Chapter 6 - 100 Billion Doted On ( Machine Translation )

Chapter 6: Chapter 006 don't hate me... ... Okay ? ?

Author: DawnMachine Translation

Narrowing her eyes, Zuo Aiai looked at the door in front of her and then at the two men outside it. Dizzy, she said, "You're not... going in?"

They looked at each other but didn't move. She frowned. "Forget it. If you don't want to go in, I will!" ​​

They both gawked at her. Finally, the fat man composed himself enough to ask, "Miss, you are The Number One Jewel?"

It wasn't unusual for a young girl to have a few drinks on her first day, but this girl was clearly very drunk.

Zuo Aiai frowned. “Hehe…The Number One Jewel? Of course I’m number one…Everyone in Binhai City knows that I’m…”

“Yes, yes, that’s her. HURRY UP AND OPEN THE DOOR! Mr. Chen has been waiting for this for a long time! HURRY UP!”


Jin Di had never liked doing business with people who were not punctual.

He took one last look at his watch, confirming that ten minutes had passed since the time they’d agreed upon.

He loosened his tie before picking up his car keys, standing up, and walking out the door.

However, the moment he opened the door to the private room, a figure crashed into his arms.

Before he had time to think, Jin Di reflexively stretched out his hand and pushed. He realized that the figure had been a woman—and that the woman was now lying on the sofa.

The door to the private room closed behind him immediately after he stepped through it. Furrowing his brow, Jin Di stepped forward and pulled. Sure enough, the door was locked!

Just what was Chen Dequan playing at?

When Zuo Aiai staggered and fell onto the sofa, the unexpected softness beneath her body made her feel a bit surprised.

“Wow, when did the bathroom get so nice? There’s even a sofa in here? Haha, Leiting thought of everything…Ah! My stomach hurts…”

She laughed and stood up, her body swaying as she walked over to him.

Jin Di’s eyes darkened at her behavior. Stepping forward, he grabbed the woman’s hand roughly. His voice was icy when he replied.

“Miss, this isn’t the bathroom!”

Zuo Aiai looked at him wide-eyed. After a moment, her face broke into a sweet smile.

“Ziyi! You’re back!”

Jin Di frowned, but before he had time to think of a retort, Zuo Aiai had wrapped an arm around his waist.

He realized, too late, that it would be impossible at this point to push her away without touching her.

The only thing left to do was reach out and grab her hand, pulling her body away from his body…

However, the moment he touched her skin, his closed eyes suddenly opened and for a second, he saw himself!

And he could clearly see the slender woman wrapped in his embrace, too. The thin strap of her gown had slipped from her shoulder as she stumbled toward him.

Snapping back to reality, he remembered that he’d been about to push her away…

But before he could, she reached up on tiptoe on pressed her lips to his.


He felt like his brain was exploding.

'A woman's lips are soft and sweet,' he thought to himself.

'Like little animals trying to please someone.'

His body gradually warmed up, his eyes burned, and he could not help but curse in his heart, S-H-I-T!!

The woman’s voice seemed to come from far away.

In it, there was a faint sadness. “Ziyi, don’t hate me, okay?”

She closed her eyes as she stuttered out these words.

Suddenly, her body went limp.

She fainted right there in his arms.

Her stood there for a moment in shock before taking out his phone and dialing Secretary Danil's number.

"Pick me up immediately from Huayan's VIP room. Also, inform them that we will not be moving forward with the collaboration with Chen's real estate. This includes all King's Group businesses from now on. We will no longer be working with Chen's real estate."