Chapter 3 - 100 Billion Doted On ( Machine Translation )

Chapter 3: Chapter 003, I'll say it for the last time

Author: DawnMachine Translation

As Zuo Aiai spoke, her lips were fixed in an indifferent smile. She gazed nonchalantly at the Dankou manicure on her fingertips, as if she were considering nothing more serious than what she would have for dinner that night.

“However, I believe you’ve seen what kind of treatment is generally given to children. As long as I’m his official wife, I’ll have all the power. Children can only live a lowly life, like you do. People don’t respect them. Now that you’ve done what you’ve done, his opinion of you will never change.” ​​

“Who says it won’t change?” sounded a masculine voice as cold as ice. Zuo Yunyun’s face lit up as if she’d seen her savior.

But Zuo Aiai's face fell the moment the voice's owner stepped into the room.

It was none other than Chen Ziyi, her soon-to-be-married fiancé.

The man who had chased her for ten years, the man who had promised he wouldn't leave her for as long as he lived.

But now he was regarding her with nothing more than a cold smile. Walking to Zuo Yunyun's side, he lovingly pulled her into his arms. "The wedding hasn't been held yet. And even if it still is, we can always get a divorce. Who is the main wife and who is the mistress? From ancient times until now, it has always been up to the man."

Zuo Aiai felt his words like a knife in her chest, but her pride would not allow her to show any weakness.

Looking away to hide her pain, she said in her usual frosty tone,

"Ziyi, stop playing games. It's time to go home."

"Zuo Aiai, I wanted to ask you—do you still remember what day it is today?" A hint of pain flashed across Chen Ziyi's handsome face. He stared at this woman whom he both loved and hated, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find a the faintest trace of emotion in her eyes.

She just continued staring at him with what appeared to be indifference. "Ziyi, I'll say it for the last time. It's time to go home."

"Enough, Zuo Aiai! I've had enough of you! You're a heartless, cold-blooded woman. I'm completely disappointed in you. I will marry Zuo Yunyun instead. I will never let her become the lowly mistress that you say she is. Zuo Aiai, I want to break off the engagement."

When she walked out of room 3340, Zuo Aiai was still prideful. She held her head high, and every step she took was elegant and flawless.

The moment she shut the door, reporters and cameramen started to rush out from two nearby elevators. Most of them had put on earphones in advance, obviously eavesdropping on their conversation in the room just now.

She sneered. Zuo Yunyun was always so meticulous in her preparations.

In this way, even Chen Ziyi could not go back on his word.

Still, she could hardly believe the engagement between them was really over.

"Excuse me! Miss Zuo Aiai! I heard that the Zuo family is on the verge of bankruptcy, and that they're relying on the Chen family for survival. We just received news that you and Mr. Chen have broken off the engagement?"

"Bincheng entertainment has been hearing for years about how your sister and Mr. Chen are the ones actually in love. It's you who have come between them, not the other way around. May I ask if Mr. Chen was the one who requested that the engagement be broken off this time?"

This is how it was to be a wealthy member of the upper class.

When you were on top of your game, the reporters would sing your virtues.

But when you were down and out, they'd be the first to step on you.

But she...even at this time, she must not lose her composure.

The reporters had bribed the hotel manager and hid for almost two hours. They had been waiting for this moment. They were looking forward to seeing Zuo Aiai, once the number one socialite of Binhai City, betray any hint of emotion on her impassive face.

If she panicked, she'd only be feeding them more gossip about rich and powerful families.