Chapter 4 - 100 Billion Doted On ( Machine Translation )

Chapter 4: Chapter 004 was flattered

Author: DawnMachine Translation

Zuo Aiai did not show any emotion whatsoever on her face.

She just looked at the camera coldly, smiling arrogantly. ​​

Then she opened her thin lips as if she were holding a press conference, and the official voice she'd practiced for such occasions rang out.

"Thank you, reporters and photographers, for waiting out here for so long. I'm sure it's been hard on you. Even though the Zuo family is not quite what it used to be, everyone still pays so much attention to me, which is flattering. But aside from that, I'm sorry to say that I can't give any precise answers to your questions. Even wealthy families are made up of ordinary people, so it's normal for there to be changes in our relationships from time to time. And of course, even if Chen Ziyi really does end up marrying my sister, I will give them my best wishes from the bottom of my heart. But right now, I'm going to the city center. If there are any more reporters who still want to follow me, I won't refuse. I'll just have to ask you to make way for me to get through. Thank you."

Holding the title of Binhai City's number one socialite was not something to be taken lightly.

Especially now, when the Zuo family was no longer as powerful as it once was, Zuo Aiai's magnanimity and indifferent way of handling things was all the more impressive.

As usual, Zuo Aiai had handled the situation gracefully.

Meanwhile, in room 3340, Chen Ziyi looked at the reporters crowded outside their door. His expression was even stonier now than it had been when he was speaking to Zuo Aiai.

"Zuo Yunyun, what's going on?" he asked.

Zuo Yunyun had risked everything making sure everything went according to plan today.

Ever since they'd gotten engaged, Zuo Aiai had refused to sleep with Chen Ziyi, and so Zuo Yunyun had tried to get him to use her as a substitute, to take her. And one night, when he was drunk, it had finally happened...

At the time, she'd felt like she was on top of the world. She'd felt invincible!

But after that first night, Chen Ziyi's actions had made her heart turn cold.

Chen Ziyi told her that his wife in this life had to be Zuo Aiai, and Zuo Aiai alone.

How could she be willing?

She had designed all of this so that Chen Ziyi would marry her.

But she had already come so far...

How could she...?

"Ziyi, actually I..."

She skillfully put on an innocent expression, fully intending to deny that she knew anything.

But when Chen Ziyi's icy gaze swept over her, she was so frightened that she could not say a word.

This was the first time she'd seen such an expression on Chen Ziyi's face.

"I always knew that you were good at playing tricks, but because your face is so similar to your sister's, I've always turned a blind eye to it. But it turns out, Zuo Yunyun, that your courage and ambition are even greater than I thought! Isn't that right?"

He pinched her chin as if he was going to crush her.

"Well, since you so clearly want the position of Chen's young madam...I'll give it to you. But you must keep in mind that this position will be Zuo Aiai's sooner or later. Whether it's for a day or a week, you should enjoy the short-term happiness of being a wife."


Zuo Aiai ordered a cup of the strongest Tequila and a full tilt.

Her best friend took a slow sip of her Blue Hawaii and stared at her. "Aren't you going on a date with your fiancé? What's going on?"

"Xiaoxiao, don't ask. I just want to drink today."

She would only show such an unscrupulous side of herself in front of her best friend. As the former number one socialite in Binhai City, only Lei Xiaoxiao knew how much she had sacrificed in order to maintain her title.