in Blackwater City. The purpose of this class was to teach aristocratic etiquette specifically for people like him.

These aristocratic etiquettes included music, history, philosophy, art and all sorts of complicated things. Other than those born into a noble family, the son of a wealthy man like Gutt, though not of a noble bloodline, would be sent here to learn of aristocratic etiquette as well. It was to ease the communication with the noble in the future.

After a while, the whole room became crowded. People kept flooding in. The empty house before was almost full at this moment. Merlin made an estimation. There were about forty people in the house.

One of them was a thin, pale man. He walked through the front door and seemed to intentionally walk past Merlin. He took a glance at Merlin and snorted. He was full of disdain towards Merlin. He then sat at the back row.

Merlin could not remember much about this man, but apparent enough, this man was not that friendly with Merlin.

“Tirath again. This self-centered guy. Merlin, don’t mind about him. The marriage between you and Avril has already been decided. No matter how unsatisfied this guy is, there’s no use anyway.”

Anson said in a low voice. Merlin nodded as he grasped at this information. However, Merlin was not aware of Tirath’s identity. He was lucky to have a big-mouthed friend like Anson who easily spat out information just by a little nudge.

Tirath was the oldest son of the Vingult family. Just like Merlin, he was also the absolute heir to the baron title. In fact, Merlin and Tirath’s conflict was not exactly personal. It was more of a conflict between families. It was rather cliché speaking of this.

Baron Vingult once fell in love with a woman. Coincidentally, Old Wilson fell in love with her as well. Both even had a duel secretly for her. At last, it was Old Wilson who won the duel and got the woman. She was the current eighth wife of Old Wilson, Macy’s mother.

Merlin was speechless. He did not think that huge breasted madam had such a charm in her during her younger days to the point of sparking a duel between two men of nobility.

Tirath loved Avril and the Vingult family also begged for her hand through the Parman family. However, in the end, Baron Parman allowed Avril to be engaged to Merlin instead. Thus, the conflict between the Vingult family and the Wilson family became completely tied and unable to dissolve.

“Merlin, Tirath hates you to the bone. He always seeks trouble with you. You need to be careful. Stay away from him and don’t fight with him. Even though this guy is self-centered, it is undeniable that he has a few things up his sleeve. He possesses affinity to the Earth Element and has a great chance of becoming Earth Swordsman. The three of us combined won’t be able to go against him.”

Anson advised deeply, apparently rather cautious against Tirath.

“Elemental Swordsman again?”

Merlin nodded. He had the opportunity to witness the power of these people who had an affinity to the Elements. Naturally, he would not be so dumb as to start a fight with Tirath.

After a short while, the sound of boots slamming on the floor could be heard from outside of the house. A lady entered the room. Immediately, the whole room became silent.

This lady had long legs that were wrapped in nude-colored stockings. She was wearing a cashmere overcoat, but it could not cover the lush hills on her chest. She had a hot body that released a sort of mature and seductive aura about her.

Even though she looked seductive with her hot body, every movement of hers was filled with elegance. Enchanting and elegance, both extremely different qualities, seemed to perfectly merge in this lady.


Anson and Gutt stared hard at this lady who just came, obviously overwhelmed by her aura.

The lady did not mind the gaze set upon her. She gave a mild smile. “I am your new history teacher. You can call me Gia.”

“Perfect. Utmost perfect! I can’t believe I met such a perfect lady. No way. Merlin, Gutt, let’s make this clear first. Never go for Gia. She is mine.”

Anson seemed very worked up to the point of spouting nonsense.

Gutt said with dissatisfaction, “Pfft. Anson, can’t you see how many have their eyes set on her? Still, if you really want to do this, it’s not impossible, too. Everyone knows what’s the deal for being a teacher here. Isn’t it just to seduce the nobles here? These people want to attain the status. Let me look up the history of this Gia after this. At least, it makes it easier for you to get close to her.”

As for Gutt’s words, Merlin could not comment much. He had no impression of this place in his memory. Naturally, he did not know of the situation here. However, after listening to the conversation between Gutt and Anson, most of the female teachers here came to seduce nobles. If they were able to succeed, they could attain the status they wanted.

In fact, their previous history teacher no longer came to give classes because she had gotten together with the son of a baron. Thus, the teachers that came here basically did not have many pure motives.

Gia seemed extremely calm as she said nonchalantly, “alright. Let’s begin our class. Today, I’m going to talk about antiquess with you!”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Gia took a delicate ring from her pocket. She held it high. The sunlight that shot through the window fell on the ring, presenting a porcelain-like white color.