“History delivers knowledge and civilization to the people. Therefore, as a noble, you must learn about the history. Antiques bore the marks of the history. To learn history well, you must learn about antiques well.”

“The nobles ought to be knowledgeable, elegant and intelligent. A true noble must love antiques and be an expert about it. This ring in my hand. Can anyone tell me about its background?”

Gia held the ring up high. Under the sunlight, it did not give off much of a gleam. Obviously, it was not made from gemstones. Its material should be rather special.

Merlin knew nothing about antiques, but Anson fancied it more. He used to collect some interesting antiques usually. Hearing Gia’s question, Anson immediately stood up.

“Miss Gia, can I have a good look at the ring, please?”

Gia nodded and handed the ring to Anson. Anson caressed the ring lightly and studied the pattern on it carefully. At last, he said confidently, “This ring is made from a special material. My guess is jade. Using jade to make rings. Historically, it was only during the secret age of the Molta Empire 3600 years ago that it was common for people to make rings out of jade. The pattern on the ring also presents a similar fashion. It should be a ring from the age of the Molta Empire without a doubt.”

As she listened to Anson’s logical analysis about the ring’s background, a hint of surprise dashed across Gia’s eyes. She nodded. “That’s right. You said well. What is your name?”

Anson was elated and immediately replied, “I am Anson.”

Gia nodded and continues, “Good. Anson’s analysis is accurate. I can see that Anson is very knowledgeable. He has already gotten a hold of the most basic element of aristocracy etiquette. Every noble should be knowledgeable. However, even if you don’t know anything about antiques now, that’s alright. I will use a long time to teach you the basic fundamentals of understanding antiques. Now, I will show this ring around. Feel the material and look at the pattern on it. Feel the touch of time upon it.”

The ring was first passed to the people at the front row like Merlin. Merlin was not particularly interested in antiques, but he was intrigued by the Molta Empire Gia mentioned.

Merlin had some recollection of this Molta Empire in his memory. The Molta Empire 3600 years ago was undoubtedly a great yet secretive empire.

It was great because the Molta Empire 3600 years ago had ruled over the whole land unlike now. There were at least a few dozens of kingdoms in the entire land now.

It was secretive because the downfall of the Molta Empire was unbelievable. It had fallen almost in one night and without any indication. The entireMolta Empire only existed for less than a hundred years. Until now, there was not any acknowledged conclusion about the reason why the Molta Empire had crumbled apart in one night.

“Why would such a huge empire crumble apart in one night?” Merlin could not believe this. He tended to believe that the flow of time had caused inaccurate rumors to pass down generations upon generations. And so, the true reason that Molta Empire had fallen was covered up.

The ring was passed to the back and Gia followed to the back. At this time, Merlin noticed the riled-up Anson had a difficult look on him.

“What’s wrong, Anson?”

Merlin asked in a light voice.

Anson took a complicated glance at Gia who walked to the back, then sighed. He slowly said, “It is most probably impossible to get Gia now. I thought she is the same as any other woman that came here for some rich noble boys. But after seeing that ring, I think this is not plausible. Do you know how much that ring cost?”

“A dozen silver coins?”

Gutt did not know much about antiques as well. To him, gemstones were the most valuable. This ring was only made from jades. It was good enough to worth a dozen silver coins.

However, Anson shook his head. “It can’t be bought even from a dozen gold coins. You may not know this, the antiques from the age of the Molta Empire priced at an unbelievable value in the current market. Don’t even mention this delicate-looking ring that belongs to the nobles then. She can bring out an antique that priced at more than a few dozens of gold coins. Do you seriously think Gia came for money?”

Merlin fell into his thoughts. In this world, there were three currencies that could be used at face value: gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins. A gold coin was equivalent to a thousand bucks in his previous life. A few dozens of gold coins were equal to more than ten thousand. Someone who could bring out more than ten thousand nonchalantly wouldn’t seduce the nobles for status indeed.

“Yeah. Makes sense. Look like this woman has some background there, but that’s fine. There is no one that I can’t investigate. Give me a few days. I can even dig out the information of Gia’s previous three generations.”

Gutt was brimming with confidence.

Gia’s first lesson soon passed. These nobles only had one class each day, so people began to leave slowly.

Merlin and his friends came out of the building. Moss was already waiting at that place. When Merlin was about to get into the carriage, Anson quickly tugged at his coat and spoke in a low voice, “Merlin, what are you doing going back so early? Let’s go to a place together.”

Merlin thought of Macy’s previous warning. He shook his head helplessly. “It’s fine. I should get back early. I will pass today. Moreover, Macy warned me to go back before the day gets dark anyway.”

Anson quickly said, “Merlin, where do you think we are going? Hehe. I am bringing you to open your eyes now. Lately, an acquaintance of mine brought some new antiques. Gutt and I want to take a look at it.”

“Just antiques?” Merlin was a little hesitant.

“Of course. Let’s go.”

Merlin finally nodded and said to Anson and Gutt. “Come on up. Let Moss send us there.”

Anson was disdainful. “With this? It’s a torture to be in there. Let us take Gutt’s carriage.”

Merlin raised his head. An extravagant-looking carriage that was covered with a layer of fur and pulled by four horses appeared in front of them. Merlin compared the carriages and showed a bitter smile. He nodded then and told Moss, “Moss, pick Macy up at the church. It’s more comfortable to take the carriage in such a cold weather.”

“Young Master Merlin, then how are you coming back?”

Moss took a look at Anson and Gutt, his face full of worry.

Gutt waved his hand. “I will send Young Master Merlin back.”

Moss nodded and said no more. He immediately directed his coach towards the church. Merlin and the bunch then went into Gutt’s luxurious carriage and slowly left.