Chapter 7 - 100 Billion Doted On ( Machine Translation )

Chapter 7: Chapter 007, you... ... Who is it ? ?

Author: DawnMachine Translation

Zuo Aiai opened her eyes a crack, feeling dizzy.

Scenes of her first meeting with Chen Ziyi flashed through her mind, one right after another. ​​

She thought it was Chen Ziyi's arms that she was in, and she couldn't help but hug his waist tightly.

"Please don't go, don't leave me behind...Ziyi..."

"President! This young miss, she..." Seeing Jin Di with woman in his arms, Danil fell silent, completely stunned.

Jin Di was famous for not liking other people touching his body, especially women.

But this woman wasn't only touching him—her arms were wrapped tightly around his waist.

She must be crazy!

"I need a car to the Hilton Hotel," Jin Di's said, his eyes darkening slightly. He looked at the woman hanging around his waist, then at his own arm.

He said nothing more...

Zuo Aiai felt like she was halfway in a dream. She opened her eyes in a daze, and could feel that her lower abdomen was uncomfortably swollen. When she tried to stand up straight, her dizziness only intensified.

Holding the bedstead beside her, she tried to walk. But just then, she heard the sound of running water.

"Water...water! I need a drink of water, and I really need to go to the toilet. Toilet? Where's the toilet?"

She fumbled for a few steps toward a glass window and saw a light shining through it. Without thinking, she pushed the door open and entered.

Jin Di was taking a shower. He hadn't expect that woman to wake up at this time, let alone barge in!

He watched her coldly as she walked to the toilet, unaware of his presence, and lifted the toilet lid.

After a while, the expression on her face had shifted into one of comfort, and just as she was about to get up...her gaze suddenly fell on the man beside her!


Their eyes met!

She sat there for a moment, completely stunned.

He thought she might scream.

But in the end, she just looked at him quietly, standing up as if nothing had happened and flushing the toilet.

Out of habit, she walked to the sink to wash her hands. As she walked out the door, she decided to tease him a little bit.

"Hehe, the dreams nowadays are so realistic! But if it's a dream, then why would I dream of such a man? It's really such a pity—you'd think I could dream up a better face than that one..."

Jin Di's handsome face, which was dripping with water, instantly furrowed into a self-conscious scowl. He lowered his head to look at himself in the mirror, then turned off the shower, feigning unconcern as he wrapped himself in a towel.

Zuo Aiai made her way back to the bed. Her head was heavy, and her whole body felt soft and fuzzy. All she wanted now was to have a good sleep...

But just as she was about to leap back into the comfort of the huge bed in front of her...

Someone pulled on her arm forcefully!

"Woman, you have guts, huh?"

The pain in her arm woke up her muddled brain a little. Widening her eyes, she looked at the handsome man in front of her, tilting her head back to get a good look at his face.

"Who are you...?"

"Who am I?" The man reached out and grabbed her chin. The corners of his thin lips curled up slightly, forming a devilish smile. "You were the one who hugged me and didn't allow me to leave. Who do you think I should be?"

"I hugged you?" Her head was as dull as a rusty clock, her voice faint. "How is that possible? I'm clearly dreaming!"

Narrowing her eyes, she smiled in a daze. She poked the man in front of her with a shaking finger, and her smile became even more cheerful…